Healer’s Garden

What a way to start the new year!

A year ago today, The Healer’s Garden, my debut novel, was released from Liquid Silver Books. I just found out that it won the 2008 Night Owl Romance Reader Choice Award for the Best Erotic Romance Book in the Fantasy/Futuristic category. 


It’s all thanks to all the people who took time to vote for my book. Thank you.

Also, Fallen Angel Reviews has given both Love’s Bounty and Arranging Love 4 angels each. Tammy had this to say:

Love’s Bounty: “Ms. Pierce has … taken a mix of action, danger and hot sex and blended it into a beautifully told story.”

Arranging Love: “I have to say that I think Ms. Pierce has done a great job in wrapping up this series by creating a hot and sexy story that excites and delights.”

Wow! What a way to start the year on a wonderful note! I hope 2009 will be filled with more stories that will intrigue and delight my readers.

And to all my friends–old and new–may your 2009 be blessed with family and friends, a few tears to make you appreciate the happy times, enough rough seas to help you enjoy calm waters, more story ideas than you have time to write and an abundance of love to fill your heart.

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One year I gave my sister-in-law a really tacky gift and signed it from her sister. In the confusion of opening the gifts neither sister knew what to do when the gift was opened. The receiver thought “Umm… what do I say about this ugly thing?” and the giver thought “Why would my husband buy that for her?” Me? I was laughing my butt off. (As was my DH and the brother-in-law that I shared it with.) Really, it is a Christmas classic that I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to outdo.

So share with me in my comments (which are above this post) the favorite gift you gave or received and you’ll be entered for a chance to win a copy of The Healer’s Garden AND a chance at the grand prize (if you visit ALL of the Liquid Silver authors)  … a stocking FULL of ebooks including the first novella in the Tilling Passions series, Blind Love.

And of course I couldn’t have you showing up to my blog without a little incentive. How about some calorie-free Christmas candy to reward your efforts?

Don’t forget your next stop is Paige Tyler’s (http://paigetylertheauthor.blogspot.com) blog. Stop by here tomorrow and check out the winners! Happy hunting for more Santa candy!

So, it’s been awhile since I plugged one of books and I couldn’t resist taking this week and listing thirteen reasons why you’d love my novel The Healer’s Garden.

1. Anne Cain designed an amazing cover.

2. This book transports you to an alternate future in the 23rd century.

3. Brenimyn is the first ever hero that I fell in love with and a woman never forgets her first. (Don’t tell my other guys, but he’s my favorite.)

4. Jahara Hriznek is a kick-ass heroine who can heal people with just her hands.

5. It’s a Nina Pierce title so you know there’s some hawt monkey sex. (No, not literally with monkeys, just really wild crazy moments with Bren and Jahara … like the time in the pool … yeah you’re gonna like that scene.)

6. Gabriella Bresilee is a really nasty villain who just has weird ideas about how the world should work. She adds a really suspenseful twist to the story.

7. Bren is telepathic … oh yeah, he touches every part of a woman.

8. This book has got some amazing reviews:
“The characters are well written…The Healer’s Garden is a must read!”
Yolanda of TwoLips Reviews 4.5 lips

“…at the end of the day I find this an interesting and entertaining well-written story”
Mrs. Giggles of mrsgiggles.com

“This is a great read and if you are in the mood for a sexy futuristic romance, The Healer’s Garden is the book for you.”
Whitney of Simply Romance Reviews – Grade A

“Strong characters, their struggles with ethics, justice, and morality, coupled with excellent dialogue and attention to detail, make this book a fantastic fantasy read! The sex scenes were very well written – so hot, Hot, HOT!!!! Get the air coolers running!”
Lisa of Night Owl Romance
4.5 and a Reviewer’s Top Choice

9. This book is up for an award for Best Fantasy/Futuristic/Off World/Time-Travel Erotic Romance for Fall 2008 at Night Owl Romance. I’d love your vote. Click HERE to vote. (Right hand column, fourth one down … not that I’m trying to point the way. Just sayin …)

10. Did I mention Bren and Jahara go at it like bunnies in heat? Oh, I mentioned the SEX? Sorry, didn’t mean to overstate that this story is an erotic romance.

