Welcome to my tour stop with Nina Pierce. Woman, thank you so much for having me this week! Readers, I hope you enjoy meeting my two characters, Colt and Alexis, from Master’s Email and thank you for stopping in to read!

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My hot couple for you to meet is Alexis and Colt from MASTER’S EMAIL who enjoy their Dom/sub relationship. Colt owns his own security company, specializing in video surveillance. Hmmm…kind of helps him with his hobby! Alexis is his live-in who loves performing for him and has slowly learned her way into the submissive world.

Welcome to the tour you two and thanks for answering a few questions for our readers.

Tonya: Colt, how is Alexis doing as your submissive? Was it hard to get her to join your lifestyle?

Colt: Alexis is a hottie in her own right and the more time we spent together, her sensual side came out. That’s when I discovered she liked being pinned down to the bed when we made love. Sparks happened, one thing led to another and….my ties came out! * he squeezes Alexis’ knee * She’s the one who brought them into the bed!

Alexis: * blushing * Colt! How can I not want to be tied down when I have such a handsome Master. He just brings out my bad-girl side. I’m really prim and proper, honest!

Tonya: Us prim and propers have to stick together! I understand you now write for an online BDSM magazine, doing articles and a reader column. That must be easy when you also live the lifestyle.

Alexis: It does help and I love writing for them. Colt keeps me full of ideas to write about so I have lots of material for my readers and now have quite a following for the magazine.

Tonya: Colt, does Alexis misbehave on purpose so she has to be punished?

Colt: * laughing * Yes she does! She knows part of the punishment is being videotaped so even though she says she doesn’t like the camera on…she’s not being honest. Her performances are top notch! Personally, I love re-watching the tapes…she just gets me so heated up and I get to see her body over and over in the positions I love…with her tied and immobile! But she loves it, don’t you, pet?

Alexis: You are so bad! I do have to admit that being restrained and forced to do what he says, within my limits, is exciting. When he blindfolds me, my other senses become stronger. Not knowing where he might touch me and how….mmmm. One has to experience that in order to understand. I hope your readers will allow their partner to blindfold them. It’s an easy way to get started. Now if your hands are also bound and you’re blindfolded….look out because you’re in for the night of your life, ladies! (Click HERE to read a VERY naughty excerpt)

Tonya: I’ve tried to tell my readers that. We have to ask for what we want and that means you guys out there, too. Slowly ease your partner into the blindfold or hold their hands over their head while you make love to them. Tell them they aren’t allowed to open their eyes until you say so. Colt, you have an addiction to watching Alexis by camera. Do you also enjoy watching her perform with another Dom? Doesn’t that bother you?

Colt: The other Doms understand that this isn’t about swapping. It’s about the sexual experience you give another person who enjoys being manipulated. Some do it for sexual pleasure; some do it because they need pain in order to enjoy the sexual experience. Watching another Dom train Alexis so she can experience what he has to offer her puts me over the top. She enjoys it or it wouldn’t have been included in her contract. Right, hon? Then there’s Master Buck whom she’s learned to obey!

Alexis: I do have limits included, too. Don’t use needles on me or a cane to make me bleed or mark up my body. Otherwise, pretty much everything else is fun to experience so I go with it. Some of the other Doms are very good at what they do. They push your limits to experience even more and Master Buck is great at what he does. He’s totally professional in his training but you WILL learn!

Tonya: Do you truly enjoy performing for Colt?

Alexis: Just knowing that the cameras are motion activated throughout the house gets my juices flowing. To know that he could be watching me at any given moment is fun. So I will stop in front of one and give him a little show that he can watch as many times as he likes.

Tonya: Are you afraid someone else might see the videos?

Alexis: I trust Colt when he says that no one else has access to the videos he stores in his files. I’m fine with that.

Tonya: Colt, have you taken Alexis to any bondage parties yet with other couples?

Colt: Funny you should bring that up…I did receive an invitation to a party in Palm Springs. Alexis doesn’t know them so it’ll be fun to introduce her and let them get to know her body.

