I couldn’t do an update this week without telling everyone how fortunate I am to have such a wonderful mom. She raised 5 children (each of us a year apart … you do the math … FIVE teenagers! And she survived!) She’s been wonderful as I’ve become a mom. She hangs back until we ask for advice and then gently shares her wisdom. Mom lives far away from me and though we don’t talk on the phone very often, I think about her every day.

But 27 years ago when I married Mr. Nina another wonderful mom came into my life. I’m so fortunate to have someone else who loves me unconditionally, supports and encourages. I truly am doubly blessed.

I’m not going to be with either of my moms today. But they are in my thoughts and prayers. If you’re a mom … Happy Mother’s Day. And I wish for all of you the special love of a mom.

Now, onto the good news this week …

Sizzling Hot Books reviewed BLIND LOVE. Michelle had this to say …

Blind Love was a hot and sweet story. I enjoyed seeing a woman not holding back her feelings of discontent with her family and how she went for what she wanted … a book to go back to when you are in a sentimental mood, but with hotness thrown in.

And Miz Love Loves Books gave BLIND LOVE 5 STARS and Miz Terious had this to say…

Ms. Pierce has penned a wonderful mystery with twists and turns that will keep the reader guessing until the very end. The chemisty between Julie and Damon is smoking with sex scenes that will have you squirming in your seat. It doesn’t get much better than this. Intrique, family dynamics, hot sex and a true happy ending. I’ll be looking for the second book in what promises to be a great series.

And quite out of the blue I received an awesome 4 STAR review for DIVINE DECEPTION from Night Owl Romance. And Pauline had this to say …

Each and every character in this story was well developed and added to the plot. The emotions in this story are extensive and run the gamut from sorrow, guilt, anger, joy and hatred. The location itself is almost a character and Ms. Pierce brings it to life, I could almost smell the dirt and taste the wine. This author is one of my must-reads and this story showcases the talent that put her there.

How about an EXCERPT:
Having Nick present while she visited with Joseph wasn’t really in her plans. Frankie had tried to talk Nick into taking the motorcycle to the hospital later in the morning but Margaret had come running down the granite steps swinging a picnic basket as Frankie was climbing into the truck. She handed it to Nick with two quick kisses on his cheeks and stood watching as he climbed into the passenger side of the cab and they pulled from the driveway.

Now they were headed into town, the midmorning sun hanging in an azure sky, its rays dancing on Seneca Lake. Normally Frankie would have loved a day like this but the cab seemed claustrophobic with Nick Gradin’s surly attitude sitting between them.

“It’s not my fault you didn’t know who I was,” she said quietly.

Turning to her, he cocked a skeptical eyebrow and crossed his arms over his chest.

“You knew your father had a stepdaughter.”

“And a child bride,” Nick remarked coldly. “I expected my stepsister to have pigtails and braces. Not…” His hand motioned up and down her torso.

“Well, you didn’t seem to mind the package yesterday.”

“Yesterday I thought you were Joseph’s assistant.”

“Funny, yesterday I thought you were a womanizing pig of a manwhore.” She shot him a patronizing smile. “Guess one of us was right.”

He frowned. “If you’ll recall, I wasn’t the one who came on to you in the field.”

“As I recall, it was you who was ready for action in the wine cellar.”

“I was simply reading the signals you were sending out.”

“Then you have a faulty GPS.”

“My wiring is just fine thank you.”

“I suppose you think it is, with all the woman you have tumbling into your posh Philadelphia bed.”

“Now what the hell is that supposed to mean?”

“Oh, as if you don’t know.”

“I have no idea what you’re…oh, this is stupid. Pull over here.” Nick motioned to a dirt road that led to a small alcove near the lake.

She’d been parking there once in high school.

“I’m not going to see Joseph until we clear this up and can at least be civil to each other,” he said.

Frankie acquiesced. He was right. It wouldn’t do Joseph any good to have them bickering in front of him. She turned the truck into the trees, their pumpkin and gold leaves floating passively on the gentle breeze. They bumped down the dirt tracks, the center lane overgrown with the dried weeds of summer. Frankie felt as if she was entering the lion’s mouth. Anger surrounded Nick like the cloud of dust trailing behind them. She had no idea why he was so pissed when she’d only spoken the truth.

