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Today I’d like to welcome Darragha Foster to my blog. Darr is a fellow erotic author with Liquid Silver Books. 

Darragha, tell us a little bit about you and how you got into writing.
I wrote my first book when I was nine years old.  I submitted it to Random House.  It was rejected with the nicest letter you could ever imagine.  I was undaunted.  Writing is all I’ve ever wanted to do.  I don’t recall how I developed my great love of the written word, but I’m sure that my reading at a very young age contributed.  I am almost 48 years old.  I have a sexy school custodian husband, a gorgeous, strong-willed teenage daughter, an old miniature dachshund, a huge orange cat and a white horse.  I don’t like folding my clothes and putting them away.  I insist on having my own toothpaste that no-one else uses.  My miniature doxie thinks I’m his bitch.  He adores me.  He sits on my side of the bed and barks at me until I lay down with him.  I see a shape-shifter story in there somewhere…

I know you’re very prolific, would you please tell us about your books.  
I write shape-shifter romances with a twist.  Or a fin.  I am the author of “The Orca King,” after all.  Quick run down:

Love’s Second Sight
Viking Age romance.  Based on fact!  And tid-bit:  just about everything the heroine experiences, I experienced.  I like my research!

The Orca King
The original whale-shifter, hot Native American shaman who can bring on erotic vision quests (which get him into some hot water in the sequel).  Who says true love waits?  True love makes waves!

Cold, Hard Kash
A cursed cowboy incubus looking for love and destined to never find it. Then he hooks up with a dominatrix whose nickname is “Rage.”  Can anyone say “ouch?”

Teaching Old Gods New Tricks
Including: Devil King of the Sixth Heaven, Death Warmed Over, Devil’s Food Kate

 This is a 3-part story about the deposed and dethroned Norse gods making their way in human society.  This is a naughty, fun book.

A Witch in Time (witchcraft anthology)
My story is “Spell-Crafted for Pleasure” and involves a woman who buys and sells antique erotica and spell-casting supplies.  She picks up a Viking-Age whale bone dildo for a song and finds out that the spirits trapped in the bone are ready to do a little number for her.

Of Flesh and Blood (vampire anthology)
My tale is:  “Polishing Saber.”  Saber is a black woman living and working in the pristine, very blonde country of Iceland.  She finds out that the pristine-nature of the country is being jeopardized by her own invention and discovers that the way to save Iceland’s wilderness may just lie within the arms of one of its very blonde, ancient protectors.

Mooncusser Cove
I love this book.  I love the story.  I love the cover.  I wish my name was Vesper.  Mooncusser Cove is the story of a land pirate’s daughter cursed with a form of vampirism, the handyman she hires to help her (in oh, so many ways), and the villagers who want to burn her and her beach mansion to ashes.

The Orca King, II
I broke every rule of romance with this novel.  Big Tom (the Orca King, himself), is suffering from the effects of too much lovin’.  Who knew leading women on needless erotic vision quests could cause problems later?  With the help of Tom’s new friend, Devon de la Cruz, he steps out of the fog of his misdeeds, and out of the closet.  This is my first full m/m romance and it is lovely.  Lovely, loving and way outside the box.

Half-Were House
With my story “Tail Over Whiskers” in “Half-Were House” a were-shifter anthology written with Mima and Celia Kyle.  “Tail Over Whiskers” involves Blaze Angora, a woman who can partially shift into a house-cat and a man named Jack Hawk, to whom she is inadvertently scent-matched.  Only problem is, he’s a dog.  Literally. (NOTE: This book is being released TODAY! Boo-Yah!)

I’ve also got a submission out to a new publisher for me, called “Her Personal Trainer,” the tale of a woman, her treadmill and the genie of the treadmill.  Who knew exercise could be so much fun?

I’m writing all the time, too.  Lots of wicked fun stuff coming up.

