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Rumors of me teleporting to another dimension have been greatly exaggerated. I have been working really hard preparing the second book of the Tilling Passion’s series DECEIVE HER WITH DESIRE for publication. I’m also working on a call for submission for Ellora’s Cave. This has kept me deep in the writer’s cave and my fingers flying over the keyboard.

I’m also working on a major overhaul of my website. LOL! I say it like I’m doing it. Fact is, my awesome webmistress, Jenn, from Sapphire Designs just takes my visions and turns them into something gorgeous! I can’t wait until it goes live. Trust me…you’ll know when it’s up. You’ll hear me screaming from the Northeast!

Don’t forget about the CONTEST I’m running. I hope you’ll join in the fun.

And just because I’ve been working so hard, how about if I leave you with a little taste of Deceive Her With Desire? Soon. It’ll be available soon!

Cautious, and working to keep his jangled nerves from pumping his legs in a dead run, Ayden strolled to the shelter of the dinghy. The noise grew louder. Ayden realized he wasn’t moving away from the sound; he was aimed toward it. What a fool. It was a beautiful fall night. Lovers were using the upended craft for a little sex party of their own.

Turning on his heel, he started to walk away, when the noise came again. It wasn’t the moan of sexual pleasure. It was the keening sound of sadness. Someone was crying. And from the quiet hiccupping, it was female.

Ayden shot a longing look over his shoulder, debating between the refuge of the path and the complications under the boat.

Chivalry won out and he stepped warily around the bow.

The redhead sat on the wooden slats, her bare feet digging restlessly in the sand, her face cupped in her hands. Between shuddering breaths, she sputtered angrily into her bent knees, but her tears and her fingers kept the words from him.

“Uh-hmm.” He cleared his throat, not knowing how else to get her attention.

“Holy shit…” She tried to jump to her feet, but banged her head on the iron rigging attached to the upside of the boat. She fell down hard. “Fuck.” Her hand flew to her head.

“I’m sorry, you okay?” Ayden reached for her, but she shook him off.

“I’m fine.”

She looked up at him. Even in the pale light, he could see the anguish in her eyes.

“Actually, I’m not all right.” She pushed herself up, ducking her head away from the oarlock. She wiped at the sand on her bottom. “You scared the living shit out of me.”

Biting back a smile, Ayden watched her glistening tears turn to fury. That he could handle. An angry woman was one hundred times easier to placate than a despondent one.

“Again, I apologize.” He held his hands up in surrender. “I’m Austin Schaeffer.” How easily that name slipped off his tongue.

“Deirdre Tilling,” She shook the hand he offered.

Her grip was surprisingly firm. Ayden liked the touch of her palm against his skin. Not all soft and pliant, but callused and rough. He wondered how it would feel running up his back. Yeah, no getting away from that train of thought.

She was a beautiful woman. Her breasts swelled enticingly just above the bodice of her dress. Her long, muscular legs that he’d admired in the great room, started somewhere around her neck. No wonder Jameson had been seducing this lovely creature.

Jameson. Right. He mentally shook his head. Focus, Ayden. Tonight was about gathering information, not sexual conquests. But then again, there was that two birds and one stone thing.

“You come to Jameson’s parties often?” His voice sounded more at ease than he felt.

She pulled her hand from his and rubbed at the spot on her head. “What? Jameson? Oh, Shawn. No, never been to one of his parties. I’m one of his employees. Damn, this hurts. It’s already forming an egg.”

Ayden ignored the fact she’d called the owner Shawn. Obviously, he wasn’t getting any action from an employee who referred to her boss by his first name.

“Here, let me take a look at it.” He ran his fingers through her hair. It was soft as silk sliding over his hand. “Oh, yeah. You did a nice job. Probably could use a little ice.” At this rate, so could he, but not on the head on his shoulders.

I did a nice job? Me? You were the one sneaking up like some pirate looking for lost treasure.”

The woman had no idea how close to the truth she was. “I wasn’t sneaking up on you, I heard you crying.”

And there it was. Just like that the white knight had rendered her speechless.