Tonya: * wicked laugh * Have you attended any of those parties in Palm Springs? I hear they have a huge mansion in the hills where those parties are held.

Colt: It’s been awhile since I’ve been there so it’ll be nice to rejoin old friends!

Tonya: Thank you both for being here with us this weekend. Readers, I hope you enjoyed meeting Colt and Alexis. Stay tuned to my website for information on upcoming stories. You never know where these two will show up! Now, don’t forget the contests below! Who wants a gift card?

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Thanks so much for being here today Tonya. Alexis and Colt’s story sounds very hot. You can find all the buy links for her books on her website. You can also keep up with Tonya on her blog, Facebook, and twitter.

I’ve been writing erotic romance for about six years. I have lots of wonderful readers who enjoy my books. And though my family is very proud of all that I’ve accomplished, very few of them want to read my books. That’s fine. They aren’t for everyone. And up until the last year, most of my extended family didn’t even know the words kindle or nook. Now, many of them own one.

It’s only recently that authors have been able to take complete control of their publishing careers and self-publish their books. Many of the books on the NYT Bestseller list are now self-published e-books. But I’m not sure any of them are getting the buzz that 50 Shades of Grey is receiving. It seems every time I turn on the television someone is talking about this book. This erotic romance book with BDSM themes. Kelly Ripa was discussing it on her show. Ellen DeGeneres was sorta reading excerpts on her program.

The book world is on fire with chatter about this trilogy. And I keep wondering … why this book? Did the author, EL James, a television executive know some trick to marketing that the rest of us haven’t tried? I can’t say I’ve seen an interview of her, though I do understand she’s been on a couple of morning shows.

In the long run all this attention is helpful for all erotic romance authors … like me!

The media is terming her story “Mommy Porn” because so many mainstream romance readers are falling in love with Mr. Grey, Anastasia and their less-than-mainstream relationship. I’m not sure readers are happy with this catch phrase, but hey, why not? I’ll be the first to tell people I write smut. Of course I say it lovingly, knowing that my stories (like all good erotic romance books) aren’t just one sex scene loosely connected to another sex scene. There are flawed characters with real emotional problems all set within a plot that twists and turns and hopefully surprises my readers.

But I know, most of you stopping here already know that.

I don’t know about this particular book. Since reader reviews are all over the place on this one, I’m not sure if I want to plunk down part of my monthly book budget (don’t laugh, I can pretend I have one) just to see what all the buzz is about. But whether people like this book or not, there’s no arguing with the number of books flying off the virtual shelves. Which means these readers, many who are new to the erotic romance genre, may be looking for other sexy reads. That’s wonderful news for the rest of us working to market our books. Because the truth is, some of us are just trying to figure out what Ms. James did right to bring so much attention to her trilogy. I’d like to repeat her success.

What about you? Have you read this? Are you planning on checking it out? And if you have insight as to why this particular book has hit the big time, do share. You know me, I’m always curious about stuff like that.

I’d like to welcome erotic romance author Afton Locke. By day, Afton Locke is technical, but by night she swims in the mystical world of dreams. Intrigued by all things unexplained, like ghosts and karma, she delights in spinning dark, sensual stories that pull readers below the surface of everyday (and sometimes boring) life to the depths of forbidden fantasy.

What else would you expect from someone with her moon in Pisces and Neptune in Scorpio? She lives in the mountains with her husband, dog, and spooky black cat.

Her newest release, Plucking the Pearl, is available at Ellora’s Cave

When Pearl’s sheltered life shatters in the 1930s when her mother dies, her only option is to move in with poor family relations and shuck oysters in the local plant on Oyster Island, Maryland.

Determined to live a morally proper life, the last thing she wants is an affair with a white man, but Caleb, the plant owner, knows a pearl when he sees one. The successful widower is the “oyster king” of the island, but his intense desire for his forbidden new employee, a woman of color, threatens everything he’s built.

What begins as a private sexual liaison flowers into strong feelings that don’t fit the social mores of the island. When their secret is discovered, they risk losing everything. They dared to pluck the pearl, but will their love be strong enough to keep it forever?


