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It seems this time of year many RWA chapters offer published authors the opportunity to enter their releases from the previous year into contest. And mind you, these contests aren’t cheap. At $25 to $30 for each book entered, the bottom line can balloon really fast. How do I know? Weeeellll … I’ll admit it … I’m a contest whore. I can’t stop myself!

winner isSo, I fill out the entry form, package up my book and plunk down that check in hopes of scoring well enough to final. Oooookkkaaayyy … I’m competitive enough to want to win. I said it. I WANNA WIN! But this isn’t new. Not only am I a type-A personality, I’m hoping a final in one of these contest might add some credibility to my self-published books.

Before I was published I entered my first manuscript in all kinds of contests. The bummer was the same entry would score a 97 and a 56. Bleh. But after I got over the disappointment of not finalling (in one contest I had the second lowest score), I took time and read the awesome comments of the judges. And you know? They were extremely helpful. In their very polite way they explained that I sooooo wasn’t ready to publish, but if I worked on my craft and more specifically, these couple of things then chances are, I’d make a go of it.

And they were right.

Now, I’m published. The contests are very different. There are no comments on the writing, (since the book is already printed) but there are score sheets that you can look at. And you know, sometimes that still helps. If I find out a character isn’t sympathetic or the motivation for my villain isn’t clear, that kind of information is invaluable.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’ll say it again. My purpose for entering these contests is to win. Not come in second … win. It’s who I am. But it’s no different than hoping my book gets a 5-star, “recommended read” review. I am thrilled for weeks and tell anyone who will listen. Writing is a business for me. I want people to like my books and in turn buy the next one. If a reviewer is willing to say my book was a great read, here’s hoping others will see that and follow suit. I’m pretty sure contests don’t help with sales, but it sure feels good.

I know there’s lots of talk about contests. I’m wondering how you feel about it either as an author entering or as a reader. If a book says “WINNER OF XYZ CONTEST” does that affect your buying habits?



What a wonderful weekend for a blog hop. I had so much fun! It’s so nice to have so many people visiting. And without further stalling, here’s the list of winners from this blog and the hop in general:

Blog Hop Winner of a $75 Gift Card

Winner of a $25 Gift Card

Winner of for my blog hop prize
of SHADOWS OF FIRE and a $10 Amazon Gift Card

The comment winner from this blog
of a print copy of HEALER’S GARDEN
and a $15 Amazon Gift Card
from Salem, Oregon

Thank you so much for everyone who took time to stop by our Bewitching Blog Hop. I love visiting with new readers. All the winners have been chosen.

Winner of “Dangerous Affairs” anthology and $10 Amazon gift card
Lori S.
New Richmond, WV

GRAND PRIZE winner of Kindle Paperwhite

Congratulations ladies! I hope you all join us again in December when we have our annual Christmas hop! Enjoy your Halloween!

Welcome to our annual trick-or-treat contest. 13 “houses” to visit, LOTS of chances to win, including a grand prize of an engraved iPad ereader and a basket full of author goodies.

To begin playing, just pick an item from my goodie bag list below send me a note with your selection to Nina(AT)NinaPierce(DOT)com. Yep it’s that easy to enter from here. If you want to visit all the houses you can start over at Sam Cheever’s house and follow the links from one website to another.

**Please take some time to look around each site. Some of the authors will be providing fun tidbits and free stories for your reading pleasure! If an author looks like someone you’d like to read, consider signing up for her newsletter. Also, some of the authors are holding a special, in-house contest to increase your chances of winning! ***

On Halloween night at Midnight, EST each author will choose a winner from the emails sent to her and send the name to Sam Cheever. On November 1st, Sam will pick the winner of the grand prize basket from those 13 winners. The more houses you visit … the more chances you’ll have to win.

Engraved iPad ereader
E-books from various authors
Signed copies of print books from various authors
Enough promotional swag to fill your trick-or-treat bag

In addition to the grand prize basket, there will also be a bonus prize awarded to the winner of the Author Island drawing this year, which is an extra stop at the end of the street.

*** Only one trip down the street and you must be
least 18 years of age to play! ***

Good luck everybody and have fun!


Please choose one of the following destinations for your trick-or-treat pleasure:

1. XTC Resort, Key West (Maid for Master and Invitation to Ecstasy )
Claire’s bare feet tread steadily along the sandy path. Shafts of sunlight flickered in the cool shadows of the palm fronds. Lush leaves of thick underbrush tickled along her breasts and belly, raising goose flesh. Never had she been so aware of the sensations playing over her body. Even as the warm breath of the ocean breeze danced with her hair, caressing her sensitized skin like a lover’s touch, peaking her nipples and stroking her damp folds, Claire tried not to condemn herself for what she was about to do.

