What a way to start the new year!

A year ago today, The Healer’s Garden, my debut novel, was released from Liquid Silver Books. I just found out that it won the 2008 Night Owl Romance Reader Choice Award for the Best Erotic Romance Book in the Fantasy/Futuristic category. 


It’s all thanks to all the people who took time to vote for my book. Thank you.

Also, Fallen Angel Reviews has given both Love’s Bounty and Arranging Love 4 angels each. Tammy had this to say:

Love’s Bounty: “Ms. Pierce has … taken a mix of action, danger and hot sex and blended it into a beautifully told story.”

Arranging Love: “I have to say that I think Ms. Pierce has done a great job in wrapping up this series by creating a hot and sexy story that excites and delights.”

Wow! What a way to start the year on a wonderful note! I hope 2009 will be filled with more stories that will intrigue and delight my readers.

And to all my friends–old and new–may your 2009 be blessed with family and friends, a few tears to make you appreciate the happy times, enough rough seas to help you enjoy calm waters, more story ideas than you have time to write and an abundance of love to fill your heart.


And I actually have some wonderful news! I’ve been alluding to it for weeks, but the contract has arrived, was signed and now has been sent back.

I signed with ELLORA’S CAVE!

Yes, this is a big deal! I’ve been trying to break in there for over a year. To say I am ecstatic is an understatement. I set a goal to write for their “fruit” theme. I did it. Sent it. It was rejected with an invitation to rewrite and incorporate some suggestions. I did. And they said yes! The title of the story is Divine Deception and takes place at a vineyard in western New York. I was pleased how the story came out. Unfortunately I have to wait until May for this one to come out also. 🙁

Which brings me to my next thing. Shame on me. I haven’t done any writing this week. I wrote one short story, but nothing productive other than that. This is a bad thing. Writing is not easy. Like all jobs, some times the days are fun and filled with words just falling on the page. But sometimes it’s a crappy day. I don’t feel good. Or my muse goes Christmas shopping. But I need to remember I still have to go to work. This is something I’m still learning how to do. When you work for yourself it’s to darn easy to say “I’ll catch up tomorrow.” But then too many tomorrows tumble over on themselves and still, I’ve done nothing.

I’m trying not to beat myself up over it, but it’s hard. Ya know? This week I’m setting a writing goal of 5,000 words. Okay, now I’ve said it out loud. You’ll hold me accountable. It’s not much. But it’s the holiday season and it looks like I’ll be doing some traveling for family business at the beginning of the week. So I have to cut myself some slack.

So check back next week and see if I met my goals. And if you’re brave enough … tell me what your goals are for this week even if they’re not writing related. Let’s hold each other accountable!


I’m doing a little bragging this week. A year ago the end of November, I started this blog. I had been writing about 2 1/2 years full time at that point and had my first contract. I had no idea what 2008 would bring.

I had no idea I’d find such good friends at Liquid Silver Books and the Romance Divas. I couldn’t have gotten this far without the support of all my friends. But I’ve also met some wonderful people who read my books and have become friends. Thank you for your continued support and encouragement.  

The Internet is an amazing place. I have visitors to  my blog from all over the world including England, Italy, Australia, Mexico and someone even snuck over from Africa once or twice! It just boggles my mind sometimes! My kids grew up in a world where talking real-time to someone in England isn’t a strange event. But it’s still new to me and I giggle everytime someone farther than New England visits my blog.

I’m not sure I had anything worth saying. But it’s been so much fun sharing my writing journey with you all. It’s been a ride I hadn’t anticipated. Thanks for continuing to visit. I hope the next year is filled with just as much fun!

Three cheers for the three winners of my give aways! (And yes, that is a picture of me in high school … in my dreams. *vbg*)

Hip-Hip-Hooray! Hip-Hip-Hooray! Hip-Hi… you get the idea.

Around the Block’s winner of the Halloween trick-or-treaters (and an ebook of The Healer’s Garden):
Commenter, Loretta

Grand Prize winner of LSB Trick-or- Treaters (and an inbox full of ebooks and excerpts):
Dani K.

(And I want to thank all the trick-or-treaters for visiting all the blogs. There were so many of you! It was really a lot of fun.)

Winner of my fall “Goody Basket” giveaway:
Melissa Conastar
of Richmond, Kentucky

Ladies, if you have not received an email from me to confirm your prize. Please email me at nina @ ninapierce.com (without the spaces)

Oh, another celebration … a book cover! This dreamy cover was designed by April Martinez.

This hot book contains three erotic stories of shifters including my novella, Blue Moon Rising! We’re already in edits. It shouldn’t be long before this book makes its way out into the world from Liquid Silver Books!

Break out the bubbly and let’s have a toast! I just signed another contract with Liquid Silver Books for my novella Blue Moon Rising!


This time it’s a wolf shifter story that takes place in Montana. What’s even more exciting is that it’s going to be part of an anthology with two other amazing authors: Celia Kyle and Tina Holland.

Each of us wrote our own stories and they’ll be published together in a book titled Furry, Fluffy and Wild! (And their might even be a sequel *hint* *hint*!)

It looks like this could be out as early as late summer!

Here are the blurbs: 

Blue Moon Rising by Nina Pierce

Tension between the cougar and wolf shifters in Lonesome Fork, Montana is spiraling out of control. With the full moon only days away and fear and the body count rising, Chief of Police, and head of the wolf shifter council, COLE TAKODO is trying to bring peace to both humans and shifters alike. But with the head of the cougar council, KURT HANSLEY, thwarting his attempts, it appears nothing will heal the growing rift. When orphan JAYDA KYNSLYN strolls into town, rumors of polymorphic shifters come to life begin to circulate.