Copyright © AFTON LOCKE, 2012
All Rights Reserved, Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc.

“You’re standing awfully close,” she whispered.

“I am, aren’t I?” he whispered back. “Do you want me to move?”

Yes! No! Oh Lord, help me. I’ve never felt so weak.

“Show me the next step—with the oyster, that is,” she said quickly.

“Certainly.” He gripped her hand around the knife again and made deft movements to cut the meat from the shell. “Cut here and there. That’s all there is to it.”

“You make it look so simple,” she said, realizing he could pull her out of her shell just as easily.

When he stepped away from her, her legs nearly gave out. It was as if the hardness that had been nestled against her was the only thing that had been keeping her standing upright in front of the table.

He stepped beside her and she watched, fascinated, as he tipped the oyster half with the meat on it to his mouth. Watching the wet creature slide past the dark hairs of his moustache intrigued her in a way she couldn’t explain.

When he bent forward to kiss her, she was too aroused to refuse. His pale blue eyes came closer than they ever had and all she could do was stare helplessly into them. It was as if she floated higher and higher into the sky, never to set foot on firm earth again.

She felt his moustache first, hot and coarse, and then his lips, cooler and wetter. As his mouth worked over hers, something pushed between her lips. His tongue? She met it with hers, stroking with an abandon she refused to acknowledge as her own.

He tasted of the sea. No, not just one tongue. Two? She was too distracted by the heat boiling through her belly to care. When he removed his mouth, she realized he’d put the oyster inside her mouth.

Without thinking, she spit it out and it landed on the floor.

Caleb tipped his head back and laughed. It was a beautiful man’s laugh, musical and deep. Unfortunately she didn’t feel very amused.

“Now Ernie would have a fit if he saw you messed up his clean floor,” he said. “I take it you don’t care for oysters.”

She crossed her arms. “No, I don’t. I thought you had swallowed it. And you shouldn’t have kissed me.”

He wiped his hand on one of the clean rags nearby and she did the same. Then he leaned an elbow against the table and looked at her.

“Why not, honey? We’re not married.”

“In case you haven’t noticed,” she said, “we’re not the same color—or social class, for that matter. You’re the owner of this establishment and I’m just a poor—”

He put two fingers to her lips to quiet her. The lingering scent of oysters drifted from them, making her breathe faster. She was beginning to like oysters…

BUY the book.

This is one of my favortie posts from years past. Since I’m taking an unexpected trip home for family business, I don’t have time to come up with something original for my blog. I hope you’ll enjoy this post from a few years ago…

We’ve already established. I read ROMANCE. I write ROMANCE. I’m not ashamed. I don’t hide it and frankly I don’t care if other people think I’m some bimbo who’s not capable of understanding a complex sentence or able to string more than three words together without giggling. What I choose for relaxing has no bearing on whether I can discuss the latest green technology or cook a seven course meal (which I can’t, but that’s not my point).

So the romance genre gets a bad rap. Who cares? Get over it.

There have been blog posts in the past where people have lumped the whole genre under “Bodice Rippers“. The outcry from romance authors was a firestorm of indignation. Comments posted on the blogs went viral. I couldn’t understand why it mattered. Granted, the term Bodice Ripper seems to originate from a 1980 New York Times article:

“Women too have their pornography: Harlequin romances, novels of ‘sweet savagery,’ – bodice-rippers.”

It no doubt was spurred on by images of covers like those above (which I love, thank you very much). It’s meant as a derogatory term. Yeah, so? Some people don’t like romance. Like this guy who thinks romance is disguising itself as thrillers, suspense and paranormals. Um, no buddy, romance stories ARE thrillers, suspense and paranormals. But you know it’s okay if he doesn’t like romance. I don’t like Dr. Pepper, rude people, documentaries about wars or men named Charlie (that last one I just made up). Sue me. Point is, Dr. Pepper commercials will never appeal to me no matter how much dancing, cute puppies or sexy men are involved. They aren’t going to get me to buy their product.