2. South Kenton, California (Shadows of Fire )
The pines opened to a small clearing. Morning fog hung heavy over the river running placidly behind their log cabin. Normal men would have found tranquility and sustenance fishing in its icy depths, but in the year they’d lived here, he and Josh had barely spent time on its banks. That’s why it surprised Reese when his eyes immediately fixated on the figure hunched on the boulder. He stared, not sure she wasn’t a mirage. He shoved the car in park and shut off the engine.

Alex had come to him.

3. Garden of Serenity (Healer’s Garden )
They rode through the fields bareback, climbing into the hills. The grassy fields gave way to palm trees and exotic vegetation Jahara had never seen. Emerald leaves fringed large flowers in all shades of the rainbow, their honeyed aroma filling the air in a sweet fog. Birds hidden among the foliage warbled and sang, permeating the jungle with their melodious tunes. It was a banquet for the senses and she closed her eyes, committing it all to memory.

4. Cutler, Maine (Blind Her With Bliss , Deceive Her With DesireCheat Her With Charm)
The musty scent of the earth mixed with the heady aroma of Julie’s perfume wrapped around his nose and made him lightheaded with anticipation. Her warm breath tickled his neck, leaving gooseflesh in its wake. She barely weighed anything, but the heat of her pressed against his back made the walk through the lush ferns very pleasant. Though he’d only been here once before, Damon had honed his sense of direction in the army and found the isolated waterfall someone at the radio station had told him about without having to retrace his steps. It had been winter the first time he’d come here on snowshoes, crisp and refreshing—solitary. This day, the lush foliage of summer and Julie’s company made the visit so much more inviting.

5. Lonesome Fork, Montana (Bonded Souls, Bonded by Need)
The morning had dawned bright and clear, the sun winking off the four inches of new snow like millions of diamonds, but she’d been too exhausted, unmotivated and sore to get out of her pajamas before lunch. Jayda suspected her achy thighs and butt had more to do with the two rides on the mechanical bull and not the romp with Cole in the backseat of his car. But a girl could fantasize.


Send your choice of one of the destinations to me in an email Nina(AT)NinaPierce(DOT)com The contest is open until midnight EST on Halloween. All participants emailing me will also be entered to win this additional prize:

Nina’s Personal Halloween Prize Pack
* Digital copy of my vampire novel “Shadows of Fire”
* $25 Amazon Gift Card

So I’m dressing up as Cleopatra and going to parties in my thrown (okay … an electric wheelchair, but hey, it works). Do you have your costume ready to go?

Welcome to my tour stop with Nina Pierce. Woman, thank you so much for having me this week! Readers, I hope you enjoy meeting my two characters, Colt and Alexis, from Master’s Email and thank you for stopping in to read!

Come get into the tub, we have lots of room and lots of bubbles! Champagne is flowing, too, so grab your glasses. We have a sexy bartender who will keep your glass full til Saturday night! At the bottom, be sure to get in on the contests – drawing is SUNDAY, AUGUST 26! If you’ve already entered the Grand Prize contest, there’s no need to do that again. I have your entry already.

My hot couple for you to meet is Alexis and Colt from MASTER’S EMAIL who enjoy their Dom/sub relationship. Colt owns his own security company, specializing in video surveillance. Hmmm…kind of helps him with his hobby! Alexis is his live-in who loves performing for him and has slowly learned her way into the submissive world.

Welcome to the tour you two and thanks for answering a few questions for our readers.

Tonya: Colt, how is Alexis doing as your submissive? Was it hard to get her to join your lifestyle?

Colt: Alexis is a hottie in her own right and the more time we spent together, her sensual side came out. That’s when I discovered she liked being pinned down to the bed when we made love. Sparks happened, one thing led to another and….my ties came out! * he squeezes Alexis’ knee * She’s the one who brought them into the bed!

Alexis: * blushing * Colt! How can I not want to be tied down when I have such a handsome Master. He just brings out my bad-girl side. I’m really prim and proper, honest!

Tonya: Us prim and propers have to stick together! I understand you now write for an online BDSM magazine, doing articles and a reader column. That must be easy when you also live the lifestyle.

Alexis: It does help and I love writing for them. Colt keeps me full of ideas to write about so I have lots of material for my readers and now have quite a following for the magazine.

Tonya: Colt, does Alexis misbehave on purpose so she has to be punished?

