barrack obama

I haven’t been very vigilent about my blogging. Sorry. It seems life and stuff is throwing up roadblocks. To start, Beautiful Girl is getting ready for a semester in Italy and it seems there’s more to do every day. So we keep plodding along, trying to make sure everything is ready for her flight on Sunday.

Then … it’s January. Which means pulling together all the tax stuff for every person in my family including the child leaving for Italy (who needs to have the forms signed from another state before she leaves). And it’s not like I have to do them now … except I do. My writing convention budget is dependent on the refund. *sigh*

And I’m trying to finish up a shifter story that I hope will be the first in a series. It’s plodding along slowly, but of course if I spend time on my blog, I’m not writing. But I will finish it SOON. I’ve also just started working on edits for Divine Deception, my fruit themed story for Ellora’s Cave. Those should be done by the end of the week. I don’t mind edits. So far … knock on wood … I haven’t had a hard time with my manuscripts. They’re usually pretty clean. So add that to the to-do list.

And today is a monumental day. History. As Barack Obama, is sworn into office.

I admire the people that traveled from all over the United States and are currently braving the frigid (well, cold for them) weather in DC to be part of this event. I can only imagine what the Obamas said to each other as they got out of bed this morning. “Michelle, have you seen my cuff links?” (From the bathroom) “In the small box in your underwear drawer under the …” Oh, sorry, wrong story. Anyway, here’s hoping he can truly bring the change this country so desperately needs at this time. In between everything else I’m doing today, I hope to catch some of what’s going on down in our Nation’s Capital. 

Anyway, it’s all adding up to make me a little more crazy than usual. And that’s the looooong way around explaining why I haven’t been very good at my blogging.

Thanks for understanding.