I know you write a little on the outside. Could you tell us where your ideas come from?
You just gave me an idea!  That’s where my stories come from.  Everywhere.  Example:  I was watching a stable hand break a horse named Bear.  Breaking Bear.  Hmmmm….a “bear” is a gay man with lots of body hair.  “Breaking” could mean, well…”breaking in.”  So, I’ve outlined a story about two men working at a horse ranch.  One convinces the other that it’s okay to love who you love and thus the breaking of Bear (one of the men) happens.  On the mounting block.  Oh!  That’s another outlined story.  “The Mounting Block.”  You use a mounting block to get up on a horse.  You could use it for other things, too.  Then there’s “Sinking into the Bit,” a story of a high-strung stable owner who learns to relax a little.  She learns to sink into the bit.  It’s pretty obvious that my daughter is a horsewoman, huh?  I’ve spent lots of time in the car, with my laptop, watching her ride.  Let me be a proud mother:   

Here’s the last show of the season.
Hunt Equitation 
2nd Place Award (You need to see beautiful girl’s smile)

When you’re sick in bed what’s your comfort movie?
The Ten Commandments or maybe Ben Hur.  No kidding.  Yul Brenner and Charleton Heston when they were both firm young flesh…Mama!

Describe your writing space. Do you move around or always write in the same place?
I write in my messy home office with Lyle nudging my ankles for attention.  (Lyle is my dog).

I write in the staff lounge on my lunch break during my day job duties.  I have a tiny laptop I take to work every day.  Can’t use school equipment to write smut, after all!  (I’m a shape-shifter.  By day I am a school secretary.  By night I am a romance novelist.)

And I write in the car while my daughter mucks, grooms, rides, etc.  Sometimes I write in the barn or at a bench if the weather is nice at the stable.

Tell us about your writing process. Are you a plotter or pantzer? Do you have comfort drinks or snack foods? Any favorite music you play while writing?
I am both a plotter and a pantster.  I weave my ideas onto the computer and then just start writing like mad to see where stuff lands.  Sometimes it suffers the agony of delete, sometimes it’s damn good!  I drink tea and coffee.  I always have a water bottle with me.  I don’t snack.  I have a lap-band and snacking is bad.  I have lost over 60lbs,  however! (The woman is melting down to nothing, she looks mighty fine … trust me on that one.)

If we asked your friends to name 3 personality traits about you, what do you think they would say?

What happened to the first novel you ever wrote?
It’s in a box in the attic along with the rejection letter from Random House.

Do you think these pants make my butt look big?
No, darling.  I think your fleshy butt makes the pants look fabulous. (I knew pink striped spandex was perfect for me!)

The editing process is an important aspect of writing. Do you have a routine you follow when going through it?
I read my first drafts aloud.  Oh, the mistakes you catch when you read things out loud!  Then I “fill In the blanks” (add plot where plot is needed).  Then I bleed a chicken in a pentagram and pray for the best.

You have a fulltime job. How do you fit writing into your busy schedule?
I write at 5am.  I write at 1pm.  I write when I get home from work after I feed the family dinner.  I LOVE having DVR, because I can record TV shows I want to see and catch up watching them early, early Saturday or Sunday mornings.  Like LOST.  Love it.  I write in the car while “waiting” for the kid.  I write in my head while on the phone with parents wanting to get messages to their kids.  I write in my head while the principal is stressing over the budget cuts.  I write in my head while waiting in line at Trader Joe’s.  I definitely write while paying the bills or cleaning the tub.

A hot soak in the tub or a smokin’ BBQ with friends?
Darragha likes baby back ribs.  I’d say family gathering at the Foster farm with ribs and Caesar salad.

Tell us where we can find you when you’re not hanging out here checking out my cabana crew … 
I have a Facebook!  I love Facebook.  I’m not so big on MySpace, but you can also visit me there. I run contests all the time.  Check out my blog and my Facebook for more info!

I make video trailers under the guise of “Chocolate Covered Promotions.”  I charge way less than anyone else-only $20.00.  I’m also a gifted psychic and have been giving readings for over 30 years.  I charge $5.00 per question.  You can find out more about my readings by visiting my website.  I have a ton of videos up on YouTube, too.  Need one?  Just ask!

Darragha would love to hear from you. Go on ask her some questions while Darr does a couple of tarot readings, at least that’s what she told me she was doing when she went into the pool house with a couple of the cabana boys and closed the curtains. Perhaps she’s just doing some writing. Maybe it’s just research … yeah, probably research.

This week I’ve enlisted more of my author friends who have agreed to let me post their pictures. I hope some of these are your favorite authors. (Please note: If you click on their name it will take you to their website.) It’s always fun to see if their image matches your imagination. So without further adieu, here they are …

1. Cindy Kirk is a member of Maine Romance Writers even though she lives in Nebraska. (She can’t resist the lure of the Atlantic ocean and lighthouses.) She is a multi-published author with Harlequin and Avon. Her most recent release, One Night Stand was released in May 2008.

