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tina6I’d like to welcome Tina Donahue to the Block. Tina’s got a new sexy novel releasing this week and I’m so pleased she’s taking some time to stop here and chat about it. Take it away Tina …

I’d never been a sci-fi fan. At least, when it came to stuff like Star Wars or Star Trek.
Films such as Blade Runner, Gattaca, and Avatar changed that.

Although my Outlawed Realm series is billed as erotic paranormal, it still has elements of sci-fi in it. For example, the world building I do. I got the yen for that after seeing Avatar. Wow, what a freaking cool film.

In plotting Outlawed Realm, I had the idea that Earth would have five dimensions, rather than only one. With the realms travelling at different speeds, the inhabitants of each plane are unaware of each other.
Unless, of course, a portal opens.

The series begins with UNENDING DESIRE. My hero, Nikoli, is from E2 (the second dimension on Earth). It’s his job to monitor portals, which open spontaneously, and to make certain no one crosses over to his side. While doing this, he sees Regina who lives in Seattle (E1). His world shifts, and he’s never the same. You see, in E2 everything is controlled, emotion isn’t allowed, the men are identical in appearance. All the women look like each other. Regina’s literally a breath of fresh air for him, and she’s in danger. He crosses over to save her, which throws both of them into peril.

In book two, ILLICIT DESIRE, I introduced E4, a twilight land filled with jungles. Here, the rulers of E2 have built the Pleasure Palace where they keep sexual slaves for their enjoyment. These slaves are human, but they weren’t born. They were grown in artificial wombs, never knowing freedom. They don’t even have names. Two of the slaves have fallen in love and risk their lives to escape their prison.

SHAMELESS DESIRE, book three, concerns Kuma, a shifter who lived in E4’s jungle, but crossed over to Seattle when a portal opened. Like Nikoli in Unending Desire, he needs to protect Gwen, the heroine, from danger.
Stolen Desire, book four (March 11; available for preorder), takes place on E5, a dimension of ice and fire. Paige, my heroine, awakes to find herself in a world she can’t comprehend, faced with a man she doesn’t know but has to trust. Her life and freedom, their future depend upon it.

Avatar kept popping up in my mind while I was writing Stolen Desire. I wanted the same sense of wonder in it as I discovered in the movie. To create a world so unique, thrilling, dangerous, and in many ways beautiful, that a reader couldn’t help but be enthralled. There’s also a moving love story, and yes—lots of hot sex. 🙂


Her freedom depends on one man. A criminal to his realm…

Outlawed Realm, Book 4

One minute, Paige Ross is outside a Seattle bar, grieving a failed engagement. The next, she jerks awake in a weird, candlelit room with velvet walls, black silk sheets, and a man who motions for silence.

Paige has little choice but to trust the powerful stranger who promises a way out of what looks like Satan’s brothel. And pray his promise to keep her safe is as real as the heat burning in his eyes.
Banished from E2’s ruling elite for supposed crimes against the realm, Zekin risks everything to rescue those brought to E5 for the guards’ carnal pleasure. Paige will be leaving this inhospitable realm of fire and ice—if he can somehow forget the way her trembling body melts in his arms.

Safe—temporarily—in an underwater world populated by strange creatures, Paige’s sexual awakening explodes into an unquenchable need that consumes them both. But the guards will be looking for her. And Zekin’s plan to send her home is a dangerous journey she cannot—will not—take without him.

Warning: Scorching-hot sex and loads of aching tenderness between a drool-worthy hunk who’s determined to do the right thing and a woman who’s not about to give him up.

Thick gray clouds rolled above them, heavy with more snow. A sliver of bluish-white light poured through a gap in the cloud cover, as though the moon were trying to bleed through. Its rays swept across the land, which shimmered in the frail glow, sparkling like thousands of diamonds. The effect lasted only a moment, and then the light receded, with shadows once again taking over the hostile terrain.

As though that worried him, Zekin increased his already fast pace, pausing only once to shove her clothing into a snowdrift, burying it.


Paige wasn’t able to ask. She struggled to keep up, gulping air. It should have been icy, hurting her throat, but wasn’t. The transparent mask no doubt heated it. How was that possible? Desperate for answers, she cried out, “Where are we going?”

