writing cave

I love the internet. I mean I LOVE the internet. All the social media including Twitter, Facebook and blogs. I could spend all day chatting on the internet and be perfectly content. But it’s not conducive to getting any writing done.

Sooooo ….

I’m shutting it down. Turning it off. Not letting the pretty colors of all the internet sites distract me from my mission … finishing my latest WIP. In four weeks I’m headed to Ohio for a convention. (You’ll get some of the juicy details soon.) And of course there’s a TON of other stuff I’m doing in between. But I need to have some writing stuff finished before I head out to play. In that vein I’ve decided to ignore my blog (a little bit) and refrain from opening Twitter and facebook (as much as I can) until my daily word count is finished.

I’m thinking I may mine through some of my older posts and put a few of them up to keep you entertained. But until I feel I’ve caught up with myself, I’m hiding away in my writing cave. Don’t have too much fun without me!

I know. I know. I’m sorry. I’ve been MIA on my blog. *sigh* With all the help I got last week on getting stuck in my story with my two characters who wanted to … but I didn’t … it worked out. I managed to get them through the bang bang (as one author put it) and … well, definitely not satisfied because I do need a little tension to keep the story moving. 😉

But thanks to everyone who offered suggestions to get me out of my writing funk. So now the story’s cruising! Which is awesome. I’ve even managed to set up the next story. Since this is a three book series I’m looking to write, that is even more awesome!

My goal loop is really pushing me (in a good way) and I’m looking forward to opening my WIP every day! So if I’m MIA I hope you’ll forgive me. I’m hiding in the writing cave working feverishly to finish this story and get it out in the world!