Colt: * laughing * Yes she does! She knows part of the punishment is being videotaped so even though she says she doesn’t like the camera on…she’s not being honest. Her performances are top notch! Personally, I love re-watching the tapes…she just gets me so heated up and I get to see her body over and over in the positions I love…with her tied and immobile! But she loves it, don’t you, pet?

Alexis: You are so bad! I do have to admit that being restrained and forced to do what he says, within my limits, is exciting. When he blindfolds me, my other senses become stronger. Not knowing where he might touch me and how….mmmm. One has to experience that in order to understand. I hope your readers will allow their partner to blindfold them. It’s an easy way to get started. Now if your hands are also bound and you’re blindfolded….look out because you’re in for the night of your life, ladies! (Click HERE to read a VERY naughty excerpt)

Tonya: I’ve tried to tell my readers that. We have to ask for what we want and that means you guys out there, too. Slowly ease your partner into the blindfold or hold their hands over their head while you make love to them. Tell them they aren’t allowed to open their eyes until you say so. Colt, you have an addiction to watching Alexis by camera. Do you also enjoy watching her perform with another Dom? Doesn’t that bother you?

Colt: The other Doms understand that this isn’t about swapping. It’s about the sexual experience you give another person who enjoys being manipulated. Some do it for sexual pleasure; some do it because they need pain in order to enjoy the sexual experience. Watching another Dom train Alexis so she can experience what he has to offer her puts me over the top. She enjoys it or it wouldn’t have been included in her contract. Right, hon? Then there’s Master Buck whom she’s learned to obey!

Alexis: I do have limits included, too. Don’t use needles on me or a cane to make me bleed or mark up my body. Otherwise, pretty much everything else is fun to experience so I go with it. Some of the other Doms are very good at what they do. They push your limits to experience even more and Master Buck is great at what he does. He’s totally professional in his training but you WILL learn!

Tonya: Do you truly enjoy performing for Colt?

Alexis: Just knowing that the cameras are motion activated throughout the house gets my juices flowing. To know that he could be watching me at any given moment is fun. So I will stop in front of one and give him a little show that he can watch as many times as he likes.

Tonya: Are you afraid someone else might see the videos?

Alexis: I trust Colt when he says that no one else has access to the videos he stores in his files. I’m fine with that.

Tonya: Colt, have you taken Alexis to any bondage parties yet with other couples?

Colt: Funny you should bring that up…I did receive an invitation to a party in Palm Springs. Alexis doesn’t know them so it’ll be fun to introduce her and let them get to know her body.

Tonya: * wicked laugh * Have you attended any of those parties in Palm Springs? I hear they have a huge mansion in the hills where those parties are held.

Colt: It’s been awhile since I’ve been there so it’ll be nice to rejoin old friends!

Tonya: Thank you both for being here with us this weekend. Readers, I hope you enjoyed meeting Colt and Alexis. Stay tuned to my website for information on upcoming stories. You never know where these two will show up! Now, don’t forget the contests below! Who wants a gift card?

CONTEST: If you’d like to get in on the contests during my tour – July thru September – follow me to each stop and get your entry in. My schedule is listed on my blog’s left sidebar. There’s a contest for this blog stop listed below and don’t forget to also click the link for the Grand Prize drawing to be held Oct 2nd!

And don’t forget to enter the GRAND PRIZE drawing for a $50 GIFT CARD.

Click the Rafflecopter Link for other chances to win.

Thanks so much for being here today Tonya. Alexis and Colt’s story sounds very hot. You can find all the buy links for her books on her website. You can also keep up with Tonya on her blog, Facebook, and twitter.

Welcome everyone to my Earth Day celebration. I’m participating with all kinds of other authors in a weekend blog hop. We’re giving away a NOOK SIMPLE TOUCH loaded with all kinds of ebooks to one lucky participant who follows the whole tour bus between 4 am EDT FRIDAY, APRIL 20 through 4 pm EDT SUNDAY, APRIL 22.

Click HERE to join the beginning of the tour.

I love Earth Day. The first time I heard about it was in the mid-90’s. I travelled to Washington DC with my kids and they happened to have a whole celebration taking place on the mall. It was a lot of fun and very cool. I had always been an advocate of the earth, but that day really brought it home for me.

So what are some things you can do to protect the earth?

1. Think Green
Sometimes being eco-friendly is just thinking about something before you do it. Like refilling a mug at your local Starbucks instead of using a Styrofoam cup. Or packing your lunch in plastic washable containers rather than ziploc bags. I mean really … a picnic in a field with this guy sounds about right doesn’t it?

2. Conserve Water
Run your dishwasher and washing machine only when you have a full load. And of course you can take smarter showers by using low flow shower-heads. Better yet … shower with a friend.

