Fantsy Worlds

One of the things I love about writing futuristic and fantasy stories is giving my muse the opportunity to really come out and play and stretch her wings creating new settings, new rules and new species.

A TOUCH OF LILLY found me in deep space creating a whole solar system with different planets and many unique aliens, some of them very human … others, not so much.

I had a wonderful time living in this world while I was writing the book. I loved hanging out in this world I created so much I’m working on a sequel. I can only imagine what it would be like to live on these fantasy planets.

But it’s not only imaginary places I fantasize about. I enjoy reading historical novels because I love the idea of living in the old west. I find the idea of living on the plains in a Native American tribe intriguing. I know it was a hard way to live, but there seems to be many wonderful things as well; living off the land and working in a community to survive. Yeah, there was a lot to do, but it also seems like there wouldn’t be much stress in your day-to-day life.

And if I got only one chance to visit one of those places I’d have a hard time choosing. What about you? If you could travel anywhere would you choose a magical fantasy world or visit another time period in this world?