11. Brenimyn is like your brother’s best friend that you loved all through high school, but he didn’t notice you were an actual person of the opposite sex until you came home from college and then he had only eyes for you and  you still blushed and lost your breath whenever he entered the room. *sigh* Yeah, that’s Bren.


12. The Healer’s Garden is available as an ebook which means you could buy it now from Liquid Silver Books! What are you waiting for?

13. It’s got an awesome book trailer.

Knock on the door and come on in! Do I have some candy and other treats for you!

Today, I’m coordinating my blog with several other Liquid Silver authors and offering you some real adult Halloween treats. We’re offering you “eye candy” and some wonderful ebooks.

Here’s my favorite candy to have with my morning coffee:

And then when I sit down for lunch I always enjoy a six pack with my sandwich:

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Sure I have a sweet tooth, but next to Dove chocolate, this is my favorite dessert! And I was happy to share those treats with you! Just leave me a comment and let me know when you like your candy best: in the morning, lunch, afternoon snack or in the evening.

I’ll be drawing one name at random from anyone who leaves me a comment before midnight Halloween night and they will win an e-copy of my futuristic erotic suspense novel, The Healer’s Garden.


If you want to trick-or-treat with Liquid Silver authors you should have arrived from Savanna Kougar’s blog and after you comment you should trick-or-treat at Jeanne Barrack’s blog.

If you visit all 9 blogs and comment on each of them, you will be eligible to win the grand prize: A wonderful inbox full of Liquid Silver e-books.

Enjoy your candy today! (If you get lost and can’t find your way, come on back and I’ll point you in the right direction!)

I love making book trailers. And in case you’re surfing the Internet and looking for a little something to entertain, here are the three trailers for my books. Enjoy 😀

Blue Moon Rising:

Tilling Passions:

object width=”425″ height=”344″>The Healer’s Garden:

I love to write. Really I do. Okay, so not every day, but hey, it’s a job and everyone hates their job a couple times a month.

But then there are the days when everything comes together, the stars align, the characters promise to behave, settings pop off the page and your prose just shines! I love those days. It’s during those times I come up with some gems that make their way to the pages of my books.

So this list is 13 of my favorite lines from my books.

Healer’s Garden

1. But damn, he’d been treading water a hell of a long time while he waited for destiny to change the course of his life.

2. “Are you finished speculating? Because I can tell you the facts if you’re interested or I can just wait here while you try to attempt to put together a puzzle with missing pieces.” He lifted a shoulder. “Either way I’m good.”

Blind Love

3. “A man intent on conquering a woman and adding her to his proverbial notched belt holds no credibility with someone as innocent as Julie.”

4.  Damon laughed and held his hands up. “I’ll go willingly. Please, just promise you’ll hurt me.”

5.  The hurt tumbled over anger, rolling into an emotional snowball that plunged headlong without regret into Meghan’s feelings.

Love’s Bounty

6.  He’d abandoned all pretense and now was as focused on getting laid as he was on collecting information from the bimbo. He figured she swung whichever way the wind was blowing. And the way he was feeling, he hoped she’d think a monsoon had swept in her direction when he found her.

7.   Biting back a smile, Ayden watched her glistening tears turn into fury. That he could handle. An angry woman was one hundred times easier to placate than a despondent one.

8. Her long, muscular legs that he’d admired in the great room, started somewhere around her neck.

Arranging Love

9. Peter wasn’t sure if the guilt weighed on his facial features like it did on his heart. 

10. Heat flushed her cheeks. “Peter, making love in the kitchen is one thing. But playing tortured slave girl to your master fetish, well … I’m just not sure that’s something well-adjusted adults do.”

Blue Moon Rising

11. Jayda Kynslan sauntered into the Whip and Bull Tavern wanting only two things: a cold beer and a hot cock.

12. Men, she’d come to believe, were nothing but scumbags of trouble on the garbage heap of misery.

Shadows of Fire

13.  Firemen fought fires as a team. They hung by their balls as a team. Go team!

I am soooo excited to announce the winner of the “You’re Such a Character” contest is:


(I snagged this great picture of her off her “Flikr” images … I hope she forgives me.)