Two men want to claim Jayda as mate: one will stand with her and unite the shifter clans; the other will possess her and reign supreme over the human population. With the Blue Moon Rising Jayda’s decision will determine the future for all of them.

Were What? by Celia Kyle

Lyla’s on the run from her pack’s omega. Since he’s at the bottom of the totem pole in her pack, this should be simple, right? Tell that to her aching lungs and jiggling thighs. She’s never been one to go with the flow. So when her alpha orders her to submit to mating with the omega she’s not about to start now. Good thing she runs into (literally) a big hunk of man who can make the scariest of wolves tuck tail and run.

Michael’s had enough of weres to last a lifetime. After being caught in the middle of a territory war while in Brazil between the Pumas and Jaguars, he sure as hell doesn’t want anything to do with the trouble following Lyla. But apparently no one told that to his cock.

Beauty is a Beast by Tina Holland

Welcome to the future! The year is 3025 and humans are fast becoming extinct. Nizhoni of Mojave Earth Clan knows her spirit guide will protect by giving her the power of the wolf. When she unwittingly bites another human she flees.

Michael of the Air Clan has searched for the woman he called Beauty who turned him into a creature of the moon. When he finds her living among the Mojave, he believes he can finally claim her. There’s only one problem she’s already married.

Together Nizhoni and Michael must battle her former lover, the Yee Naaldlooshi or feared skin-walker. The fate of their love and humankind hang in the balance. If Beauty can’t have her mate and save the world she’s going to be a real Beast.


Don’t they all sound wonderful? I’m very excited. Edits are starting. As always, I’ll share more when I can!

I am soooo excited to announce the winner of the “You’re Such a Character” contest is:


(I snagged this great picture of her off her “Flikr” images … I hope she forgives me.)

Mima was chosen at random from all the entrants in the “You’re Such a Character Contest“. Mima correctly answered the following questions from The Healer’s Garden.

1) Jahara has the power to heal, how does that power flow out of her?
The healing power flows out through a light in her palms.

2) What happened to the medical director of the Garden of Serenity, Gabriella Bresilee, that has made her so bitter toward men?
She was abused by men in her youth.

3) Why is Xylice Kilyl so important to Brenimyn?
She is a computer specialist and is Brenimyn’s sister. Shhh … that’s really a secret. 😀

4) What happened to Lukiam that made Jahara defy government policy?
Lukiam was wounded in a terrible farm accident.

5) What crime is Brenimyn accused of that could result in his death?
Brenimyn is accused of rape.

I am pleased to say the third novella of the Tilling Passions series, Arranging Love will be dedicated to her and of course she will receive a complimentary copy.

But the most fun…

Please look for Mima to have a “walk-on” role in Arranging Love with dialogue and everything!  

I’m so excited! This has been a fun contest. Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter! I’m working on another contest … so stay tuned for the details!

I’m over at SExpressions, the Liquid Silver Blog today. Talking with Jennifer Leeland whose book “Resisting Command” was released with “Love’s Bounty“.

Come on over there and leave a comment and have another chance at winning a download of one of our books!

Also … don’t forget to leave a comment below and have a chance to win a download of “Blind Love“.

 *throwing confetti*

I love the morning after…

Mother’s Day. I love this holiday.

I have a trunk full of all the cards and little goodies my children made for me when they were little. My son’s hand pressed in plaster hangs from a pretty ribbon in my bedroom, right next to the clay mask my daughter made of her face when she was in second grade. My bureau is strewn with the gifts of weaved baskets, clay pots, and a wooden treasure chest … all gifts my children made and gave to me on Mother’s Day. They are more precious to me than all my gold jewelry.

Now that they’re older, my children give me gifts of words. Hallmark cards scrawled with a little note at the end, loving words from the heart that make me cry.

Today, I will call my mothers. Now that I’m married … I have two. One who gave birth to me and another who called me daughter long before the ink was dry on the marriage certificate.

And as I age I appreciate their experience and wisdom more with each passing year. These women make me realize that being a mom doesn’t stop when your child walks out the door and marries another. It just means your joys–and worries–are doubled. I live very far away from both of them, so the flowers and cards have already been sent. The hugs will just have to wait until the next time we are together. Though I’m terrible with the phone calls, I hope they both know how much I miss them, especially on a day like today.

This holiday also marks the anniversary of when my husband, sexy college jock, with nothing but a car to call his own, asked me to be his wife. It wasn’t the proposal of news programs… but it was sweet and romantic and is one of the best days of my life.

We told my mother-in-law she was finally going to be a grandmother on Mother’s Day.

And my first ever agent call came on Mother’s Day. Though it didn’t work out, I will always remember the incredible feeling of talking with an agent for the first time.

I am truly blessed.

This day won’t be about gifts from the store, but the gift of time and love from my family. And I wish for you a wonderful mother’s day … one that will be filled with love and family. I hope you will get to spend it doing something you truly enjoy  … and that this day will be one for the memory books.  

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you!

Wow, I’m happy to announce my book trailer for Tilling Passions won the March 2008 Covey Award for most artistic trailer. Since it’s chosen by a panel of judges I’m feeling very proud!


And I know I’ve been kind of quiet on the blog over the last few days. If you think it’s quiet here … you should see the pile of laundry and dirty dishes overflowing in the sink. I’ve had my proverbial nose to the grindstone pounding out the words on my latest story. It always moves faster at the end as I wrap up the story.

I’m also pleased, after pounding out over 8,000 words, I finished it! I feel really good about this accomplishment. I’ve never had a deadline and I did what I set out to do.

Write a complete novella in less than a month!

I’m not sure if will fit within the publishers guidelines, but I’m hoping they’ll accept it. Of course that’s the next step. But I’m happy no matter what happens.

I’m not ready to give you details of the story, but when things move forward a few steps, I’ll be happy to share the new story with you!