Shoving the truck in park and shutting off the engine, Frankie stared out over the lake. Its cobalt surface rippled at the gentle touch of the fall breeze. Maybe this was the perfect place to help Nick see things her way. Though she hadn’t exactly started the conversation off in the right direction, maybe she could try again. “I think—”

As if he hadn’t heard her, Nick got out and slammed the door. Pacing in front of the truck, he pulled at his bottom lip, an angry scowl furrowing his brows. What the hell was his problem? Frankie got out and stalked after him. “For someone who wants to talk, you’re damn rude, you know that, Gradin?”

He grabbed her and pressed her against the front of truck, the solid planes of his chest trapping her. “I don’t know what my father told you about me but I do not—I repeat, do not—have a rotating door on my bedroom. There is no harem of beauties waiting for me in Philly. When I choose to sleep with a woman I like there to be a little chemistry between me and the lady.” His mouth came down hungrily on hers, his taste already familiar. When his tongue ran the seam of her lips, she had no choice but to open to his assault. Fisting his hand in her hair, Nick controlled the breath-stealing tempo while his other hand surrounded her breast, squeezing the sensitive flesh. Warm shocks of want shot straight to her pussy. Frankie’s hands seized the soft chambray of his shirt, her heart racing in her ears. Nick broke from her as abruptly as he began. “And there’s no denying our chemistry, Francesca.”

First, I’d like to wish everyone celebrating a very Happy Easter. Though I couldn’t be with my children this holiday I did send each of them an easter basket full of candy…because I just can’t give it up!

If you’re keeping track of my crazy house hunt, Mr. Nina and I made an offer on a house that required quite a bit to upgrade and bring back into shape because the former owners passed away and it’s currently sitting empty. Unfortunately the powers that be who are running the estate didn’t think our offer was reasonable and walked away without discussing it. I think that house will be empty for a looooong time. (Though I told my realtor if they come to their senses…we’d still be willing to talk to them.) Anyhoodles, that means Mr. Nina and I are going back to the drawing board and will be house hunting some more.

In the “better news” category, I got a wonderful review for MAID FOR MASTER from Nocturne Romance Reads. Rayna gave it 4.5 hoots and has this to say…

Pierce has this enigmatic way of pulling the reader into her stories and Maid for Master does not disappoint. You get thrown right into a hot BDSM resort complete with role playing, one on one Dom/Sub relationships and to boot, a beautiful story line to follow. Readers not only get to be enticed with hot steamy sex scenes but also get to see a blossoming love relationship between the H/H…A tantalizing story! I suggest running a bubble bath and settle in for a while with this hot steamy read.

Yep, I’m snoopy dancing. How about a brand new EXCERPT to celebrate?

Claire’s bare feet tread steadily along the sandy path. Shafts of sunlight flickered in the cool shadows of the palm fronds. Lush leaves of thick underbrush tickled along her breasts and belly, raising goose flesh. Never had she been so aware of the sensations playing over her body. Even as the warm breath of the ocean breeze danced with her hair, caressing her sensitized skin like a lover’s touch, peaking her nipples and stroking her damp folds, Claire tried not to condemn herself for what she was about to do.

Determination winning out over uncertainty, she focused on her desires rather than the process. Soon there would be no sheltered path to hide her nudity. No way for her to deny her darkest fantasies. No opportunity for her to turn from her Master’s command.

But she would not deny him. Could not deny him.

He’d understood that before she’d been conscious of the thought.

Everything about the man demanded her attention. His presence filled a room and stole her breath. His touch shivered through her. Her body was never sated, always yearning for another caress, another stroke of those long fingers—another brush of his lips. But it was the sensual authority in his voice that captivated. Even a mere whisper thundered through her veins, pushing her to obey.

It was that voice Claire had heard when she’d read the beautiful script of a controlled hand. As clearly as if he’d been standing at the door to her suite commanding her submission, the timbre pulsed hot need straight to her pussy.

It has been too many hours since I last touched you, breathed the heady scent of your arousal, tasted my sweat on your lips. My cock hardens at the thought of you strapped to my bench, your flesh laced with the red streaks of my flogger and your luscious mouth sucking me deep. Join me at my luncheon in two hours at the Masters’ lodge behind the main building. Bring nothing but the gifts I have given you.
Master Xavier

She hoped she had not misunderstood. Had he intended for her only to bring the gold band and the leather collar she wore? As she broke through the protective barrier of the foliage and rejoined the main stone walking path, Claire realized it didn’t matter. She’d made her choice.