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And just because it’s been awhile since I shared some sexy man flesh, here is some drool worthy awesomeness I hope you come across this weekend …

I’m very excited. At the end of last week I received word that A TOUCH OF LILLY has finaled in Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal’s Prism Contest in the Erotica category. w00t! w00t!

This is the second final for this book. I’m not sure I mentioned it also finaled in Passionate Ink’s Passionate Plume Contest in the Science Fiction/Fantasy category.

Winners for both contests will be announced at RWA’s National conference at the end of June.

Also this week, ROMANCE JUNKIES gave BLIND LOVE 5 RIBBONS and Pam said:

BLIND LOVE is the first novel in the series, TILLING PASSIONS, by Nina Pierce. It was an intriguing page-turner from the beginning. I could not put it down…Julie’s character development throughout the story is very inspiring. Damon is the perfect man for her. He slowly coaxes her out of her shell, makes her realize her worth, and that in itself is incredible. BLIND LOVE is by far, the best contemporary romance I have read this year. I am looking forward to reading more by Ms. Pierce.

How about and EXCERPT:
He stopped short when he realized the door to the back offices of the club was blocked. A raven-haired beauty stared down the bouncer guarding the entrance from unauthorized customers. The woman stood defiantly with her hands on her hips. Her breasts pushed forward, brushing the guy’s barrel chest.

“Well, I guess I just don’t understand. You’ve let all kinds of people go through that door behind you. I’ve seen them coming and going. Why not me?”

He recognized the feisty woman. Twenty minutes ago, she’d acted like she didn’t understand what was going on when the dance floor spotlight flooded over her. It hadn’t taken much coaxing from the crowd to get her to join the dance competition. Damon had seen lots of women appear all innocent until they were nearly naked in front of the crowd. Not this one. He’d watched her ride her partner’s thigh, her body swaying sensually to the music, her lids hanging heavy with desire. He was sure she’d be like all the rest, slithering out of her clothes and satisfying herself in public. But she hadn’t. She’d done some kind of slink and roll and extricated herself quite gracefully from the writhing bodies on the dance floor, then disappeared.

She’d definitely caught his attention. Damon’s body reacted to the memory. Okay, so maybe he wasn’t too tired to enjoy a drink or two with a lively number like her.

“As I told you, only members can go through, or guests on the list.” The bouncer looked down his crooked nose at her, the strobe lights reflecting off his bald head. He pounded his stubby finger on his clipboard. “Ma’am, if you’re not on the list, you’re not going in.”

“Ma’am? Do I look like a ma’am to you?” she asked, poking the big man in the sternum.
Damon bit back a laugh. There weren’t many who would stand up to this particular bouncer. Just the size of his tattooed forearms was enough to intimidate most patrons of Starry Knights. She seemed unfazed by his size and gruff scowl. Maybe he could save the poor schlep blocking the door, give the woman access to the back rooms and find if she was interested in a little something more.

He didn’t feel quite so tired anymore.
BUY link for all other formats

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Okay, I’ve got just a little rant. Walk away now if you don’t want to hear it, but it’s just gotta come out or I’m going to burst!

Here’s the skinny. For those of you who visit here regularly you know I’m a contest whore. Really. As soon as my first manuscript was finished, I entered contests. Everyone says … decide why you’re entering. Pshaw I wanted to WIN and get the coveted contract. Yeeeeeah, so didn’t happen, but I did learn a lot about writing from judges who were willing to lay it on the line and say WTH?. They didn’t sugarcoat what was on the page. Because my writing at the time was ba-a-a-a-ad! It wasn’t even salvagable.

(Now, I must also admit at this point, I have the self-confidence of 10 people. Seriously. If I could bottle it and sell it, I’d retire a rich woman. I’m not saying it’s deserved, it’s just a cocky arrogance that makes me believe I can do or be anything I want. That being said … obviously I wasn’t deterred from my plan to write and publish. Anywho…)

Now I want to return the favor. I’m judging contests of unpublished writers. I know where they’re at. I know what they’re hoping for. But here’s the thing, I refuse to pretend their writing is wonderful if indeed … it isn’t. Nope, I won’t do it. I honestly believe not everyone who wants to write books has the talent to do it. That doesn’t mean they can’t learn if they are driven to do it. Because I also believe if you want it bad enough then keep pushing and you can make it happen.

