Oh my! I know everyone says the same thing, but I’m going to be that tired skipping record …. WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE????

Next week Mr. Nina and I will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. This week 25 years ago I was living with my mom, waiting for my sister to arrive from Alabama and completely sweating all the details of my wedding. The dress was steamed and hanging at my brother’s house where I would get ready. All the bridesmaids were on their way and Mr. Nina was studying for exams. Yep, he was in his last year of college. (And the stories that come with being newlyweds living in a dormitory are very interesting … but fodder for another day!)

Anyhoodles … fast forward 25 years. We’re actually planning a sort of second honeymoon and I’m spending this week getting everything ready. We leave next week for a ten day trip to Ohio. What? You didn’t know Ohio was the honeymoon capital of the world? Pshaw. Of course it is! Well, okay, maybe it’s not, but please don’t tell Mr. Nina. 😉 Our actual destination is Ellora Cave’s first ever convention … ROMANTICON! Yep, there will authors and readers and cover models, oh, my!

We leave next Monday and will spend 2 days in Niagra Falls. We’ve been there, but only for a day to visit. We’re going to play it by ear, but I have a feeling there will a casino involved and if I have any say about it … some adventure in Maid of the Mist. (You know, the crazy boat that goes into the falls.) But you never know with us. We usually figure those things out as we go.

Then we head out to Ohio. It looks like Mr. Nina’s going to take in a college football game and perhaps the football hall of fame while I schmooze with author friends that I only know from online. Of course there are some awesome workshops being offered … it is a writing conference after all. Then the book signing and author hours where readers get to speak directly with some of their favorite EC authors. (I’m going to be a total squee-fan girl as I get to meet some of the amazing authors!) Of course there’s rumors that the cover models will be walking around and keeping things warm! It promises to be a very busy four days!

On the way home Mr. Nina and I are taking a more southern route and swinging through the Poconos. We’ve never been there and are looking forward to our first visit. Though it may become a quiet in the hotel, rest kind of day. But I don’t think we’ll be suffering too much if the hotel room looks anything like this …

I’m excited and just a little nervous. Mr. Nina and I have never taken a trip like this. Not that we haven’t traveled because I’m very fortunate to say we have. It’s just that we’ve never been in the car for ten days. Yeeeeeaaaah … this could be interesting.