Zekin looked over. “A colony where you’ll be safe.”

Paige dug her fingers into his hand. “Where are we? What is this place?”


What in the hell was that? A government installation where scientists conducted classified studies and had pleasure slaves on the side? That made absolutely no—

Wait a sec. Suddenly, Paige recalled Zekin mentioning E1 when he’d first come into her room.

“I’ll do all I can to bring you back to E1,” he’d promised her then.

Instinctively, she held back. Just as quickly, Zekin yanked her forward.

“Don’t fight me,” he warned, “or you’ll end up like the others you saw outside the guards’ outpost.”

Paige shivered so badly, her voice shook. “Did those bastards throw the bodies out there after they murdered those people?”

“Only some. The others they pushed out there to die.”


“They weren’t useful any longer.” Again, he glanced over. “When one of the guards found you and brought you here, they got rid of the other woman. That’s what they do when they tire of females from your realm, or the pleasure slaves they haven’t already killed.”

Paige was about to pepper him with more questions. Instead, her mind snagged on one word—realm.

“You mean country?” Maybe she’d been wrong about his nationality. It wasn’t Greek or Middle-Eastern but Russian. Could be this was Siberia. In a weird sort of way, that made sense. “Is that what you meant—my country? The USA? America?”

He regarded the landscape past her. “We have to hurry before the other guards return and see us.”

Paige couldn’t imagine how that was possible. The material covering them was the same tint as their surroundings, making them virtually invisible…unless the guards had some kind of special eyewear, like night-vision goggles, that allowed them to see what the naked eye couldn’t. “How far is the colony?”

“Past that body of water.” He gestured toward what appeared to be an enormous frozen lake ringed by drifts.

As Paige scanned the area beyond it, searching for some sort of building, a flock of birds flew over the lake. At least she thought they were birds. Their thick feathers were an ashy white, their wingspans enormous, like nothing she’d ever seen.

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1. Adored – RWA award-winning; EPIC 2011 Finalist; 4 Stars RT
2. Deep, Dark, Delicious – EPIC 2011 Finalist; Holt Medallion Award of Merit
3. Lush Velvet Nights – EPIC 2011 Finalist; Golden Nib Award
4. In His Arms – SIX 5 Star Reviews; 4 Stars RT
5. Sensual Stranger – 2010 Book of the Year (erotic); 4 Stars RT
6. The Yearning – Top Ten Bestseller
7. Take Me Away – #1 Pick, Miz Love Loves Books
8. Unending Desire – Best Book Rating LASR
9. SiNN – Nominated for Book of the Week LASR
10. Sinfully Wicked – Magnificent – Romancing the Book
11. Claiming Magique – Top Pick – NOR
12. Illicit Desire – Four Stars Romantic Times
13. Come Fill Me – Five Stars – Guilty Pleasures

Tina Donahue is an award-winning, bestselling novelist in erotic, paranormal, contemporary and historical romance for Samhain Publishing, Ellora’s Cave, and Kensington. Booklist, Publisher’s Weekly, Romantic Times and numerous online sites have praised her work. Three of her erotic romances (Adored, Lush Velvet Nights, and Deep, Dark, Delicious) were named finalists in the 2011 EPIC competition. The French review site, Blue Moon reviews, chose her erotic romance Sensual Stranger as their Book of the Year 2010 (erotic category). The Golden Nib Award at Miz Love Loves Books was created specifically for Lush Velvet Nights, and two of her titles (The Yearning and Deep, Dark, Delicious) received an Award of Merit in the RWA Holt Medallion competition (2011 and 2012). Take Me Away and Adored both won second place in the NEC RWA contest (different years). Tina is featured in the 2012 Novel & Short Story Writer’s Market. She was the editor of an award–winning Midwestern newspaper and worked in Story Direction for a Hollywood production company.

You can find all her book news on her website or follow her on her blog, at Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. Tina is always happy to hear from her readers. She can be reached at

This week I’m pleased to have my office filled with people. K.A. Mitchell, multi-published author of sexy male/male stories has agreed to an interview. And she’s brought along a few friends and the very sexy heroes of her latest story, Collision Course, Aaron and Joey. And I must say they are yummy! Unfortunately, it appears they have eyes only for each other (and a couple of the cabana boys). Let me get them settled and see if we can’t get K.A. to talk about her latest adventure.