I don’t fall in the camp of giving nothing less than a three when judging. No. Nope. Won’t do it! Because there are 2’s and 1’s in the scale because it is possible for a new writer not to have developed a skill and warrent the low score. Of course when I give that score I explain in detail why that skill didn’t come through in the writer’s piece. The true writer, the one whose characters scream at them in the night and whose stories have to be told, aren’t going to be deterred. They’re going to cry and scream and hate that nasty judge for a couple of days and then they’re going to pull themselves up by the bootstraps, look at the comments objectively and learn their craft.

I’m not mean by any stretch of the imagination, but I state my honest opinion as tactfully as possible. It’s what I want. If my book isn’t up to snuff I want my critique partners to tell me.

If I send something to an agent or editor it’s their job to tell the truth. If the story sucks … it sucks. There’s no nice way to say “really Nina, this isn’t ready to be published. I think you need to step back and hone your craft.” Their job is not to coddle my tender ego. They don’t have to be nice, they have to be honest.

Publishing is a tough business. It hurts and it exhilirates. Every high comes with some really crappy lows. It’s a wild roller coaster ride. It’s not meant for the faint of heart or people not willing to learn their craft. Get over it. Honesty may hurt, but sugarcoating the truth doesn’t get a person anywhere.

There you have it. Don’t ask me if you don’t want the truth.

I’m participating in Whipped Cream’s SPRING FLING. They’re giving away a KINDLE, NOOK or $150 Giftcard to one lucky commenter at the end of this month. GO HERE to check out my post about May/December relationships. Leave a comment and you’re entered.

You can also visit the other posts and comment there as well. Every comment on every post is an entry … Good luck!

This week Black Raven Reviews gave MAID FOR MASTER four Ravens and MacKenzie had this to say…

Nina Pierce did a great job of bringing these characters to life; really taking her readers on a journey along with both Claire and Jonathon. The location was breathtakingly detailed; the characters well developed. The erotic scenes were intense as well as sensual. Every scene drove us toward the ending at a steady forward pace…With such great details, I hope that Ms. Pierce might one day revisit these characters. I’m sure that Claire’s brother, Jonathon’s best friend, could use a soul-mate too. *grin*

If you’re looking for a fun novella with intriguingly hot BDSM scenes and seriously passionate moments, then be sure to check out Maid for Master by Nina Pierce.

A TOUCH OF LILLY finalled in RWA’s Passionate Ink’s Passionate Plume contest. w00t! w00t!

I thought I’d leave you with an Excerpt:

Some emotion she couldn’t decipher marred Dallas’s brow. “I want to help you,” he said. “But I can’t keep you safe if I don’t know everything.” He brushed hair from her face. “Thaegan mentioned some myth, but I’m thinking it’s much more than that.”

The man was an enigma. She wanted to believe the compassion in his voice was real, but the hard set of his jaw communicated something entirely different. But when it came right down to it, she wanted someone to know. Someone who could share her burden without judgment. Lilly had no idea if Dallas was that person, but sitting here, bound and naked, she figured she really didn’t have a whole hell of a lot more to lose.

“She was my great-great-grandmother. It’s barely a part of me.” Lilly looked down. Even with Dallas’ hand warm on her shoulder, there was shame in the telling.

His finger came under her chin and gently lifted it. She had no choice but to stare into the chocolate pools of his eyes. “Then it’s not your fault. Whatever it is, the responsibility belongs to someone else.” His thumb brushed over her lips. “The beginning. Start at the beginning. I have no idea what it is. What you are.”

Confusion and frustration warred within her. How could he not know? The answers were as obvious as her beaded nipples and the dizzying aroma of her arousal. Dallas was so close she could feel his body heat pressing against her, making it hard to fill her lungs. Yet the man seemed immune to the sexual energy crackling between them. Even without trying, her own arousal was usually enough to affect any male close to her and drive one with his hands on her to sexual delirium.

