Common Sense

This is just a little rant about something that is in such short supply these days it’s nearly extinct … common sense. Yeah, you remember that? The part of your brain that tells you not to cross the street when traffic is moving or not to spend money you don’t have or hold the door for someone with their hands full. I’m not sure what’s going on, but it seems fewer and fewer people are using this part of their brain.

It seems every day there’s another example of people in the news that win some court battle because the judicial system especially has lost its commmon sense. A woman who spills coffee in her lap and gets a huge settlement because she got burned and no one told her it was hot. The stories of inmates suing victims, prisons, and states for unlawfully keeping them behind bars could fill several wastebaskets. Stories of student victims who speak up and get punished while their bullies walk away without any repercussions seem to fill the news every day.

Recently in a public high school near where I live, a student stepped forward and said a framed copy of the school prayer gifted to the school by the graduating class of 1963 was offended by the wording (because she’s an atheist) and asked the courts demand it be removed from the auditorium wall. The judge ruled in her favor. Families are flabbergasted that this is happening. It’s not that they don’t understand people with other faiths are now attending the school, they just feel this banner is part of the school’s history and it should be preserved for that reason. I tend to agree with the majority on this one.

I’m just wondering when we’ll find our common sense in the midst of one person who feels their wants are more important than the majority’s needs. Can we save it from total extinction in a world filled with people who feel they’re entitled to have everything whether they’ve worked for it or not? I’m beginning to wonder.