Here’s the back cover copy:

Immovable object? Meet the irresistible force.

Paramedic Aaron Chase doesn’t have anything against love. It just comes with a lot of responsibility, like when he had to raise his sister and brothers after their drug-addicted mom took off for good. Now that the last one is off to college, Aaron’s anticipating enjoying life on his own terms. He certainly wasn’t expecting Joey Miller to accidentally drop into his life.

Joey’s sexy, funny and annoyingly optimistic, and his tendency to get into trouble keeps sending him Aaron’s way. Even the fact that Joey works for the hated social work system isn’t reason enough to keep him out of Aaron’s bed.

Joey knows all about love. He’s fallen in it ten times-he thinks. It’s not that he can’t tell the difference between sex and love. All that experience has to count for something, right? With Aaron it’s different. Maybe because there’s something to fight for.

This time Joey’s fallen for good. He’s not going to let number eleven get away.

Nina: So, K.A. tell us a little bit about this newest release of yours.

KA Mitchell: Well, Nina, you know I’m kind of shy so I brought some friends. JenB, Sarah, and Tam who have some questions. And as you can see, Joey and Aaron, the sexy heroes from Collision Course, my December 9 release at Samhain Publishing. I think they should tell you about my newest release.

Joey: She means us. C’mon Aaron. We’re going to answer some questions from a few of K.A.’s friends and of course our lovely hostess … Nina. There are all kinds of readers who want to know about us and our story.

Nina: *blushing* Just a side note ladies. Joey is short, blond and absolutely mouth-watering. And the tall gentleman with the Native American coloring is Aaron. *sigh* I am in heaven … oh, sorry guys, I didn’t mean to interrupt. So what do you have to say to K.A.’s readers? 

Aaron: Readers? There are what …three people asking questions? And our hostess … for this we’re not home having sex?

Joey: *rolls eyes* It’s the internet. You can’t see them all. But if we make K.A. lots of money, she’ll have to write us another book. You know what that means. Pages and pages of steamy sex for us. *Aaron’s smile is nau-au-auty!*

Aaron: K.A.’s already said enough. And you know how much I like answering questions… NOT!  *Joey leans in and whispers seductively*

NinaOh, Joey, that’s just not fair. What are you whispering to Aaron? Oh, now that’s a happy smile Aaron. Spill, what did he say to you?

Aaron: Oh, I never tell secrets, Nina. *winks at Joey* All right, we’re ready for the questions. But nothing personal, ladies. You need to start with Joey. I want to see what I’m getting into.

JenB: *sits up staighter* Me first. This question is for you Joey. How loud and for how long did you have to yell at K.A. before she caved and decided to write your story?

Joey: Oh, honey, I’m nothing if not persistent. But look at me. Do you think I have to work to get attention? As soon as she let herself start to wonder what the next book was, she couldn’t think of anything but me.

*Aaron coughs and mimes putting a tiara on Joey’s head a la Miss America*  * Joey gives him a look and slaps his hand away

Sarah: Oh enough sexy banter, boys. It’s my turn. Joey, what made you want to go and work for child services?

*Aaron flinches. Joey rubs a hand down his back*

Joey: Well, I lucked out. My biological mom left me in a toilet at a free clinic. And then I got adopted by great people. It seemed to make sense to try to make sure other kids got lucky. Though sometimes …

*Joey chokes up*

Tam: Obviously it’s hard for you to talk about. So let’s change the subject. Name a way you are both alike and something in which you are complete opposites and always will be.

Joey: We’re both determined to get our own way. It’s just making sure that he sees that there is a right and a wrong way. *he flashes Aaron a come-hither look*

Nina: Oh, now that is one heck of a look Aaron. Me thinks you’ve hit a sexual nerve Joey. *the men wink at each other* Ummm … is it getting hawt in here or is that your chemistry fogging the windows? *Sarah’s fanning herself and  K.A. grabs the back of Tam’s chair for support* Gentlemen, you are definitely naughty. 

