internet relationships

I spend hours upon hours on the internet. Checking on writer forums and blogs. I email constantly throughout the day. And still I get through weeks and realize there are places I had wanted to go and people I wanted to visit.

It amazes me how my world has opened up and brought some wonderful friends into my life. I’ve had critique partners, Caron and Angela who have helped me develop my writing, but whom I hardly speak to anymore. I miss them.

Then there are the blogs I used to find time to peruse. Mima, Catherine, and Scorpie. I love those blogs. Enjoy making the connections with the people. I think of them, but rarely squeak out a minute to run over and say hello.

Then of course there’s the Romance Divas forum. The ladies and gents over there are funny and supportive and I could spend all day posting on that forum and “talking” with the writers there. Sometimes the discussions are very intimate and heart wrenching. It’s such a supportive community. And then there’s the Liquid Silver family that I check in with and visit. Wouldn’t want to miss any of the crazy antics happening there.

And there are the people walking around my house who ask every once in awhile that I pull my head out of the internet and pay attention to them. Funny how that works.

I’m a writer. I’m supposed to be writing when I’m at the computer. But all these friends and family call to me. I’m a relationship person. When I meet someone I like to know who they are and what makes them tick. I care. That’s why all this is driving me insane. With this huge circle of people who have come into my life, I don’t have time to find out how everyone is doing. I don’t like it. If I had my druthers … I druther the writing happen on its own and let me spend happy hours surfing around visiting my friends and family and catching up on what’s going on in their lives. Celebrate their accomplishments, share their worries. It’s what I do best. Ask anyone who’s met me. I love to talk! (Stop laughing family.)

Anyway, I’d love to hear how everyone is doing. If you’re a lurker take a minute and drop me a comment and tell me how it’s going in your corner of the world. I’m dying to know what’s happening in you life.