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Since writers are always looking for the hero that will grab a reader by the heart, I’m wondering what romance hero tugs at your heartstrings every time …

1. Cowboys are one of my favorite heroes. Just a few weeks ago one of those sexy men walked into my dreams and decided perhaps I should write a series set out west. Who doesn’t like a sexy man in a hat and chaps and a reeeeaally slow smile and eyes just for you?

2. And who can resist a man in (or out) of uniform? Like say … a fireman? My vampire firefighter, Reese Colton in SHADOWS OF FIRE is one of those sexy men you want showing up at your house, but not when he’s on duty … maybe just a social call?

Buff FiremanXSmall

3. Oh, yeah … why choose one hero when two can be so much naughtier! I’ve never written a book with twin heroes … but seriously … why not?

4. *sigh* That durn horse of mine is always running off and the neighbor is such a hero for bringing¬†him back. I’m a lucky gal! (Actually, I call that good training!)

5. My favorite hero is that alpha male with soft gooey center only the heroine sees, like Cole Takoda in my SHIFTING BONDS series. This wolf shifter is both the police chief and the keeper of the heroines heart … what more could a woman want? Tattoos are just a nice perk.

6. And this guy is so bad … you know he’s going to be really goooood! That scars tells me he’s wounded and ready for some healing. He reminds me of Dallas Sawyer, the futuristic FBI agent in my sexy m√©nage A TOUCH OF LILLY
7. When I’m feeling down, I would love to have a musician to sing to me. Damon Corey in BLIND HER WITH BLISS is a concert pianist who pays the bills as a bad boy shock jock. *sigh* Yeah, that’s a lethal combination!
BL Couple
8. And when you’ve had enough of the city, a hero like Nicholas Gradin from DIVINE DECEPTION will take you for a ride on his motorcycle through the vineyards of New York to forget all your troubles.

9. Puh-lease, you didn’t think one of my badboy heroes wouldn’t be wearing a kilt? Have you ever visited my blog?
scottish kilt guys

10. I grew up on the coast of Maine. I love the beach. And a man bare foot¬†and bare chested in just jeans walking at the beach … oh yeah, it makes my knees weak every time! Rainmaker, the FBI agent in my novel IN HIS EYES spends a lot of time hunting down a serial killer on the beach.

11. And then there’s a hero like Jonathon Brierton in MAID FOR MASTER, the real estate magnate who will push you to limits you didn’t think you’d enjoy … ūüėČ
Bondage women

12. What fun is a romance without a hero who makes himself comfortable while he’s waiting for his woman to come home?
a man's place is in the kitchen

Now get out the Windex and paper towels and clean off the monitor and your keyboard. I only offer the eye candy and prizes, you need to clean the drool up off your own chin! LOL!

So what type of romance hero is your can’t-resist-must-read-because-he-makes-your-knees-weak-and-your-heart-race-and-make-you-seek-out-your-man-must-buy-the-book hero? Curious writers want to know.

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It seems hard to believe that four years have passed since I began this blog. I remember the nervousness and excitement as I started the blog in anticipation of the publication of my first book. Now I have 10 books available and another that has been published, but which is going through a total re-write.

The learning curve has been steep. I jumped from the world of education into the world of publishing. I remember the joy of waking every day with nothing ahead of me but a blank page. There were no obligations to market. No Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads or Yahoo Loops begging for my attention. Now, with the world of publishing changing at lightning speed, I often feel like I can’t keep up with all that I think I should do. But I’m working very hard to find that balance between marketing, writing and real life. As a matter of fact, I’ve been kind of having a crisis of identity. But the other day when I was lamenting and questioning my decision to become an author, I was reminded … not everyone can tell a story. That’s a gift.

And that statement made me sit back and really think about what I want to do with that gift. I certainly don’t want to squander it or bury it. Instead of whining that I can’t teach anymore, I need to be grateful that I have found another vocation. I’m working to change my frame of mind to accept what I have instead of pining for what I’ve lost. So in celebration of my new found career path, I thought I’d share one of my first ever posts. I’m working to reconnect with that joy …

I’m a visual person. I love pictures. It’s how I remember things. I don’t have that flat out photographic memory thing going on as I can’t read words off a notebook page of notes in my head. But I can picture the page and know exactly where the information is among my notes. (It’s how I got all those A’s in college!)