2. AJ Matthews is one of two guys who boldly went where most men won’t venture … my blog! And happy me! AJ came in a kilt! He’s such a good sport. AJ lives on the other side of the pond and he is multi-published with Loose-Id and Liquid Silver Books. He writes paranormal erotic romance. Hot stuff!

3. Celine Chatillon designed a cartoon image of herself. She’s really into making wonderful comics. Celine is a multi-published erotic author with Mojocastle Press, eXtasy, and Liquid Silver Books. Her newest release, Beautiful Dreamer is a summer 2008 release from Liquid Silver.


4. Jennifer Leeland is my latest release buddy! (Sorry, Jen at the last minute, I saved both our dignity and didn’t post the other picture! LOL!) I love her. She makes me laugh all the time. She is multi-published with Whiskey Creek, Cobblestone Press, The Wild Rose Press, and of course, Liquid Silver Books. Her latest release, Resisting Command, is the second in her science fiction/erotica/BDSM “Command” series and has earned several wonderful reviews.

5. Nina Mamone is a member of the Maine Romance Writers and a really good friend! (She did some major brainstorming with me on my first shifter story … mwah!)  Her debut novella, Hard to Guard is available through Samhain Publishing. It just came out in print this spring and is available in the I Dream of Dragons Anthology – Volume Two.

7. Roscoe James’ hawt debut novel Deer Run Falls was released this week from Liquid Silver Books. He’s got several more releases coming down the pike, including White Swan, a July release from Liquid Silver.  The man looks all lawyer-like in this picture … but don’t let that fool you. Give him some Master’s (bourbon) and a kilt and the man is hanging from the chandelier. Trust me … I’ve witnessed the transformation myself! Congrats again Roscoe! *Note: Roscoe was going to show up here in his kilt … but Jen wore it home from his release party.


8. Teagan Oliver is a member of Maine Romance Writers. Two words sum up Teagan … “Road Trip!” The woman will pile into the car and drive hours with no particular destination. Yes, she is slightly touched. She is multi-published with Five Star and Wings E-Press. Obsidian, her romantic suspense novel will be re-released in large print in October.


9. Xandra Gregory writes erotic science fiction for Liquid Silver Books. If you ask her about being a writer and about writing in general … she’ll tell you … and tell you … and tell you … oh, sorry, I nodded off. No, just kidding. That’s from Xandra’s own words … she’ll talk about writing to just about anyone!

Obviously, that’s not her real picture. She just mentioned her hair got out of control and she felt like that. Here’s Xandra …



10. Roxy Harte lives in Ohio with her wonderful husband and daughter (and another daughter, son-in-law, and grandchild down the road). Roxy is a multi-published erotic romance author with Loose-Id and Liquid Silver Books. Her very hawt stories about the BDSM lifestyle have garnered some wonderful reviews. She is my go-to author when I need help or reference material. Her newest release Unholy Promises – Chronicles of Surrender is a summer 2008 release with Liquid Silver Books.

11 Darragha Foster (who looks a whole lot like her wild great-grandmother) is another multi-published author with Liquid Silver Books. She writes fantastic stories a little (okay waaay) out of the box. Her latest release Teaching Old Gods New Tricks was recently released in print! Darragha is wonderful with tarot cards and will happily do a reading for you. (Click on the above link for all the details.)


12. KA Mitchell never really grew up and that’s why she sent this picture! She’s another one of those authors who found Maine Romance Writers and joined our crazy ranks … even though she lives in another state 4 hours away! (Hey I live in Maine and I’m 4 hours from the meetings!) Ms. Mitchell is multi-published in M/M erotica with Samhain publishing. Her latest release Diving in Deep was a red-hot release in March of 2008.


13. Jeanne Barrack couldn’t find a picture of herself so she sent this avatar. I was dying to know what she looks like … but I can’t have everything … even if it is my blog *stomps foot*. Oh, sorry, hissy fit over. Back to Jeanne. She’s multi-published with Loose-Id and Liquid Silver Books. She’s currently working on a sequel in the Terran Realm series. Jeanne loves Irish folk lore and her knowledge comes through in her stories. (I also understand she’s a wonderful singer … but she has brought her guitar over here yet!)

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