So, while my head was buried in packing paper and boxes the world of publishing sort of imploded. (But I guess in reality, this is nothing new. 😉 )

It took me a couple of days to get my work computer unpacked and put together. But when I did I found all sorts of crazy things had happened in my absence. Like a link to a blog about an author who self destructed over a two star review that in reality … wasn’t that bad. I’m not going to give you a link to the blog because the author had an unprofessional meltdown.

Really, it wasn’t pretty. The whole blog went viral and the author kept shouting inappropriate things in the comments and it became a lesson on what not to do when you get a review that bums you out.

The truth is, sometimes reviews hurt. I’ve gotten 5 star reviews where the reviewer had nothing nice to say and 3 star reviews with glowing quotes. But regardless of how the review makes me feel, it’s not my opinion. Of course I love my stories, I wouldn’t release them out into the world if I didn’t, but not everyone is going to think my baby is beautiful. But my job is to thank them for taking time to read my book and move on. If I’m bummed then it’s my closest friends who hear about it, not the world via some reviewers blog. But hey, bad behavior isn’t limited to authors … so sometimes it happens. We’re all human.

And then there’s the conversation that happened between BARRY EISLER, and AMANDA HOCKING about self-publishing and traditional publishing. Amanda made the news when she made over 1.5 MILLION in 2010 direct selling her books on Kindle. She has authors like me wondering if there’s any chance of duplicating her results.

The truth is, I’ve been in the business less than 6 years. When I first published e-books received little respect. There was nothing like the Nook or Kindle and now, now authors realize that self-publishing is no longer a four letter word and that perhaps there is real money to be made if we skip the middle man (the publisher).

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love both publishers I’ve worked with. They have offered me amazing covers and VERY talented editors. I would never put a book out to the public without an editor giving it the very hard eye that I don’t even sort of have. But when backlist books become available again then an author would be foolish to let the edited manuscript sit on her desktop without at least trying the self-publishing route.

Very soon I will be dipping my toes into that pool and I eagerly wait for the results. Of course I can only hope that a fraction of the readers who own Kindles find my books. An author can only hope to get a fraction of the readers Amanda worked so hard to garner.

So what else did I miss in the last week? Any chance everything is fine in Libya and gas prices went down?

So October was actually a wash as far as writing anything new. I did manage two submissions and haven’t heard anything, but anxiously open my emails every day hopeful that a couple of contracts will be there waiting. So far … nothing. But I’m still hopeful.

You see, it’s not just that I’m in a writing funk, but Mr. Nina lost his job in mid August. We spent the next several weeks job hunting and though unemployment continues to hover around 9%, Mr. Nina found a new job less that six weeks after finishing his last. Yes, we are very lucky. We know this. Sadly, it meant moving out-of-state.

Again, I don’t mind. I grew up in Maine. It’s a beautiful state. But it’s also HUGE! I’ve lived 5 hours from my family for over 20 years. So this move to Rhode Island actually gets me closer to family.

That is … when I can move.

We spent the better part of October fixing up our current house for selling and packing Mr. Nina. We moved him into his new apartment last week. It’s in this cool renovated mill and he’s got some really wonderful neighbors. It’s just missing one thing … ME! I’m holding down the fort in northern Maine until a buyer falls in love with our house.

So now the two of us are in different states. Too far apart to even visit on the weekends.

You never know how much time you spend with someone until they’re no longer hanging around you driving you crazy. LOL! I feel like I lost a funky little appendage I didn’t even know was so important to me. *sigh* Mr. Nina and I have slipped into that really comfortable phase where we’re hanging in the same room, but don’t even need to talk to communicate. Hopefully this won’t last long and our house will sell and I’ll be down there asking if we REALLY need to watch another football game.

With all this time on my hands I have decided to buckle down and get writing another story. I’ve got the vague outline in my head (which is all I really can start with) and I plan to get a jump on it this weekend. I’m not really ready to chat about it, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to run a contest around getting some help with the title so stay tuned.

On the review front Judith at the BOOK BINGE reviewed “A Touch of Lilly” and had this to say …

“This is an erotic love story set in the universe of the future. It is about terror and hate, prejudice and murder, and lots of other stuff that make up a good action story. But at the core is the relationship between Dallas and his law enforcement partner as they focus on Lilly, learn more about her, begin to break down the animosity that existed initially between the three. It is not a story that is easy to figure out–lots of clues but no easy answers. The reader must persevere and read to the end. But, I think, in this case it is worth it.”