3. Conserve Fuel
A car that gets 20 miles to the gallon emits 50 tons of carbon dioxide over it’s life time. Double the gas mileage and cut down the amount of air pollution. Cutting your mileage by combining errands helps cut back on the consumption of fossil fuel and for more conservation. At some point hybrid vehicles will be more affordable for all of us. Until then … wrap your arms around someone and share a ride!

4. Save the trees
Use rags instead of papertowels for cleaning. Don’t print out every memo or email at work. When possible print on both sides of paper. Be sure to recycle used paper. And to save more trees of course you should buy digital books! All the benefits of a print book without any of the waste of paper! Sometimes being a tree-hugger can be a sensual experience!

5. Throw Away Less Trash
And of course there’s the simplicity of recyling glass, cans, plastics and paper. Most towns have curbside recycling which makes the whole separating trash relatively painless.

And of course the best way to celebrate Earth Day is to go out and enjoy nature …

So there you have it, my tips for earth day! Hope you enjoyed the photo illustrations. I know some people are visual learners. (Sorry, I can’t help you tactile learners! 😉 )

If you leave me a comment and tell me which suggestion you liked the best or what little thing you do to protect Mother Earth. For every comment left on this post between now and SUNDAY, APRIL 22 at 4 pm EDT, I will donate $1 to the World Wildlife Foundation (up to $50). I’ll also choose one commenter to receive a print copy of Healer’s Garden (**NOTE: Shipping to US and Canada only. An international winner will receive a digital copy of Healer’s Garden and a $10 gift card from Amazon.)

Thank you to everyone who stopped on the Just Romance Me Valentine’s Blog Hop and commented on my story. I’m so glad you enjoyed it.

And without further adieu the winner of my three book Tilling Passions
sexy romantic suspense series is:

GRAND PRIZE WINNER of the NOOK TOUCH for the hop is:

And the winner of Ripe and Ready and a $10 Amazon Gift card, chosen at random with random number, from all the commenters on my short story is:
Victoria from
Glen Rock, PA

Congratulations ladies! I hope you’ll all join in the fun on the next blog hop.

The Houston Bay Area RWA chapter is sponsoring JUDGE A BOOK BY IT’S COVER contest. There are over 170 books in 8 different categories.

The wonderful thing about the contest is that each cover is judged on its own merit. There is no voting for only one cover per category. It’s not a popularity contest, but a true reader’s choice in voting. I have entered Deceive Her With Desire in the romantic suspense category.

I hope you’ll take a few moments and go over and VOTE!

Welcome to the another weekend blog hop. With nearly 200 participating authors there are ALL kinds of chances to win prizes. Check the EVENT PAGE to check out other participating authors and what they’re giving away.

Since nearly everything I own is still in storage, my Christmas is a little out of sync. I missing my Christmas decorations and thought I’d share a few of my favorites with you.

1. The kids’ pictures. When they were little they made all kinds of holiday decorations. I hung them with tape … until a few years ago when I decided to take them to a frame store and make them permanent. I love hanging them on the walls.

2. The advent wreath. Yes, I’m Catholic. And yes, it should be sitting on my diningroom table burning each night as a reminder to prepare my heart for the season. Yeah, it’s not there … like you needed to make me feel guilty. Did I mention I was Catholic?

3. Christmas movies. I usually spend a full day just putting them in one after another. But there are three I’m particularly missing Prancer, Miracle on 34th Street (I prefer the 1994 release.) and my all time favorite movie It’s a Wonderful Life.

7. Christmas earrings. I have presents and wreaths and Christmas lights and ornaments and … well, I’m missing every single one of them. Of course they match my socks and sweaters. Hey, I was a teacher. I have enough cheesy clothing to cover a full month of pre-holiday cheer.

8. The little Santa night light in my bathroom. He’s so darn cute.

9. The kid’s Christmas stockings. They may be adults, but there’s nothing I like better than having them hang them out on Christmas Eve and filling them with silly goodies for the morning.

10. Christmas music. Peter, Paul & Mary and Barbra Streisand are my favorites. I put them on repeat and listen to them over and over.

Congratulations to Rain from Finland
who has chosen a copy of “A Touch of Lilly” and
will receive a $10 gift card from EC

So do you have a favorite holiday decoration? Anything sentimental? Anyone leaving a comment between now and Sunday, DECEMBER 18 at 6 pm EST will be entered to win a print copy of Ripe and Ready (for US shipment only. All others will receive a digital book from my releases) and a $10 Gift Card from Ellora’s Cave. One commenter will be chosen at random.


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