“I mean…you’re very obviously human.” One side of Dallas’ mouth curved, the dimple dancing. “But there’s something that makes you special.” His hand brushed up her face to cup her cheek and she couldn’t stop herself from leaning into it. “I just want to understand it.”

His gaze searched her face, settled on her lips and Lilly thought for a moment he might kiss her. She wanted to feel the heat of his mouth on hers. Instead, he dropped his hand, rubbing them both on his jeans. “Just please explain to me what Thaegan was talking about.”

Even that slight rejection stung. Seduction and escape no longer mattered. What Lilly needed now was Dallas—a human man to accept who she was. Filling her lungs with courage, she stared straight ahead, unable to witness his revulsion as she recalled the story her mother had told her the night of her first menses. “Serapheliums are an ancient race. They came from another galaxy, hundreds of light years from where we are now. It’s said they resembled humans, but their beauty was unmatched. Gods bowed down to their perfection and angels sang at their births.” She chanced a look at Dallas and shrugged, embarrassment heating her cheeks.

“I can see the resemblance.”

She laughed out her disbelief. “Yeah, whatever.”

Hello, my name is Nina and I’m a contest whore.

Yep, I’ve said it out loud more than once. I’m competitive. Now that I’m older it’s just against myself. Still, I want to push myself to be the best. Before I was published I entered contest after writing contest. I was sure not only would I win, but my manuscript would be snatched up by the reading editor and I would net a nice, fat contract. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA … *wipes tears* Sorry, give me a minute while I have a good laugh …

K, I’m good. As you can imagine that first manuscript didn’t place anywhere near the top of the pile. BUT some very lovely judges took time to leave some wonderful comments on my manuscript and on the score sheet. Since I entered the same manuscript in different types of contests, like Best First Kiss or Best Love Scene or Favorite Ending, I got feedback on all parts of my writing. And I can’t thank those judges enough. They gently shaped my writing into something I could actually submit to a publisher. And now I can call myself a published author. (Weeelllll, not that first manuscript. It’s buried sooooo deep in the shadows of the couch with the dust bunnies, that it will never see the light of day.)

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

So now it’s my turn to repay the favor. For the last few years I’ve voulunteered to judge different contests for unpublished writers. I really enjoy it. I’ve read everything from winners who received contracts from Berkley to novice writers just learning their craft and beginning their journey. Of course it’s easy to gush over the entry that is ready to submit. The prose are stellar, the dialogue is snappy and you just fall in love with the hero and heroine. But you know, it’s the entry you know won’t be anywhere near the top that presents the most interesting challenge for me as a judge.

I believe in honesty. There is no reason to sugar-coat the truth about someone’s writing … they have their families and friends to cheer them on that way. My job is to teach and help the author improve so that some day they will publish.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not mean-spirited. What’s the sense in that? (Though I’ve heard nightmare stories of judges who were brutal in their comments.) I recently judged an entry that scored very low. But I took time on every part of the judge’s sheet to explain the score on each section. I also left comments in the body of the manuscript and complimented her wonderful descriptions and use of senses. My goal, once the disappointment washes over her, is to offer a chance for the author to learn the craft.

I often don’t know if my critique helps. It’s rare a judge receives notes of thanks (though I highly recommend entrants send them), but the teacher in me hopes that I’ve helped at least a little.

One of the contests I judged this year actually sent the list of scores for each entry. It was really interesting to see that some I scored high received low marks from others as well as the opposite. Goes to show not everyone enjoys reading the same thing.

So, as an aspiring author, do you enter contests? Do you find them helpful? And if you’re published, do you enter your stories in contests? I’m still looking to garner that first place spot. I can’t help it, it’s hardwired into me.

I’m part of “The Long and the Short’s” Valentine’s celebration! Come join me throughout the day on SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 13 as I join a weekend of romance postings and giveaways.

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For the next ten days I’m touring the Internet, visiting friends, sharing a little bit about myself and chatting up my newest release from Ellora’s Cave, Maid for Master.

Here’s the schedule:

Amber Skyze: Jan 17
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On Wednesday, January 26 I’ll choose one commenter at random from the various blog stops to win a box full of goodies including my novel Healer’s Garden. I hope you’ll travel with me. There are some wonderful friends hosting my tour!