Mima was chosen at random from all the entrants in the “You’re Such a Character Contest“. Mima correctly answered the following questions from The Healer’s Garden.

1) Jahara has the power to heal, how does that power flow out of her?
The healing power flows out through a light in her palms.

2) What happened to the medical director of the Garden of Serenity, Gabriella Bresilee, that has made her so bitter toward men?
She was abused by men in her youth.

3) Why is Xylice Kilyl so important to Brenimyn?
She is a computer specialist and is Brenimyn’s sister. Shhh … that’s really a secret. 😀

4) What happened to Lukiam that made Jahara defy government policy?
Lukiam was wounded in a terrible farm accident.

5) What crime is Brenimyn accused of that could result in his death?
Brenimyn is accused of rape.

I am pleased to say the third novella of the Tilling Passions series, Arranging Love will be dedicated to her and of course she will receive a complimentary copy.

But the most fun…

Please look for Mima to have a “walk-on” role in Arranging Love with dialogue and everything!  

I’m so excited! This has been a fun contest. Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter! I’m working on another contest … so stay tuned for the details!

So, my first ever contest is chugging along. But I just thought I’d put a plug in this month.

“You’re Such a Character” contest began in February and will run until May 31st, 2008. Entry is simple.

Just answer the following five questions from my book The Healer’s Garden and email the answers to Nina @ NinaPierce . com (without the spaces) and you’re entered. (Please put “Contest” in the subject line of your email.) Simple. (I’ve even given you the answers to two of them.)

1) Jahara has the power to heal, how does that power flow out of her?  As light through her palms.
2) What happened to the medical director of the Garden of Serenity, Gabriella Bresilee, that has made her so bitter toward men?
3) Why is Xylice Kilyl so important to Brenimyn?
4) What happened to Lukiam that made Jahara defy government policy?
He was wounded in a terrible accident.
5) What crime is Brenimyn accused of that could result in his death?

I’m not really picky about the answers, so don’t get all nervous that they aren’t exactly right.

What do you win? Good question.

The winner, drawn at random from all entries, will have his or her name appear in one of my upcoming releases in a walk-on role. Cool.

So what are you waiting for? Enter today.

Oh, you haven’t bought the book? Well here’s the buy link which includes the first chapter. There’s also an excerpt on my web page and more info on the contest.

If you’re still waffling, check out the reviews for The Healer’s Garden in my blog roll.

Okay, so now what are you waiting for?


So, with this odd, once in a four year day I thought I’d do something special. I’m launching my first ever contest! Yay for me! Yay for you!

I’m not giving away a certificate or a basket or a box of chocolates (though that sounds yummy).

I’m taking YOUR NAME!

That’s right.

Would you like to see your name in print? I’m offering one lucky reader just that opportunity. The winner, chosen at random from qualifying entries will have their name used in one of my upcoming “Nina Pierce” titles.

Below are five questions from my debut novel The Healer’s Garden. To be entered simply answer the questions and email them to me at ninaATninapierceDOTcom. Please do not post answers here on  my blog. All such responses will be deleted and will not be entered into the contest.

The contest will run from Friday, February 29 to Saturday, May 31, 2008. The winner will be announced on Sunday, June 1st, 2008. The author reserves the right (along with my editor) to choose the character and book where the contest winner’s name will appear. The winner will receive a free download of the book where their name appears, when it becomes available.

Here are the questions:

1) Jahara has the power to heal, how does that power flow out of her?

2) What happened to the medical director of the Garden of Serenity, Gabriella Bresilee, that has made her so bitter toward men?

3) Why is Xylice Kilyl so important to Brenimyn?

4) What happened to Lukiam that made Jahara defy government policy?

5) What crime is Brenimyn accused of that could result in his death?

Thanks for participating.

Click HERE to purchase a copy of The Healer’s Garden from Liquid Silver Books.

And since I never had the opportunity to post the book trailer for The Healer’s Garden (yeah, yeah, yeah… it’s true, I couldn’t figure it out! LOL!) Anyway, here it is.