Here’s an excerpt from Chapter One of “A Touch of Lilly:
Lilly D’Angelo could have been walking into any of the seedier establishments lining Forty-fifth and Wester on Chicago’s south side. Except for the clientele, the tavern’s owner had managed to replicate nearly every detail right down to the blue haze and the soft crooning of a jazz band on the corner stage. The acrid stench and gruff hum of a Friday night crowd tripped Lilly down memory lane—a place she had no desire to travel at the moment.

Lilly pushed the sour thoughts of home out of her mind and focused her energy on the patrons at the bar. Morphing her features into her sexiest vixen pout, she moved gracefully toward the long bar on the other side of the room. Her voluptuous breasts, spilling temptingly from her silk blouse, led the way. The eyes watching her ass sashay around the battered tables were clustered on various life forms—none of them human.
Yeah, definitely not Chicago. Shit, this wasn’t even Earth for chrissake.

“Regent’s ale, straight up, hold the brenic.” She spoke English, hoping the two-headed Xerick behind the bar had a cochlear translator in one of those eight holes that passed for ears. Satisfied when one head nodded, she settled on a stool, making sure her fur jacket and blouse parted enough to offer a seductive view of her cleavage. Lilly shifted just enough to let the black leather skirt ride up her thigh and expose a little more silky real estate. Surreptitiously checking her image in the mirrored glass behind the liquor bottles, she was pleased she looked every bit the part. She wasn’t trying to attract anyone in particular, perhaps something on the less offensive side that could offer her a bit of entertainment to help fritter away the next couple of hours.

Lilly wasn’t a xenophobic bigot by any stretch of the imagination. But six months in deep space, working these kinds of joints, wasn’t really long enough to become accustomed to the scenery. The Nebulae Galaxy’s spaceports overflowed with aliens of all sizes and genders. Only that wasn’t really a fair term here in deep space.

Alien inferred the life forms didn’t belong. On the contrary, it was humans who were invading their territory. The treaties of 2253, signed well over forty years ago, had guaranteed the safe travel of humans in deep space. After the snafu of ’34, which saw the first major space disaster since light travel had been discovered, humans had insisted on protection for their species. They’d formed some bullshit board of security, guaranteeing humans could run roughshod over the universe like everywhere else. Though most people referred to them as the QAL, Lilly nicknamed them the alphabet mafia. At one point she’d actually considered working for them until they’d discovered who she was—or more specifically what she was. It didn’t matter. They could all go fuck themselves if they didn’t appreciate her gifts. Lilly had found a way to use her talents and still bring down the bad guys.

Of course in deep space, bad was a relative term.

There was the kind of bad that got a person lost on the ice caps of Dallas Eight without a backup plan. Or the bad that forced someone to stow away in the engine room of a Drikspa alien tanker bound for unknown destinations, praying not to get caught. Or the bad that got a human female imprisoned as a sex slave on the mining colonies of Krystallos Three, hidden from even the long arm of the QAL. Lilly shivered at that one. Even her talents wouldn’t free her from that kind of torture.

She was just happy to be here on Garalon Five where bad meant nothing more than crossing paths with every brand of space pirate, ex-con or fugitive looking for a new start. As one of the more recent colonizations in the Nebulae Galaxy, the G-5 government turned their collective back on past offenses on other planets and allowed anyone to start a legitimate business. It’s what had brought her here.

It’s been a crazy couple of months in the Pierce household. One of those times when life flips itself on its ear and you’re left wondering how you’re going to balance everything. Mr. Nina was laid off quite unepectedly from his job at the end of August. It seemed even hospitals aren’t immune to this economy. But I believe there’s a reason for everything. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not wearing rose-colored glasses, but I am an optimist at heart.

Anyway, it’s been a crazy ride, but after 20 some-odd years at his former position Mr. Nina had acquired some mad skills. It didn’t take long before the networks found out he was a free agent and interviews came fairly quickly. Yay him! ANYWAY … long and the short … we are now moving our lives from the willy-wags of Northern Maine to the coast of Rhode Island so he can begin work in a much larger hospital. Lots of change. Lots of work. Lots of adventure ahead of us. It’ll be interesting to see how productive I can be in the midst of all this change. But I’m really excited (and scared and overwhelmed and … well, you get the idea).