That being said, it’s interesting that I don’t do it so much when I’m reading for pleasure. Okay, so that’s not completely true. When I read, I “see” the scene… people moving, action happening. What I don’t see are the details, the copper curl of her hair or his long fingers tucking it behind her ear.

See, right there, I visualize the action, but not the color of her hair or the description of his fingers. Which makes it odd for me to write those details. They seem so unimportant. But one of my critique partners often asks for more description when one of my characters first walks onto the page. And since I don’t write for me, I write for my readers who are clamoring to know who my heroine is and whether her hair is black or blond, I’ve learned to include the details.

This is the heroine of¬†Healer’s Garden, Jahara Hriznek. I hesitate to post this picture even though it’s how I saw her when I was writing. I fear it may not fit your idea of who she is. But that’s her.

As a reader do you look for a detailed description of a character or is it something you gloss over? Do you take your visual cue from the pictures on the cover or do you let your imagination run wild?

Curious authors want to know.

I know it’s a little early for Easter, but I’m in the middle of setting up a blog tour and trying to buy a house. To say I’m feeling overwhelmed is an understatement. So I just thought I’d find some happy man “candy” to lift my spirits. I hope you enjoy.

*sigh* I don’t know about you, but my world has come back into alignment. Yeah, I’m shallow, but on days like this, looking at all the lovely man flesh … I’m not ashamed to admit it. Hope you all have a wonderful day.

These pictures have been purchased through iStockphotos and Fotolia. Please respect the copyrights of the photographer.

This week I’d like to share with you 13 of my favorite moments from my latest trip. Mr. Nina had a conference in Palm Springs and we stopped over in Arizona for a few days as well. Unfortunately we brought the winter weather with us when we went. No shorts or swimsuits for this sun goddess (thank goodness).

1.  Pink Jeep Tours in Sedona. They drive all through the rock formations. Amazing.


2. Wes our amazing tour guide (along with my neice and her dog). Of course I managed to find out enough about him that I’m thinking he’d make a great hero in a story.


3. Sunset in Sedona … it’s beautiful beyond words



4. AirTram in Palm Springs – I’m not sure how much I’ve told you I love Mr. Nina. He really doesn’t do heights very well. Yet he knew I’d love to take a gondola through the clouds …



5. And up in¬† the mountains where there was snow. Yeah, I didn’t like the snow part so much. (It reminded me too much of winter waiting for me at home.)


6. Lunch at the “Tilted Kilt” … we stopped at a new pub for a beer, but Mr. Nina was the one leaving with a smile!


I got left in the dust …


7. A field of windmills. Wow, I understand they power most of the valley.


8. Palm Trees they’re everywhere and I LOVE them!


9 Christmas when it’s warm. The hotel was festive with all it’s decorations. I just love Christmas decorations.


10. Visiting Joshua Tree National Park this is one of the coolest places on earth. It’s like visiting another planet. It had these cool cacti called Cholla (choy-ya) …



11. and Joshua Trees


12. And cool rock formations


13. JW Marriott Hotel has a golf course and beautiful grounds.




This week, I’m pleased to have 13 authors hanging out on the Block. I hope you’re getting to see the “real” writer behind some of your favorite books and perhaps meet a couple of wonderful new authors!

1. Judi Phillips
Judi Phillips has had stories playing in her head for as long as she can remember and finally began writing them down.  Her spicy alter-ego, Pepper Goodrich, is much newer at the writing game.


2. Rebecca Royce
Rebecca Royce is the mother of two little boys, with a third one set to join them in the fall. Relatively new to writing, she has sold a few novels, with her debut novel, Her Wolf released earlier this month from Liquid Silver Books. A believer that anything is possible, the truly unexpected usually occurs in her work.

beth caudill2

3. Liena Ferror
Liena was born and raised in South Central Pennsylvania by parents who instilled a love of reading into her and her brother. After a comment from her husband regarding the fact she reads so much that she could probably write a book, Liena embarked on her writing career. Her first release is scheduled for November 20, 2009 titled The Risen: Queen of the Ghost Drakon from Eirelander Publishing.

lynn spangler2

4. Jasmine Aherne
Jasmine is studying for masters degree in creative writing. She lives in Cardiff with her partner Alex, a python called Fish, and a mountain of books.