Not only do I write romance, but I go even deeper into the red-headed stepchild realm by daring to write smut porn erotica. And no matter how much someone might like romance stories (despite the fact that even mainstream is becoming hotter and hotter) there are some who wouldn’t pick up an erotic book if George Clooney said he’d read it to them. Frankly, I’d let George read me my grocery list … but I digress.

I’ve had people look down their nose at me and claim I write Smut. “That’s ROMANTIC smut actually.” See? I don’t care. When someone says they wouldn’t like my stories because they don’t read that. I smile and tell them “oh, but you’d like mine”. Okay, maybe not the erotica, but still, I’m proud of what I write. I’m happy to be part of the biggest market share of the publishing industry.

An English professor at the university I attended a few years ago said “Hemingway is way up here. We’re somewhere down here. Our goal is to improve in writing so we’re somewhere in the middle. That means we’re successful.” Ummm, excuse me? Hemingway died a lonely alcoholic at his own hand. Most people read his stuff in high school or college classes and never think about it beyond the test. That’s really not what I’m striving for. I want to entertain, to sweep readers away on a fantasy and if I can create memorable characters along the way that wiggle their way into the reader’s hearts … all the better. Yeah, I’m quite happy being part of the Bodice Ripper genre thank you very much.

I’d like to welcome my guest Marie Rose Dufour, whose debut novel was released just this month. Welcome Marie!
“So what type of romances do you write?”

A writer asked me while we were getting together for dinner. This question always has me shaking in my shoes. You never know how people are going to react to the answer.

“I write erotica.”

A nervous laugh went around the table.

“Hmm…It’s always the sweetest looking ones who write erotica.”

So here is a question. Do writers of certain genres look a particular way? I think it’s like saying all phone sex operators look the girls in the commercials. What should an erotic romance author look like? Should I prance around the house in a black leather dominatrix outfit, cracking my whip, making my husband call me, Mistress? Although it might be a fantasy of my husband’s (don’t get any ideas Mr. Marie), it’s not going to happen. I’m sure I’m not bursting anyone’s bubble here but I’m usually writing in my yoga pants and a t-shirt.

Writers are regular people who just gravitate towards a particular genre. Barring Stephen King (who is probably a very nice person but definitely looks like he should be writing horror), you really can’t tell who writes what by looking at them.

In order to be a better writer, you have to write what you’re passionate about. Speaking for myself, I’ve always loved romances. Maybe, my love of romance comes from my mother who is never without a Harlequin Romance novel in her purse; or blame it on Disney fairy tales like Snow White or Sleeping Beauty.

Whatever or whoever is “to blame”, it has made me a better writer because “Happily Ever After” is a passion of mine. It may not always happen in real life but it will always happen a t the end of my books.

Finally, why erotica? You’ll just have to read between the lines on that one and read the books. 😉
Marie’s book, Fated Mates is available through Secret Cravings Publishing

We know that we are no longer alone in the universe. Descendants of Earthly ancestors have returned to find the other halves of themselves, their destined mates.

Dragon, a scarred Serralian warrior drawn to the planet of his ancestors, never believed the Goddess had a mate for him but no matter what he believes, he’s unable to resist the pull of the planet deep within in soul.

Liz, a curvy teacher who escaped an abusive marriage three years earlier is afraid to take another chance on love. Tired of being a
bystander in her own love life, she participates in an ancient ritual to identify Serralian mates. Taking that chance changes her life forever. Can these two people overcome their pasts to become each other’s true Fated Mates?

Liz woke up with the sounds of waves crashing in her ears. Confident of the lack of beachfront property within her condo, she wondered what destiny had in mind for her now. She sat up looking around at her surroundings. Lying under a beautiful canopy tent draped with yards and yards of gauzy royal blue material swaying gently in the breeze, and keeping the rays of the sun from beating down on her body. Liz ran her hands over the bedding beneath her. It felt softer and smoother than the highest count Egyptian cotton sheets bought in Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

The beautiful beach reminded her of pictures of exquisite Caribbean beaches with turquoise waves and miles and miles of powdery white sand. The gentle breezes lightly ruffled her hair as she walked down the beach to the edge of the water which rose up to meet her feet, tickling her toes.