I also wanted to share with you a wonderful review I received this week for “BONDED SOULS”, the prequel in my “Shifting Bonds” series from Ellora’s Cave from Alternative Read.

Here’s a little of what WitchGiggles had to say…

What did I like the most about this? The female was a full-figured woman instead of a stick who was proud of herself…Now on to the story itself- Girl, guy, hot monkey sex, murder, plots and twists- sound strange? Well, the way Ms. Pierce puts it together makes it definitely a read to enjoy with a cup of hot cocoa in front of a fire, possibly sharing certain parts with that significant other (just to keep them informed,of course). With style, humor and wit, she’s created one that kept my interest to the end.

I’m so happy she enjoyed it. And I thought I’d just share an EXCERPT from Bonded Souls for you to enjoy …

Cole pushed away from his desk and stood to stare out the window at the empty parking lot. It had taken a couple of hours after Hansley had spirited Jayda away last night to convince his neighbors that Armageddon was not coming to Lonesome Fork. It seemed shifters wanted revenge for the murder of their pack mate and humans were simply running scared. Add whispers of unholy creatures and the gathering outside the police station had nearly become a lynch mob. It had taken all his sweet-talking to calm them down and convince everyone that justice was best served by allowing the courts to decide the woman’s fate. Though he wasn’t entirely sure he believed that himself.

“Come in,” Cole shouted at the soft knock on his door. Lady lifted her head.

Aaron stepped tentatively into his office. “Do I need to wave a white flag?”

“Eat shit.”

Lady stood, stretched and trotted over to the detective. “Who do we have here?”

“Jayda’s dog Lady. Jayda had the gall to ask me to look after her before she left with Hansley. Not sure why she didn’t just swing over to the cabin and pick the dog up herself. Whatever. I’m a sucker for a cute female.”

“Tell me something I didn’t know.” Aaron settled in one of the utilitarian chairs across from Cole. Lady laid her head on his thigh, her tail thumping happily against the side of Cole’s desk. Aaron absently scratched the dog’s ears. “Don’t you find it a little odd that Hansley showed up at the Bull only hours after Jayda sauntered into town?”

Cole leaned against the wall and stared at Aaron sitting casually with his foot bouncing on his knee. “I’ve been going over and over that all day. I can’t help thinking that she set me up. But for the life of me, I can’t figure out why. There’s something I’m missing here.”

“You sure she didn’t know about shifters? She could be one hell of an actress.”

“I wouldn’t know. I was going to shift to prove it to her, but the station radioed to say things were getting out of hand here so I didn’t take the time. Everything just sort of fell apart when I arrived.” His head fell against the wall and Cole closed his eyes, trying to sort through everything he knew. “She could be playing me for a fool.”

“You look like shit, Cole. Go home and get some rest.”

After two nights without sleep, exhaustion permeated deep into Cole’s bones. “I wouldn’t be able to sleep even if I did.”

“Look, Jayda went with Hansley.” Aaron dropped his foot, settling his forearms on his thighs. “Nothing you can do about that. She’s obviously made her choice. Chances are she’d made her choice before last night and you were just some kind of pawn.”

“But it doesn’t make sense, Aaron. Why tip their hand two nights before the blue moon?”

“Like you said, there’s something they needed from you. Maybe the kid put a glitch in their plans. Maybe Jayda went rogue last night. Who knows?”

“The pack’s going to be looking for some answers tonight. What the hell am I going to tell them?”

“The truth.”

“What, that the legend is true and we lost? Or that some polymorphic shifter led their leader by his dick before screwing him and his pack over?” Cole’s fist landed solidly against the wall and made Lady whimper. Aaron crooned softly and scratched behind her ears. “How the hell could I have fallen for that whole ‘Oh, I’m an orphan…feel bad for me…I don’t know who I am’ bullshit?” Cole said in a high-pitched imitation of a whiny female.

“Stop beating yourself up, Cole. She had us all fooled. Shit, I was the one drooling over her at the Whip and Bull.”

“Yes, but you figured who she was from the get-go.” Cole let out a derisive laugh. “I was blinded by hormones. Obviously, Hansley’s been planning this for a while. She all but fell into his arms last night when he swooped in to rescue her from the clutches of the evil wolf shifters.”

“So, what do you think he has planned now?”

“Besides giving her a congratulatory fuck?”

Aaron arched a brow.

