The truth is, I love reality television. I haven’t missed a season of SURVIVOR or AMAZING RACE. Seriously. Not. One. Season.

I can’t tell you who won each one or where they all happened, but I certainly can give you highlights of the last 11 years. Fortunately I haven’t found other shows that have become “must watch”. Of course in northern Maine, it’s so remote that cable and direct television is very expensive. It wasn’t until I moved to southern New England last year that I found fun stations like Discovery and Brava.

So what’s my newest obsession? Orange County Chopper. I have to say they’ve done a wonderful job pulling women in through the relationships and held the men’s attention with the actually build of the choppers. Well, that’s an over simplification, but you get the idea. Both Mr. Nina and I have become enthralled. So when we went away last week, we planned our route on the way home to stop at the actual OCC store/shop where they actually film the show. We got there too late to meet Paul Sr. who had been there in the morning to help organize a road race for the Wounded Warrior Project. But we were able to see many of the bikes in person that we’d seen constructed on television.

Okay, so I know this has nothing to do with writing, but hey, it was a fun trip and I just had to share. So what about you … any reality shows that are a must watch?