“Well, Dorothy, you’re not in Kansas anymore,” she said looking up at a foreign sky with two moons in the distance.

“I must be dreaming. I read so much information about Serralia I’m dreaming about it in Technicolor. Damn! This is one realistic mother of a dream.”

Suddenly, her senses went on high alert. She didn’t know if the air around her had changed or if her body sensed another person behind her, but she knew she was no longer alone and somehow her mate stood behind her.

Two strong bronze hands slowly encircled her waist, pulling her gently back to into a lean, hard body. Liz sighed. This felt right. She snuggled deeper into the embrace. Nothing ever felt this right before. She could stand here in the safety of his arms forever.

“I’ve been waiting for you. I thought you would never get here,” she whispered.

“I’m sorry it took so long. I never let myself believe you existed.”

“I read your file.” The hands moving on her stomach stilled. “I’m sorry for what you had to go through alone. I would have been there for you if I had known.”

“I wouldn’t have been there if I had faith I would find you someday.” Dragon’s chest expanded letting her love and comfort wash over him. “So you know?”

“About everything that happened to you when you were taken prisoner? Yes, I know. I know you lost an eye and still wear an eye patch. I bet it makes you look rakishly handsome.”

She felt the chuckle in his chest before she heard it. The heat of his body warmed her back and aroused her body.

“I have never been told such a thing.”

“Well, I’m sure it does.”

She stroked the muscular forearms at her waist with light caresses. His body trembled behind her.

“We’ve never met in person, but I already feel connected to you. Is it normal?”

“The bonding happens when we are connected as mates. Normal. I don’t know. Right, yes.”

“Do you know about me?” she whispered.

“I know you are perfect.” He leaned down and sweetly kissed the top of her head.

Liz stilled, she might as well tell him about her marriage. She didn’t want any secrets between them.

“I was married before,” she blurted out nervously. “He was not a nice man. He hurt me, not only physically, but verbally too. It took a long time, but I left him.”

Dragon fully stilled behind her. All the wonderful stroking stopped. Her stomach dropped down to her feet. Shit! I’ve ruined this already. She knew her mistake of a marriage would follow her around for the rest of her life. She knew it.

“You don’t know how much pain it causes me to know how much pain you had to endure. I would gladly be tortured again if it meant taking it away from you.
You never have to be afraid with me. I would sooner cut off my own arm than hurt a hair on this beautiful head.”

Liz nodded, the lump in her throat making any physical speech impossible.

“I realize it might be a while before you believe this, but it is true.”

“I do believe you. I don’t know why, but I do.”

“Good. Now, we can continue what we started here.”

Callused thumbs again stroked her stomach making it quiver and her pulse quicken. If this was what he could do to her body with only his thumbs, she might actually die from pleasure. She smiled thinking about what her obituary would say. Woman dies from having the most intense sexual experience of her life, then her brain stopped working; her body took over and went into overload.
Marie Rose Dufour grew up reading romances. She secretly attributes, or blames, her mother who would have romance novels delivered to the house monthly while she was growing up. When she is not reading or writing romances, you can find her working tirelessly in urban education. Marie Rose Dufour lives in Rhode Island with her high school sweetheart and two very curious cats. You can keep up with all her newest releases on her website or follow her on Facebook.

I started reading romance in the late 19th century … well, okay, not that long ago, but suffice it to say I’ve been hanging out with sexy heroes and the woman who love them for a really long time.

I’ve always enjoyed the culmination of the romance with the sweet and tender (or very hot) sex scene. But I’ve noticed, as no doubt you have as well, that these scenes in main stream books have become *ah hem* very detailed.

It’s not that it surprises me. What’s been allowed on the big screen without an “X” rating being slapped onto a movie has changed exponentially since I was a kid. I really don’t remember specific titles, but I recently watched a movie and remember thinking that I was glad I wasn’t watching with my children or *gulp* my mother-in-law. It was less the yards of flesh and more the actions, explicit actions, that when watched with Mr. Nina were hot, but I was definitely surprised by how much they got away with. And now that’s translated to the small screen. Less with naked bodies and more with language.