“Honestly, I haven’t figured that out. As a polymorphic shifter, Jayda has the power to dominate both wolves and cougars. Even if she’s acting as if she doesn’t have a clue. We both know whoever she claims as mate will have the power to rule with her.”

Aaron leaned his elbows on his thighs. “You didn’t claim her?”

“I was working on the assumption that she was telling the truth and didn’t even know what a shifter was. It wasn’t my place.”

“But you told me you thought she was your—”

“I know what the hell I told you!” Cole shouted as he pushed away from the wall and began pacing. “Apparently I haven’t a fucking clue about life mates and shit.”

I love finishing a book and sending it off to my editor. I have even come to enjoy the editing stage because it gives me more time to fix all those things I may have overlooked in the writing process.

But sending that puppy out into the world is nerve wracking. Yep, I said it. No one wants to spend months working on a story only to have it go out in the world and have people not enjoy it. It’s like people saying my baby is ugly. 🙁 A Touch of Lilly, my futuristic sci/fi erotic menage has been out for nearly a month. The reviews have been extremely mixed. And I do mean EXTREMES. It seems to be a love ’em or hate ’em reaction. Well I’m pleased to share with you two reviews I got this week.

The first is from Night Owl Romance. Maria gave it FIVE STARS and had this to say…

The action is almost non-stop in this book and the emotions that the characters are experiencing come across as genuine and heartfelt. I understood Lilly’s desire to be loved for herself and not for the physiological effects that she could force on a man. I also understood Dallas’s disenchantment with a job that he had undertaken with high ideals and with the loneliness that all law enforcement officers seem to experience at some time or another during their career. Thaegan was a great alien and a true “brother in arms” to Dallas. I am really looking forward to reading more of Ms. Pierce’s work.

The second comes from Black Raven Reviews where Tamara also gave it FIVE RAVENS and said this…

While the erotic part of the book had sizzling sex scenes and intense moments between the heroine and heroes, it also stroked this closet sci-fi fanatic’s heart. I love reading sci-fi almost as much as I do erotica. With A Touch of Lilly both of my yearnings for hot sex and adventurous action were satisfied and I’d like to personally thank Ms. Pierce for writing such a delightful tale.


Yep, these reviews totally made my week. I hope North Americans one and all enjoy the holiday weekend. Me? I’m going to the lake having a beer or two and just relaxing (with a REALLY big smile)!

I fuss about them. I wait anxiously for them. I hold my breath as my computer connects to the site, wondering what I’ll find when I get there. What am I talking about?


Yep those little blurbs that come with numbered stars (or ribbons or books or tombs). I read them ALL. And of course I have to swallow my pride when the review is less than stellar. I mean come on. I wrote it and subbed it to my editor believing the readers would really enjoy the story. My editor worked hard fixing it here, tightening it there so it would be the best it could possibly be when it went out into the world. Publishers certainly don’t give contracts to books that they believe wouldn’t appeal to their readers. So the long and the short … I want my story to be loved.

With 10 books out in the world I’ve had my fair share of reviews and they’ve run the gamet from amazing “top picks” to the “don’t bothers”. And the funny thing is they can be for the same book. Sometimes, like scores from a contest, I learn something from the reviewer. They have a very valid point about the plot or a particular character. I really don’t mind those reviews.

But I currently have a review out that’s a 1 out of a possible 5. And the comment? “I didn’t read this book, but the cover is the same as XYZ author’s cover”. Whaaat? I have no say on my covers. That’s not my fault. Fortunately several people marked the comment as “not helpful” which I appreciated. Another low score I got was at a site where the reviewer stated “I’ve never read erotica, but there seemed to be an awful lot of sex in the middle of a good story.” I’ll let you be the judge of THAT review.

Some authors are better than I, they don’t read their reviews. I’m not at that point yet. I scour every single one of them and take every one of them to heart. But here’s the funny thing. I don’t RELY on them to help me discover new authors. When looking for a great read, I don’t ever go to review sites to see what they have to say. I buy my books based on the author and/or the back cover blurb. Period.

Which brings me to this question … How do you feel about reviews? Do they influence you to either buy the book or put it down and back away slowly? Because you know me … I’m always curious about this stuff. 

Writing is hard. Waiting for the first reviews to come out after your book is published is excruciating. I don’t write books to have them sit at my publisher … I write books to send them out in the world and hope people fall in love with them! Well, that’s the hope anyway. LOL!

