RWA Nationals

You’re probably not going to let me get away with this and I have to say … I’m soooo sorry! This week has gotten away from me AGAIN! I have no excuse. My head was in a bad place and I just couldn’t get my act together to blog. I know … shame on me.

And I can’t even say I finished the rewrite of my vampire romantic suspense, though I have been working diligently on it. One of my beta readers had some really good questions and I’m mulling them over and figuring out how to clarify. Still… it’s not a good excuse. Now I’m travelling to visit my family in Maine. Looks like it’s going to be a wonderful week at the lake. There will be a lot of laughter and too much wine and probably several nights of card playing. All fun and games. (Though I am bringing the laptop and have explained to my muse that she can’t play the whole week away). Yay!

Next week, despite the fact that I’ll be away, I’ll actually be pretty good about posting. (Because of course I, ummm … have them preloaded.)

And a happy wave to all my writer friends in Anaheim enjoying the final weekend of the RWA national convention. I’ve got a really good friend Meg Kassel whose YA manuscript has finalled in the Golden Heart! w00t! w00t! Go Meg! I’m lifting a margarita to all of you!

So this week Los Angeles is becoming party-town for readers and writers of Romance at the ROMANTIC TIMES CONVENTION. Other than RWA Nationals it’s the biggest gathering of all things romance.

And though I could be blogging from anywhere, I’m actually comfortably settled in at my work desk with my cuppa joe, working in my snuggly jammies and fuzzy slippers. Because as much as people LOVE to go to these conventions, I’m just not sure they’re for me. Yes, I want to meet readers. Yes, I’d love to sit and visit with other authors over a cocktail (or two). Yes, I’d like to chat with agents and editors about the publishing world … but … well, just but. But there’s the expense of traveling across country. But I don’t know the likelihood of meeting new readers. But there’s the whole mobility issue and trying to get around not only the convention, but the city itself.

And then there are all the costume parties. What’s up with that? I don’t know when this whole thing started, but it seems no matter how large or small the writing convention (with the exception of RWA Nationals) everyone is sponsoring themed parties as part of their convention. Whyyyyyyy? Maybe it’s just me, but I have no interest in figuring out how to dress up as a vampire or an alien.

Since I was young, Halloween has been one of the most stressful holidays for me. Around mid-October, I’d break out in cold sweats, and panic everytime I thought about Halloween. Like most people my age, my family didn’t buy costumes. And with five children my Mom left the costume ideas to us. Most of the time we were left scrambling in my parents’ closet after school on the 31st, trying to find oversized clothes to dress up as a vagabond, or my personal favorite, the old bed sheet for … you guessed it … a ghost.

Yeah, they were sad costumes, but served their purpose. I always came home with a pillowcase of candy and some great stories of wandering the neighborhood with my friends.

So anyway, as an adult I’m not really overly thrilled with the whole idea of dress-up. It doesn’t even sort of sound like fun. Is it just me? I mean, I LOVE a good party. But do I have to do it in fangs and wings? Okay, so maybe I’m just a party-pooper. I’m curious are you at RT? As a reader or a writer would you like to be in the middle of the action? And how about these costume parties? Does the idea intrigue or overwhelm? Because you know me, I’m dying of curiousity.

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