So it’s not really surprising that romance books are following suit. It used to be the hero and heroine would have that one sex scene described in euphemisms. Now it seems like authors are being asked to put the sex in often and graphically. Like … really detailed.

Now here’s the interesting thing. In movies, woman can be shown naked. Everything. Breasts, butt, genitalia. For a long time. Men on the other hand can be shown in all their naked frontal glory for less than a second. And absolutely NO hint of arousal, otherwise the movie loses its “R” rating.

But books seem to go in the opposite direction. All the graphic euphemisms for men’s genitalia are found within the sex scenes. But the women? Nothing. They’re “entered” or “filled”. They have “most sensitive spots” and “tender flesh”. Because this isn’t erotic romance, it’s main stream. I’m currently editing a short novella that I “thought” was an erotic romance. But I think if I just change some of the intimate wording that my story will fall into the realm of just romance. Sexy romance, but not erotica.

But I wonder. how far can an author push the love scenes before a reader decides they’re reading erotica? At what point does it push the line from just sexy to over the top? Has the line become so blurred that even readers aren’t sure what they’re reading? Are there words/acts that you just don’t want to see? Because this whole thing is certainly confusing me and I’d love to hear what you think.

PhotobucketI love writing in my hero’s point of view. I’ve had reviewers say my female characters aren’t fully fleshed out, but more often then not, readers and reviewers love my guys.

I sometimes think much of my brain is wired like a guy. I’m visual when it comes to sexual stimulus. Not unheard of, but unusual for a woman. I love math and science. (just kidding) And I’m all about solving problems. Though unlike a guy I can multi-task and I am a good listener. LOL!

I’ve often wondered if I was a guy in another life and it’s just kind of translated over to this one. But that’s a blog for another time.

My point here is that there has been a lot of talk recently about Ellora Cave’s new line of erotica that they will be launching soon. The stories will definitely have less emphasis on the romantic relationship and much more emphasis on action, adventure and sex. I’m sure EC isn’t looking for its authors to write pornography. Not sex scene after sex scene with little rhyme or reason to the purpose of them. There will still need to be a story.

But I suspect they’re not necessarily looking for the emotional connection between characters that most women want when they’re reading erotic romance. I don’t think they’ll want the dialogue during the sexual encounters. And the descriptions of sensations should be detailed and explicit providing the visual cues without the visual.

I’m thinking of writing a story for this line. But I’m not sure how it will be received by heterosexual men. I know I can write the suspense and action, it’s just that I’m not sure if I can pull myself away from the romance aspect enough to create a story men will enjoy. I mean, I’m not even sure what I would do with the lovers if they didn’t end up at least with a “happy-for-now” ending. Hmmm, that’s interesting. How do men want the stories to end? With a detective that’s just a free wanderer? Or with a pretty steady girlfriend?

And then there’s the question of whether or not men will even buy sexy books written by women.

What do you think? Would your significant other buy an erotic story that’s not really porn, but a super sexy action novel? Because you know me, I’m always curious about stuff like that.

I feel fortunate that I skirted the worst of Irene. I rode out the tropical storm in southern Maine with a bunch of family. With a generator to run a crock pot we had warm food and great company playing a very spirited game of Spades while the wind howled and the rain came down in torrents. I’ve been without internet for the last week and though I’ve been going through withdrawals, it’s nothing compared to the people still without power and worst still … damaged property.

But while I was away, several reviews came around for my books. And since I’m working feverishly to catch up on all things blogging (including some over due guest blogs) I’ll leave you with some happy reviews.


Lilly at Romance Junkies gave Love’s Bounty 3 RIBBONS and had this to say…

Passion and suspense go hand-in-hand in LOVE’S BOUNTY. Author Nina Pierce knows how to turn up the heat and keep it on high, which makes LOVE’S BOUNTY a deliciously erotic read. Couple that with the danger brought about by Ayden’s case and you’ll find that LOVE’S BOUNTY is definitely a high-octane thrill of a read.


