I love summer. I know, it’s too hot and sticky, but it’s not all those layers of clothing and heavy boots and … shoveling. I hate shoveling. LOL! Mr. Nina and I have found a wonderful spot in our new home state. Beavertail State Park. We’ve gotten in the habit of grabbing a picnic dinner and heading over there to sit in the grass and enjoy the sunset and last night … the moonrise.

I grew up on the ocean in Maine, but for the last 22 years lived on the Canadian border. Beautiful–yes. Ocean–no. So being near the water where the gentle rhythm of the waves steadies my heart and the tangy aroma of sea salt mixes with the wild rose and juniper, filling my lungs with pure heaven.

Ah, I am complete again. Here are just a few of the pictures we’ve taken over the last couple of weeks…