Aaron: Do I get to talk now?

KA: You’re the one-

Aaron: *lifts a hand to stop K.A.* Thanks, sweetheart, but obviously you ladies are harmless. Joey’s right-about the not giving up. At least he’d better be. *Joey’s sexy mouth curves in a heart-stopping grin* But he’s the one who’s a control freak … just for the record.

Sarah: *shifts in her chair and clears her throat* Yes, well, can we continue? With your different backgrounds, was it hard to fall in love?

Joey: Oh, it was hard all right. *snickers*

Aaron: I swear sometimes you are fu—

Joey: Watch your language. *smiles and winks*

Aaron: Oh, sorry, Nina. KA mentioned your blog was PG-13. *crosses arms over his broad chest, bounces foot and turns to Joey* Crap! You are freaking twelve. No wonder you get along with my brothers.

Tam: Okay, my turn. I must say, you guys are too cute together. Could you tell us your ideal date night. Stay in, go out?

Aaron: Date? Seriously?

Joey: *elbows Aaron* He loves it when we go out dancing and he gets to glare at all the guys checking out my ass. And he loves it when we ride home and I try to give him a-

Aaron: *slaps a hand over Joey’s mouth and blushes* Really, my sister could be reading this, Joey.

Joey: –on his bike. *grins and sucks one of Aaron’s fingers into his mouth*

Aaron: *glares impatiently at K.A.* Are we done yet?

Joey: *shakes head and points to JenB* Uh-uh, this beautiful lady hasn’t asked her question.

JenB: *smiles innocently* KA has shared all of your secrets. Now’s your chance to get back at her. What’s something about KA you’re dying to share but she doesn’t want us to know.

KA: Oh, I think that’s all we have time for, right, Nina?

Aaron: *laughs and leans his forearms on his thighs* The hell it is, K.A. I’ll take this one. Ask KA what happens now when she tries to write another toppy alpha. Hmmm?

*KA squirms and blushes*

Aaron: Ask her if she wanted to slide into Joey’s skin for an hour or two. Ask her if Chapter 11 of our book wasn’t her favorite bedtime story for a month.

Joey: *laughs harder at K.A.’s red face* Okay. I knew that would be fun, but we’ll stop teasing you, K.A. I still might want you to write us another book so …

*grabs Aaron’s head and drags him down into the kind of kiss that leaves us all blushing and breathless. A moan escapes … oh, that’s KA, Tam and JenB move  in for a closer look* 

KA: *letting out a deep breath* Okay, thanks guys. A big thank you to Nina for having us and to JenB, Sarah, and Tam for helping out with the questions. Guys? You can … errr, guys?

Nina: Are they going to do it here? Wait, guys … really, I think … guys? … oh, never mind.

Well, while the boys enjoy each other, I’m going to introduce K.A. and her friends to the cabana boys. Feel free to ask K.A. anything. And if we can pry Joey and Aaron apart, I’m sure they’d be happy to answer a few more reader questions.

In the meantime, you can visit K.A’s website or her livejournal for some luscious Joey and Aaron prequel info.

*Nina sits back to take notes


Please tell us about your books.  
I have 3 series at 3 publishers. Liquid Silver has the Bonded fantasies, where everyone has magic, and a race of shapeshifting warriors needs human women. I’ve just finished work on the fifth Bonded book, Honor Within. The hero, Burke, is really damaged. Why women love fucked up men is a mystery, isn’t it?

Loose Id has Team Epsilon 983, a polyamory scifi. It just released on Sept 23, and is the hottest thing I’ve ever written. I thought I would combust when I worked on the final 5 person ménage. (5 people? That’s a lot of umm … body parts to keep track of! 😉 )

Samhain has (of Nov 1) the Singer series, in which three friends plot a rebellion in a post-apocalyptic future.

I love your Bonded series, what made you decide to go in that direction?
I finished Wild Within, and the world and characters just sparked more ideas. Plus, I’m lazy and if I can reuse a world I’ve already created, then why not? Now I’m so addicted, it’s sad. I want to disappear into that world, be adopted by a beast, and live happily as an earthmage. I was always a fanciful child, but it’s a little less attractive feature in an adult.