5. Nancy O’Berry
Nancy O’Berry has been writing stories since junior high. She is a published author with Red Rose Publishing where her love of American History is transfered into her sensual westerns. She lives in southeast Virginia with her husband and a wild array of animals from cats to bovines. She loves hearing from readers.


6. Lisabet Sarai
Born into a family of readers and story tellers, Lisabet began writing as soon as she could hold a pencil. She has been publishing erotica and erotic romance for nearly a decade. Imagination is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

7. Sandy Marshall
Sandy worked for Trans World Airlines for thirty-six years before she retired to write full time. She has a trilogy set in the mid-west amongst the riverboat gambling industry. The second book, Addiction, will be released November 6, 2009 at Eirelander Publishing.

Sandy Marshall2

8. Diana Castilleja
Diana currently resides in central Texas with her husband and son. When not focusing her energy on her family and her writing, she loves to travel and haunt bookstores. The freedom to read about anything and everything has fueled her adult imagination. She is most likely currently sitting at her desk, having it out with her keyboard writing her next book.


9. Linda Style
In 2000, after five years of writing and four nominations for the RWA Golden Heart Award, Linda‚Äôs last GH entry was bought by the senior editor at Harlequin Superromance. Linda’s second book won the prestigious Daphne du Maurier Award, and now, 13 novels later, Linda‚Äôs award-winning books are sold worldwide and translated in many language. Linda says she has the best job in the world. “I still can’t believe someone wants to pay me to make up stories.”

linda style2

10. Joan Maze
Joan Maze loves all things mysterious and romantic. Her background in music, art and writing often appears in her manuscripts. She is a member of Romance Writers of America, Kiss Of Death chapter, ChicklitwritersRWA, HHRW, and Outreach. When she isn’t writing, she’s reading.

joan maze 2

11.Susan Lyons
Susan Lyons writes sexy romance that’s passionate, heartwarming, and fun. RT BookReviews says, “Look to be turned on from start to finish.” This award-winning author is published by Kensington, Berkley, Harlequin Spice Briefs, and The Wild Rose Press.

susan lyons2

12. Nancy J. Cohen
Nancy J. Cohen is author of the popular Bad Hair Day mystery series featuring hairdresser Marla Shore who solves crimes with wit and style under the sultry Florida sun. KILLER KNOTS and PERISH BY PEDICURE are the latest titles in this humorous series. Several of Nancy’s books have made the Independent Mystery Booksellers Association bestseller list.


13. Beth Caudill
Beth Caudill resides in North Carolina with her husband and two children. Her home is lined with bookcases and filled with books. Although she does not claim the computer manuals, those belong to her husband. In her life prior to becoming a stay-at-home-mom, she worked as a technical support analyst and quality assurance software tester. Now she plays chauffeur and cook for her family and fits in writing when she can.

beth 2

And this bevy of beauties can’t be left without a couple of wet men to cool them down … now could they???

I’m so pleased to have 13 more authors visiting this week. I am having the most fun prying into their lives and learning all about these people, most of whom I’ve only met online. What fun to put some faces to some of my favorite authors! I hope you enjoy this list of¬†13 as much as do!¬†

1. Adele Dubois
Adele is a former journalist and political columnist who currently writes romantic fiction. The characters in her books are much easier to manage than the subjects of her gritty political columns. Both Adele and her characters are living Happily Ever After.    


2. Melinda Elmore
Melinda Elmore has been happily married to her wonderful husband for 21 years and they have¬†2 beautiful children.¬†¬†She is¬†a freelancer for the Navajo/Hopi Observer.¬† Her¬†first book “Native Dreams” was published in July 2008.¬†¬†She is¬†currently working on a non-fiction book and the sequel to “Native Dreams”

Melinda Elmore

3. Cheryl Pierson
Cheryl Pierson is a born and bred Oklahoma girl who writes historical western romance as well as contemporary action romance.  She lives in Oklahoma City, OK, with her husband of 30 years and has 2 grown children.  She teaches writing classes and has her own editing business. Her debut novel, Fire Eyes, was released this past May through the Wild Rose Press.

cheryl pierson

4. Anthony Stevens
Anthony is an olde pharte technogeek, writer, photographer, leathercrafter, Dom, car nut, SCAdian history freak, costumer, scale modeler and graphics enthusiast. He writes Urban Fantasy, Erotica and Alternate History.

anthony stevenson

5. Rachel Brimble
Rachel lives in the UK, just a thirty minute drive from the famous Georgian city of Bath.  She has two romantic suspense novels published with The Wild Rose Press and a romantic comedy due out by the end of the year.

rachel brimble

6. Jennifer Linforth
If one is going to query a publisher Jennifer suggests not doing so in pink ink. Her first written when she was 12 was nothing if not colorful. She is a writer of historical fiction and romance and an active member of the Romance Writers of America and the Historical Novel Society. She cannot pronounce pistachio, hates lollipops with gooey centers and dearly loves to laugh.