Stacey at Sizzling Hot Book Reviews gave Invitation to Ecstasy 5 Hearts and said…

Sara and Derek have both met their demons but they need each other to be able to face them and overcome what was left in the wake. By pushing the other one, each learns the art of letting go of the hurts others have welded upon them and they begin to believe in themselves once again.

Invitation to Ecstasy is a quick read that will suck you right into the lives of Sara and Derek. I laughed and I cried at different points of their story. Nina Pierce does a fantastic job of giving you enough details to understand the plot and the characters without drowning in them. Invitation to Ecstasy is one of my new favorite books.


Stacey from Sizzling Hot Book Reviews also reviewed Maid for Master giving it 4 HEARTS and said …

Maid for Master is a sexy erotic romance with lots of emotion. Friendship, love, anger, and hate all forge bonds between the characters as they experience something new. Ms. Pierce brings to life the story of Claire and how her darkest desires do not make her a bad person. In Maid for Master, she explores the ability to live out those fantasies and still be a strong woman.

Maid for Master is the perfect book for someone looking for a story of love with hot fantasies and even hotter interactions. It has a softer romantic side of the BDSM lifestyle that is fun and exciting to read about.


There was a steep learning curve when I decided to write erotic romance stories. My first ideas were off-shoots of the few pornographic movies I’d seen. And as I know now … movies based on a man’s fantasy. And romance books are written primarily for women. So wouldn’t it follow that the sexual journey should encompass a female fantasy? Well DUR! Of course it should. *headdesk*

So what are the top female fantasies?
Private Pole-Dancer
Being Dominated
Sex with a Stranger
Threesome with two Men
Watching another couple
Forced Fantasies
Being Watched
Public Nudity and/or Sex in Public

Some women will argue that these are not healthy fantasies. The one that seems to cause the most controversy is the forced sex fantasy. Please keep in mind … this is NOT rape. It’s being in a safe situation with someone you care about acting out a fantasy of having to submit. I see it very much like a dominant fantasy. Ya know, sometimes it’s just nice to let go and be told what to do. That can be an incredible turn-on. We all understand, being raped is not.

Erotic romance incorporates these fantasies with a love story. It’s about women being empowered to find their sexual independence and find their soul mate all at the same time. I love writing erotic romance. Discovering characters who find themselves embroiled in sexy relationships heading toward their happy-ever-after ending is such a thrill.

What about you … Do you agree with this list of female fantasies? Have any you would add to the list? I’m only asking for research purposes. You never know when one might show up in one of my books. 😉

Today I’d like to welcome erotic romance author TRACEY H. KITTS. Take it away Tracey…

I don’t write smut, I really don’t. I’ve read smut before and my stuff doesn’t come close. To me, smut is the stuff you find in dirty magazines. You know, no story just hard-core, often not even sexy, sex. I write erotic romance. There is a difference.

Being in the publishing industry, or any business, you have to have a tough hide as the expression goes. And I do. It is difficult to offend me either personally or professionally. Though I would rather you insult me as an individual than insult my work with no good reason. People being uptight and afraid of the subject of sex is not a good reason.

I can tell the difference in someone meaning “smut” as a joke or as a serious remark too. One of my friends recently called me a “smut writer” and I laughed and went on about my day. He wasn’t trying to insult me. I know other writers who take the term in stride and say, “Heck, yeah, I write smut.” I just can’t do that. I grew up in the South and “smut” and “trash” are still bad words here.

I wouldn’t classify my writing as straight erotica either. So, I thought just for the sake of discussion, (and probably hilarity) I would break down what I think common terms referring to romance novels mean.

Smut” to me is just filth. It’s the stuff where they use offensive words to refer to female parts and the men in the stories are jerks. “Trash” is about the same, give or take a few jerks. “Erotica” is tasteful, graphically described sex. The plot in these stories is often sexual in its very nature, making the story more about sex than other romance. I do, however, put most erotica still in the category of romance. Unless it’s meant to be straight up kink. Which brings me to “kink.” This is fetish sex, graphically described. If done well it can be erotica. If done poorly, it’s trash.