So CeCe at Bitten by Books gave Shadows of Fire 4 tombstones and
said this …

“Shadows of Fire” is a page-turner. It is definitely full of action. Ree[s]e and Alex are likable and relatable characters.

Lisa at Night Owl Romance gave Healer’s Garden 4.5 and a TOP PICK and said this …

“Evil forces play into this story, with unexpected twists, turns, and a very pleasing resolution…This wonderful fantasy culture where women are dominant and men disrespected is a very interesting twist and carries a strong plot well. Strong characters, their struggles with ethics, justice, and morality, coupled with excellent dialogue and attention to detail, make this book a fantastic fantasy read!

The sex scenes were very well written – so hot, Hot, HOT!!!! Get the air coolers running!”

So squeeee! It makes me so happy when people like my stories. It makes me warm and smiley. And to top it off Ellora’s Cave offered me a contract this week. Yeeeeah, it’s been a good week so far and it’s only Tuesday!!

I’m very pleased with a couple of reviews I received over the last couple of weeks.

The first is for Bonded by Need from Just Erotic Romance Reviews. TS Peters gave it 4.5 Stars and had this to say …

“Wow! Is there ever a whole lot going on in between these pages. There is the drama of Jayda and her mates as they are forced to come to terms with her duality. There is the intrigue as something killing off both cougar and wolf, threatening the tentative peace. Last but not least, there is some serious shifter sexing! […] Like Jayda I felt a little conflicted over which hero I preferred. They are both so strong and supportive, while at the same time stubborn to the point of immaturity at times. Cole is the outspoken, demanding one that takes what he wants and never lets go. Zane on the other hand is sensitive and easy-going and they actually balance each other well. This one kept me on the edge of my seat as I waited to see what would happen next. It was refreshing seeing Jayda come into her own as an alpha shifter. If you want a book that will keep your heart racing, you will enjoy Bonded by Need.”

The second review I found is for a novella that’s been out for over a year, Arranging Love, the third book in the Tilling Passions series.

The reviewer at Passionate Reviews had this to say …

“The story had me completely. I rooted for Meghan, booed Peter, and tried to figure out who was trying to kill Meghan.  Add to that the sick Tilling patriarch, the Tilling mother who was always being consoled by the doctor and one Mistress Crystal who is stalking Peter. Oh, my.

‘Arranging Love’ is a beautifully orchestrated story. There are twists and turns that have you guessing from the first chapter. I know I will be reading more about this fascinating family.”

Also, I just wanted to remind you that the contest I’ve been holding on my website will be coming to an end at midnight, September 30. It’s an easy peasy contest to win a handbag full of goodies …

Entering is easy peasy. Just visit my website find the contest page, read an excerpt and email me the answer to a question. A winner will be drawn Oct. 1.

Well, I got two reviews … on both ends of the spectrum.

Night Owl Romance gave Hearts Afire-May 4.25 hearts. Yay! Vee had this to say about my novella Shadows of Fire

“Shadows of Fire was a creative vampire story. I thought the character development was good and the story line interesting. It held my attention through out. Well done!”

If you’d like to see the complete review click on the Night Owl Romance icon on the sidebar.

The second review I’m not going to share. It was a fair review of my contemporary novella, Divine Deception stating mostly that it’s predictable and the sex is pretty vanilla. It was disappointing and stung a little since that story is meant to be a quick little fun read. It is the only story I’ve written that has no suspense component. It did make me feel a little better when I watched an interview with Quentin Tarantino and found out his last movie totally tanked. I guess I was due. Hopefully that’s only one reviewers opinion and readers find it light and fun.

Beginning tomorrow I’m the featured author for a week at Whipped Cream. I’ve got all sorts of tidbits of wisdom and even some giveaways. I hope you’ll join me throughout the week.

My new book trailer for Bonded by Need is up at Menagerie Authors as well as an interview on their lovely leather couch on Monday. I have no idea what they plan for me, but I’m sure it will be revealing. And of course I’ll be talking about my books.

In the writing realm (because, oh yeah, that’s what I’m supposed to be doing), I continue to work on Bonded by Pride, the second in the “Shifting Bonds” series. Aaron Wallace has been working with Cole in the last two stories. I thought it was time he found his own true love.

I’ve got a couple of other things in the works and hope to have some news on that soon. Hope you all have a wonderful week and I’ll be seeing you around the internet.