Thank you to everyone who stopped by this weekend and took part in our Midsummer Night’s Dream-Man blog hop! I had a wonderful time visiting all the other authors participating and hanging out with all of you!

And without further procrastination, I give you the winners:

Grand-prize winner of
$75 Gift Card

Winner of $10 Gift Card and
Digital copy of A TOUCH OF LILLY

Winner from this blog of a
$15 Gift Card and

Congratulations to all of you. And I do hope everyone had a wonderful time. I’ll see you next time around!

Wow! What an awesome turn out here at the Block with everyone stopping in during the romance blog hop! What a wonderful party. There were over 9,000 comments across all the participating blogs! Thanks Carrie Ann for organizing all the fun! Now, without further adieu, here are the winners…

Grand Prize Winners:
Kindle Fire Winner:
Laurie Goudge

(from It’s the Journey that Counts’s Blog)

$130 Amazon Gift Card:
(from Carrie Ann Ryan’s Blog)

Swag Pack:
(from Dana Delamar’s Blog)

And the winner of a signed copy of Healer’s Garden and a
$10 Amazon Gift Card from this blog is:

Kaylyn D
of New York

Congratulations to all the winners. And thank you again to everyone who stopped by to chat with me! I had a wonderful time. I hope you’ll come back and visit again!!

I got nothing here people. Sorry about that. I’ve got all kinds of ideas, but can’t pull any of them together. My personal life is in total chaos. I can’t seem to pull my thoughts together to blog … let alone write. It’s a really crappy place and the really awful thing is that it’s all out of our control at this point. It’s been a year of questions without answers. A rollercoaster ride with plenty of dips and turns, but without the slow climb up to help us catch our breath.

At the end of this week I’m headed to the Maine Writer’s Retreat. I haven’t seen my home girls since last year and I’m in desperate need of a shot in the arm from these ladies. I’m hoping it will be enough to put my feet back on track again. This not writing thing is definitely not working for me!

In happier news I’ve use to choose a winnr from my Mother’s Day Post. Drum roll please …

 Congratulations to VIRGINIA from Florida!
you’ve won a copy of my book “Dangerous Affairs”

Mr. Nina and I went to see The Avengers this weekend. LOVED it! I would highly recommend it. There was a wonderful balance of action and humor … lots of laugh out loud moments. What about you? Seen any good movies recently?