Finally, we come to the term I believe best describes my work. (Of course it’s paranormal romance, but I’m talking about in broad terms.) “Erotic romance.” These stories also have graphically described sex scenes. But you know what else they have that sets them apart? Feelings. In order for there to be romance, both the characters and the readers need to feel something. (Besides arousal) Generally, there is also a great deal of plot and character development. The main focus remains on the growing relationship of the main characters, but doesn’t forget there is more to the story than sex. There’s also more to writing any kind of romance than writing the sex scenes. Anyone who thinks differently has never read a romance novel. It’s easy to turn up their noses at things they have no knowledge of.

One of my latest books, Till the break of Dawn, has the longest love scene I’ve ever written. It’s sixteen pages long. I call it a love scene rather than a sex scene, because there’s much more to it than just the sex. This moment has been building since the beginning of the story, and like most romance novels, it’s been building to more than just the characters taking off their clothes. There are emotional issues that must be addressed.

So, to sum everything up: When someone throws aside all the work I’ve put into developing the characters and the story line and just because there’s sex in it calls my work “smut,” it chaps my ass.

Okay, who wants this soap box?

Please enjoy this EXCERPT from Til the Break of Dawn:
“Are you sure you want to be here?”

I stepped into the room and dropped my purse beside the door, closing it behind me with my foot.

“I’ve never wanted to be anywhere more.”

He leaned forward slowly, then faster than I could imagine he had me pressed back against the door. He lifted me with both the force of his body and the passion in his kiss. As I rose higher, whether by his vampire powers or those of his body, I did not know, I wrapped myself around him.

Whatever it was that Marcus did for me I didn’t want to lose it. I didn’t want to walk away from him and never feel again what I felt tonight. No one had ever touched me the way he did, and it had nothing to do with my body.

His hands slid beneath my shirt and I arched against him. I hungered for the feel of his skin against mine. My need for him was so sharp that it could easily have been considered pain. It was then that I glanced over his shoulder and noticed the drawings. Pictures of me. They were everywhere.

Marcus paused, sensing my distraction. He looked behind him.

“I’ve missed you,” he said softly.

He lowered me to the floor and I walked over to the bed. For several moments I was speechless. How could he possibly have gotten these? We didn’t use a camera that night. But as I drew closer I understood. They were drawings. Images of me lay spread out before him as my body once did.

“They’re beautiful,” I whispered.

I reached to touch one and felt him move closer against my back.

“This is how I remember you.”

My eyes stung with unshed tears. “I never looked like that.”

Marcus tilted my face up toward him. “You look like that now. That same look in your eyes. It took me years to get it right.”

He was killing me. Had I really left him? Why was it again I chose to stop seeing him? Looking into his pale green eyes, I couldn’t for the life of me remember.

“And what look is that?”

I knew he was going to kiss me again and felt my lips parting in anticipation as I rose on tiptoe to meet him. Despite the heels on my sandals, I still needed the extra lift. I expected him to say “desire” or “passion” or even “lust,” anything but …


The word was whispered against my lips as I fell into his arms. His soft, gentle kisses were an answer to so many unspoken prayers. He deepened the kiss, taking my mouth as he once had my body: completely. I opened my mouth and all of my being to him. If Marcus had asked for my soul in that moment, I would have given it.

He moved the pictures aside with one scoop of his hand and deposited them on the nightstand. When Marcus turned back to me my breath caught. Since he was so tall, he always bent slightly forward when he was around most people. The only time I ever saw him rise to his full height was inside the ring. As he looked down at me now, his hair fell forward framing his face and his pale eyes seemed to come alive in the semi-darkness of the room.

The fire that burned behind his eyes might burn me, but I no longer cared.

“Your eyes are glowing.”

There were two lamps in the room and he reached for the one that wasn’t lit.

“Do you want more light?”

“No,” I said, putting my hand over his. “I like it.”