Your characters in the “Bonded” series are part of a clan. How did you come up with them?
I love shapeshifter stories. Back before I thought of myself as a writer, when it was something that I did in secret, I spent a day or so with my journal just brainstorming, trying to figure out a new take on them. Why have just wolves? Why make them a secret? But then wouldn’t they be more powerful than humans, and wouldn’t their status reflect that? Why would they be interested in human women? I was influenced by my pagan faith, wanting a world where elemental magic was vital. Because I read runes, I know a lot about the culture of ancient Scandinavia, so the warriors in the Clans were influenced by Vikings. The best way to discover the Clans was to introduce them through the eyes of an outsider, and so the kickass KarRa was born. After she started to talking to me, the story just rolled out with all of this mishmash supporting her.

If you came with a warning label what would it read?
Warning: this woman looks normal but inside she is scattered, silly, and sexy.

I just got my royalty check. I’m thinking about buying this new flogger … any opinions?
Good luck? (Oh, Mima with this bad boy, it’s not luck I’m hoping for, hon!)

I know you write “shifter” stories, what attracted you to that genre?
We all wear masks. Shifters just have a bigger one. And if your core is animalistic, there’s a perception that you might live in a purer, more essential way.

Tell us about your writing process. Are you a plotter or pantzer? Do you have comfort drinks or snack foods. Any favorite music you play while writing?
Pantster!  Once I started into the Bonded series, and realized I was gonna go with a book for each Clan, I thought, “Crap. Now I gotta make sure they’re all really different. I’m going to have to, like, be purposeful.” So I mapped out the rest of the series, in a loose sort of way. And I promptly froze. I didn’t write for 3 months. My brain started a gazillion other plot bunnies (the Server series was born).  The amount of avoidance and phobia I had about writing once I knew the story’s direction was staggering. I rewrote the beginning of that next book, Honor Within, 5 times. I think discovering the unknown is part of my author-ish-ness. Obviously, I have to grow as an author and get over this.  Cross your fingers that book 6 graduates to, say, only 4 rewrites. I write in silence. I eat candy while I write: spree, smarties, bottlecaps.

If we asked your friends to name 3 personality traits about you, what do you think they would say?
Loyal, cheerful, childlike. They actually tell me this often.

What thing about a hero is a turn off for you when reading a book? Anything about heroines that drive you insane?
I really dislike the librarian/model/homemaker heroine who insists on going with her Navy Seal on a drug mission because it’s her right to face the bastard who murdered her sister. Puh-lease. And I don’t think much of the hero who lets her go. Gawd, I hope I didn’t just inadvertently describe some book. I made that up, but I’ve read lots like it. Everything else in the book could sparkle, but once an author sets up that situation, I’m disgusted.

The editing process is an important aspect of writing. Do you have a routine you follow when going through it?
I’m too new, and have worked with too many editors, for a routine. I learn something from every editor I work with.

You have a fulltime job. How do you fit writing into your busy schedule?
Shuh. I can’t write in small blocks. I need chunks of time, so it’s a problem. The house doesn’t get clean very often. Sometimes I stay up all night, until my fingers are bloody stumps. Depends on how much I want to escape into the story.

A hot soak in the tub or a smokin’ BBQ with friends?
I have 2 non-digital friends. One’s a non-dairy vegan and one’s an Italian who takes food seriously. So the BBQ really wouldn’t work. Can I have hot tub with friends? (The Cabana boys are starting the bubbles as we speak …)

How does your family feel about you writing smoking hot erotica?
My mom and dad are very happy for me, because they know I’ve written and read romance all my life. But they don’t want to read it, and they don’t tell their friends. I’m ok with that, cause Mima is a pen name (although it’s my real nick in life). I’m not out to coworkers, so if I can hide, they can, too. My friends are really supportive.

Wow, that one flew by. Thanks so much for sharing some of your time to hang out at Around the Writer’s Block. When Mima’s not here you can find her at her website where she’s got some excerpts and reviews. And she’d love to have you friend her on MySpace.

But she’s already settled in to the hottub with an umbrella drink. I’m sure I can pull her from the bubbles if you’d like to ask her some questions or just show her some comment love!