shifter anthology erotic romance

Break out the bubbly and let’s have a toast! I just signed another contract with Liquid Silver Books for my novella Blue Moon Rising!


This time it’s a wolf shifter story that takes place in Montana. What’s even more exciting is that it’s going to be part of an anthology with two other amazing authors: Celia Kyle and Tina Holland.

Each of us wrote our own stories and they’ll be published together in a book titled Furry, Fluffy and Wild! (And their might even be a sequel *hint* *hint*!)

It looks like this could be out as early as late summer!

Here are the blurbs: 

Blue Moon Rising by Nina Pierce

Tension between the cougar and wolf shifters in Lonesome Fork, Montana is spiraling out of control. With the full moon only days away and fear and the body count rising, Chief of Police, and head of the wolf shifter council, COLE TAKODO is trying to bring peace to both humans and shifters alike. But with the head of the cougar council, KURT HANSLEY, thwarting his attempts, it appears nothing will heal the growing rift. When orphan JAYDA KYNSLYN strolls into town, rumors of polymorphic shifters come to life begin to circulate.

Two men want to claim Jayda as mate: one will stand with her and unite the shifter clans; the other will possess her and reign supreme over the human population. With the Blue Moon Rising Jayda’s decision will determine the future for all of them.

Were What? by Celia Kyle

Lyla’s on the run from her pack’s omega. Since he’s at the bottom of the totem pole in her pack, this should be simple, right? Tell that to her aching lungs and jiggling thighs. She’s never been one to go with the flow. So when her alpha orders her to submit to mating with the omega she’s not about to start now. Good thing she runs into (literally) a big hunk of man who can make the scariest of wolves tuck tail and run.

Michael’s had enough of weres to last a lifetime. After being caught in the middle of a territory war while in Brazil between the Pumas and Jaguars, he sure as hell doesn’t want anything to do with the trouble following Lyla. But apparently no one told that to his cock.

Beauty is a Beast by Tina Holland

Welcome to the future! The year is 3025 and humans are fast becoming extinct. Nizhoni of Mojave Earth Clan knows her spirit guide will protect by giving her the power of the wolf. When she unwittingly bites another human she flees.

Michael of the Air Clan has searched for the woman he called Beauty who turned him into a creature of the moon. When he finds her living among the Mojave, he believes he can finally claim her. There’s only one problem she’s already married.

Together Nizhoni and Michael must battle her former lover, the Yee Naaldlooshi or feared skin-walker. The fate of their love and humankind hang in the balance. If Beauty can’t have her mate and save the world she’s going to be a real Beast.


Don’t they all sound wonderful? I’m very excited. Edits are starting. As always, I’ll share more when I can!