Jennifer Linforth

7. Ericka Scott
Ericka Scott is a multi-published, bestselling author of seductive suspense. When she’s not chauffeuring children around, wishing she had a maid, or lurking at the library, she’s spinning her own web of fantasy and penning tales of seduction and suspense.She currently lives in Southern California with her husband and three children. (**NOTE: Ericka just offered a print copy of her “The Werewolf Whisperer” book just out¬†from Phaze to one lucky commenter**)

ericka scott

8. Keta Diablo
Keta is the author of numerous historical erotica novels and gay fiction novellas. She makes her home in the Midwest portion of this great country. In her spare time (spare time?) she loves to commune with nature on six acres of towering pines and massive oaks. She lives in harmony with loons (the winged version), owls and eagles and nurtures an abiding love for all animals.

keta diablo

9. Lisa Logan
Lisa Logan is a native Southern Californian, and the author of VISIONS and A GRAND SEDUCTION, as well as an award-winning shorty story author. She is also the Senior Acquisitions Editor for Eternal Press Publishing.

Lisa Logan

10. Hailey Edwards
Hailey has been married ten years to a man who proposed after knowing her for nine days. Sometimes fate gets it right. She is a stay at home mom with one daughter whose intelligence is baffling considering her parentage. Her hobbies include baking, reading, and anything involving power tools. She writes dark fantasy and paranormal romance.

hailey edwards

11. Jeanne St. James
Jeanne lives up on the side of a mountain in south central Pennsylvania and began writing before she was a teenager. She loves to write hot steamy contemporary romances, usually about men in uniform. She has an upcoming release from Liquid Silver Books called Banged Up, in which the hero is an FBI agent.

jeanne st. james

12. Julie Lence
Julie is the author of 2 western romances, Luck of the Draw and Lady Luck. Both are e-books and Lady Luck was just released in print form. She is a stay-at-home mom devoted to her family and enjoying a career in writing romance.

julie lence

13. Kayelle Allen
Kayelle’s universe is deep, full of layers, hidden immortals, and clandestine aides who help them. If you like stories that allow you to be a slave in one book and an empress in another, whether gay or straight,¬†you’ll love her books.¬†

kayelle allen

And I’d hate to leave these authors without some company on Thursday (besides, you know you’re expecting a little something something in the form of eye candy … you don’t fool me!) And I didn’t want to forget our male guest this week … I added a special picture of me. ūüėČ

Summer is a lazy time for me. It shouldn’t be, goodness knows I have enough books to write, but it is. Especially this week with the holiday! So I begged, cajoled, misled, imposed on a few authors to send me their images and a little bio so I could be lazy and not think about lists of 13 things throughout the summer. And they came through! All they needed to do was provide me with a bio and a picture. And the picture was key! I wanted to SEE who they were. Well, there’s some pretty creative SHY authors out there. I love these pictures! So here’s my first list (in no particular order) of 13 authors I know …

1. Mima


Mima rearranges her perennial garden in a small village on the Erie Canal. She is a teacher-librarian to one thousand delightful children, and string partner to a wee black cat. Visit her website ( for excerpts of her 10 erotic romances. 

2. Ashlyn Chase

ashlyn chase

Ashlyn Chase describes herself as an Almond Joy bar. A little nutty, a little flaky, but basically sweet, wanting only to give her reader’s a scrumptious reading experience. She writes hot romantic comedy and lives in beautiful NH with her real-life hero and a spoiled brat cat.

3. Pat Brown

pat brown

Born in one of the coldest cities in Canada Pat escaped at 22, fleeing to Los Angeles. Her adventures there led to L.A. Heat (2006) which Mark Richard Zubro said “This is the best gay mystery I have read in years. It is a first-rate thriller with heart-stopping action.

