This happens every once in awhile. The whole “to blog or not to blog” argument I have with myself. Yeah, it’s reared it’s ugly head … again.

This time it’s not just the fact that–in this time of 140 character (Twitter) or photo (Pinterest) updates–people are running around the internet looking for a quick way to keep in touch. I’ve come to realize that I have no platform.

No, that’s not the right word. It’s not like I want to be the voice of a “cause”. What I mean is, I’m not sure who I’m blogging for. I mean, who do I expect to stop by and read my posts? I know it’s mostly my writer friends (whom I appreciate *mwah*), though I get some people stopping by who aren’t part of the publishing world. So do they really want to read about editing or rejection? Perhaps they do. Perhaps they want to know about the life of the writer including it’s ups and downs.

Do I want to attract people with posts about my books or invite them to check out excerpts? Are people interested in that or is there just too much of that out in the cyber world?

Maybe the best I can expect is to just spew whatever is on my mind and hope to have different people stop by who are interested in that topic. Of course that means I have to talk about it on facebook and goodreads. I don’t know. But since you’re here, I’d love to hear what blogs you visit and why. Do you think blogs are going the way of the wall phone?

I’m a creature of habit. I don’t pretend otherwise. I mean there are times I can be spontaneous, but mostly I’m happy plodding along with some semblance of a routine. Yeah, it’s sort of boring, but it works for me.

Which means when something screws with things the way I like them, it makes me all prickly. Like this blog for instance. For years … years I happily typed up my posts and posted them to the Internet. Yeah, there were always these big strips of yellow on the top of my dashboard proclaiming how behind the times I was and wouldn’t I please update the WordPress software. But I refused. Because I knew their new fangled up-to-date version wasn’t going to look or act like the old version that was as comfy as the jammies I was working in.

But then I had the wonderful idea of doing an overhaul and Tracy Cooper-Posey just did a slow eyeroll when she realized how outdated the platform was that I was using. After we revamped the Block, giving it a sexy new look that fit better with my website, she made me promise, promise to faithfully do the updates when they appear. And I have. I close my eyes and go through the steps, knowing when I open them again, nothing will be the same.


It’s not fair. There should be an option to update the backend (that’s all the stuff I can’t work anyway) but keep what I see exactly the same. But nooooooo, they have to screw with something that’s already working.

Oh, and WordPress isn’t alone. Goodreads changed where they put things in their drop down menus. Followed by photobucket. And then Twitter wanted me to upgrade and add all their new bells and whistles. (Of course that only turned me off and kept me from going over there for the longest time.) And don’t even get me started on Facebook … the update, new fangled app, change-your-settings-every-other-day KING!

And even Google changed how I view images! Why?

Don’t they understand there are techno-idiots like me barely hanging on by a cyber thread pulled so taut that one more new-fangled-who-dinger may be just the thing that drops us into the deep pool of 404 error … page not found!

What about you? Are you one of those tech-savvy people who love everything new and sparkly or is the cyber-verse a territory best left to the professionals? Because you know me … I need to know if I’m alone in all of this!

Why? Why do they want to cause the

Okay, after two days and one very frustrated computer tech (from — an awesome computer service that does their work over the internet!), I thought the horrible Trojan that had crawled into my computer and taken up residence was gone. Not only had it invaded everything (including safe mode) it opened the door, invited friends and had a big party at the expense of my hard drive. But alas, it still is twitching somewhere in the bowels of my hardware. Urr … damn little bugger.

Fortunately, (after hearing nightmare stories of books gone to gigabyte heaven) I backed up and backed up my backups. So at least I went into this with minimal wailing and gnashing of teeth. Dan, my knight in shining zipdrives scrubbed, cleaned and destroyed what we thought was all of the enemy. He released my computer back into the wild and around 4pm today I was finally able to reclaim my keyboard. I’ve dealt with 4 days of emails (1100 of them), moved some files around (as was suggested) and thought I would let my cyber friends know why I have been conspicuously absent from my blog.


Well, my computer won’t let me on to write a post. I’m currently balanced precariously on Little Boy Blue’s computer chair straining to see the monitor several inches out of my visual limits. (The child is 6’5″ … obviously my 5’4″ frame doesn’t fit his desk.) I’m hoping that one more call to the computer tech tomorrow will fix this new development. Though after two days on the phone, working things from my end while he worked magic on his end, I’m not sure I have any more anecdotes to share with the man. I already filled him in on the first 25 years of my marriage. Well, I guess it means dredging up my formative years and entertaining him with my total geek personna. while he figures out why my computer doesn’t like passwords.

Ah, well, I digress.

I had planned to simply tell you all I’m back and we would return to my regularly scheduled blogging. But that is not to be. I feel so lost without the ability to surf the internet. Waaaaaa! I’m trying not to panic. I’ve saved doing research for a presentation I’m scheduled for on Saturday. Who needs the internet? Somewhere in the basement is the old stack of encyclopedias.

Anyway, I realize I still need to choose a winner for the Valentine’s blog … I have NOT forgotten. But you’re going to have to wait until after the weekend. Unless by some miracle, the tech guy resusitates my internet, waves his magic hard drive and makes it all better, I don’t expect to post before Sunday.

Wish me luck … I’m going in!