freshmen advice

So tomorrow Little Boy Blue heads out to college. I am REALLY happy and excited for him. I absolutely loved college. I still have friends from both colleges I attended and that was alot of  too many to mention more than a couple of years ago. Anyway, we’ve been packing up his clothes and reorganizing his room and since this is the third I didn’t think it would bother me too much. But I’m finding I’m getting more than a little sentimental about him going off. So this week I’m offering up a little advice I found on the internet for incoming college freshmen by Dr. Randall S. Hansen. Of course I had to add my own advice along with the experts. Hope you enjoy …

1. Go to all Orientations (And don’t forget the ones at the fraternities require you bring your own cup. Just saying …)

2. Get Organized (You’ll find there are a lot of social obligations. You know the important things, football games, pickup basketball, pizza at the den … make sure you have them all clearly marked in your day planner … wouldn’t want to miss out on that college experience.) 

3. Go to Class (Okay, this is a serious one. I understand the engineering department is filled with some cute grad student teaching assistants.)

4. Seek a Balance (Studying hard means you can play hard without any guilt … the last part is key.)

5. Make friends with your roommate and others in your Residence Hall (Everyone needs a wingman and since you’ll be living in a co-ed dorm the second part is especially important.)

6. Know your course requirements and Due Dates (Your play time is much more fun when all those pesky assignments are finished.)

7. Strive to do your Best (Everything takes a little time. No one is good at “pong” the first night playing … a little practice perfects the wrist technique.)

8. Take advantage of resources on Campus (Students who work in the library know where the Cliff Notes are filed and upper classmen can tell you which professors to avoid. Really, I’m just saying …)

9. Don’t feel pressured to make a hasty decision about Majors or Careers (Look at me. I still haven’t figured out what I want to be when I grow up! Do I look stressed about it?)

10. Make connections with other students in your Classes (Study groups are great places to meet new people and find out where the best “socials” are being held.)

11. Don’t procrastinate–Prioritize your Social Life (Refer back to numbers 1, 2, 4, and 6)

12. Stay Healthy and Eat Right (This means walking to frat row instead of taking the car. Keep in mind that a loaded pizza has carbs, protein and veggies which really is much more balanced than nachos slathered in cheese.)

13. Kisses heal Booboos. Hugs soothe Anxiety. And words of love and encouragement are only a Phone Call Away. (And remember … the distance to the moon and back is a reeeeeeally big amount.)