4. Michelle Pillow

michelle pillow

Ever since she can remember, Michelle had a strange fascination with anything historical or supernatural–ghosts, magical powers, and oh! vampires. What could be more alluring than being immortal, all-powerful, and eternally beautiful? Michelle M Pillow, Author of All Things Romance, is a multi-published, award winning author writing in many romance fiction genres.

5. Dorothy McFalls

dorothy mcfalls

Dorothy McFalls resides in an artsy beach community in South Carolina with her sexy sculptor husband and their cat-like dog (Abu) and not so new puppy (Iona) and new kitten (Suki). An environmental urban planner by profession and wildlife biologist by education, she gave up her day job to devote her time to writing in 2001. When not boogie boarding or walking her dogs on the beach, she writes romantic adventure fiction, Regency romances, and short stories.

6. Kate George

kate george

Having worked at a number of jobs ranging from Senior Assistant to the Dean of a Medical School to Actor/Booking Agent in outdoor theatre troop, Ms George has plenty of experience to give authenticity to her characters. In fact, the idea for Moonlighting began formulating while she was working as a evening turndown maid at an exclusive resort for people with more money than sense. The layout was perfect for a crime of passion, but as she didn’t want to spend life in prison, she decided writing about murder would be a wiser choice than committing one.

7. Susan Vaughan
susan vaughan
Award-winning author Susan Vaughan loves writing romantic suspense because it throws the hero and heroine together under extraordinary circumstances and pits them against a clever villain. Reviewers have called her books fast-paced, thrilling, action-packed, sizzling, and highly emotional. She lives on the coast of Maine with her husband and dog.

8. Robie Madison
robie madison
Award-winning author Robie Madison pursues her own adventures traveling around the world. When at home, she writes about men and women who aren’t afraid to take risks for love. When she’s not traveling or writing, she can be found¬†teaching writing courses online.

9. Kris Eton
kris eaton
Kris lives in the middle of nowhere with 2 kids, 1 dog, and 1 cat. In order to combat the isolation, she must create hot sexy books. Her other interests include baking and eating her baking, watching movies & tv, and reading too much historical romance.

10. Sandra Sookoo
sandra sookoo
Sandra Sookoo is an author of romance.  Her portfolio includes historical, contemporary, and paranormal romance. 

11. Margay Leah Justice
margay leah justice
Margay Leah Justice is the author of Nora’s Soul, the first in a series of books called The Dante Chronicles. She lives in Massachusetts with her two daughters and two cats – five females under one roof!¬†

12. Shelley Munro
Shelley munro
Shelley Munro lives in New Zealand with her husband and a bossy dog. She writes hot and spicy adventures, usually set in her home country of New Zealand.

13. Kelley Heckart
kelley heckert
Kelley¬†writes Celtic romances for Awe-Struck and Freya’s Bower.¬†Her lifelong passion for Celtic mythology and storytelling inspired¬†her to write novels with fierce warriors, bold women and otherworldly creatures.

And what would a Thursday Thirteen be at Around the Writer’s Block without a couple of wet men¬†to keep these authors company?

This week I thought I’d share with you my working space. (Don’t laugh … this is the real thing!)

1. Sticky notes to remind me of deadlines, book notes, books on TBB list, and weekly appointments (because I tend to forget these things when I’m writing.)


2. A mug with my kids’ picture on it to hold my pens and pencils. (Notice the troll pencil!)


3. Binders on the floor next to me with notes and pictures of heroes, heroines, and research info for my WIPs and series stories.


4. A six pack … for those times when I need a little inspiration.

5. Another pair of eyeglasses specifically for the computer. 


6. Lists of all my passwords and usernames for internet places I visit … and there’s enough to fill a bulletin board.


7. Burned CDs with all my books. And one graphic CD for doing the monthly newsletter for my local RWA chapter


8. All my beautiful book covers.


9. Phones: The cordless house phone and my cell phone with blue tooth so I can keep typing even while I’m chatting.¬†

10. My zip drive. Because one form of backup is just not enough.


11. Oliver … yep that’s our formerly sick kitty and he’s feeling much better, which means … he constantly wants my attention.


12. Pads of paper for taking notes and keeping daily word and page count totals.


13. And of course … I keep my computer tech really close in case I need … well … anything. ūüėČ