final copy edit

Okay, so my idea of what’s acceptable as far as editing errors in a published book has changed since I started writing. It’s not like I haven’t seen errors in NYT Bestselling books in all genres and mostly I thought … sheesh, they couldn’t catch that? Because the fact is, something missed in editing whether it’s a typo or an incorrect use of a word … just throws you from the story.

On the one hand, I’m a little more forgiving. Come on let’s face it. First I write the book. Then I spell check. Then a reread beginning to end looking for continuity (and yes, typos or wrong words). Then I have at least one other author do a pass and catch more. Then my editor gets her hands on it. More spell checks, grammar and word usage. Then I look at it again. Only this time completely out of order one scene at a time. Yes, every word, every book. And then last but not least … it goes through copy edits.

Still, errors get through. It’s disheartening.

So I cut the author lots of slack. I don’t think editing errors are their fault.

BUT, and this is a biggie. I’m feeling the publishing world is exploding. With authors and publishers. But there aren’t anymore of the reader’s dollars. As a matter of fact, with this economy, there are probably less. Which means more competition all the way around. I think there’s a push to get books out to the public. On the market.

Which means (and this is totally my opinion), that there may be some skimping or rushing on the part of the publisher to push through the editing stage. I think more errors are making it into print from NY pubs and small epubs. It’s happening everywhere.

Now, if the story is good, I let it pass especially if it’s only one or two in a rather clean book otherwise. But trust me when I say … it totally pulls me from the scene and interrupts the flow of the moment. I’ve actually given up on a story when there are errors every couple of pages. I’m not talking commas (I have no clue where they belong) but flat out in-your-face typos or word issues.

I LOVE my editor. She’s amazing. She finds my typos and “their” for “they’re” (which I’m terrible with regardless of how many times I read a scene) types of issues. But still, errors sneak through. I’m not sure where to lay the blame. Me? The final copy edits? The publisher in general?

And maybe it’s not an issue for you as a reader and I’m totally off base. But I am curious how you’re seeing the situation.