romance writers of america

So this week is the yearly convention of Romance Writers of America. It’s a HUGE convention of authors, publishers, agents and editors. In the four years I’ve been writing I haven’t been to one of these shindigs. Of course, the first couple of years I didn’t even know about RWA … still.

Since the convention is in Washington DC, my side of the coast, there are five or six writers traveling from Maine, a few of them planning a wild roadtrip complete with blue drinks *wink*  (Susan Vaughan, Teagan Oliver, Brenna Ash, Delsora Lowe, Diane Amos, Terri Linscott, and Elaina Huntley). And another of my dear friends Emma Sanders is traveling all the way from Texas with her hubster! I’m just bummed I’m not one of them … waaaaaa. I’ll be enjoying the festivities vicariously through their tweets, emails and pics on FaceBook.

As much as I’d like to be there, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. The whole thing scares the beejeebers out of me! Seriously. Nah, it’s not the crowds or the big names. I’d love all that stuff. It’s the SIZE of it. And of course in Washington it’s all about the walking. Every tour, every workshop, you need to schlepp. And sometimes I just can’t do that stuff.

My MS has progressed to the point where I’m right in the middle of needing a wheelchair, but not quite disabled enough to need it all the time. *sigh* It’s a pain in the butt worrying about whether my legs will last long enough to get from one place to another. The hubster is awesome. We’ve kind of got the whole moving me from one place to another down pat. But since he’s not a writer, the thought of hanging with hundreds of romance authors doesn’t really do much for him. LOL!

So this year I’m sitting on the sidelines. 🙁 But I’m not twiddling my thumbs! Over at SIX SEXY SIRENS we’re (Madison Blake, Paris Brandon, Cerise Deland, Fran Lee, Afton Locke) offering an e-book mini workshop E-publishing from Query to Final Edits and Beyond! We’re sharing our personal stories and sharing the process of writing from start to … (well, I can’t say finish, because a writer’s work is never done!) the end of a project.

I hope you’ll join us this week. And for all of you at RWA Nationals in Washington … lift a blue drink for me!