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I’m hanging out my “Caution: Promo Ahead” sign today. LOL!

Every author knows that we have one line, one paragraph and if we’re lucky one page to grab the reader. I can spend days tweaking and reworking the beginning of my stories. So I thought today I’d share with you the first lines of my books (with the names removed). When you look at them individually what do you think? Does the line make you want to keep reading or not so much?

So here they are in no particular order. Can you figure out which book they’re from? (And I included a line from a book that isn’t currently available at this time.):

1.) She slammed the spade into the soil. Her booted foot thumped down on its metal edge, driving it deeper and transferring her frustration to the wounded earth.
~ Deceive Her With Desire

2.) Margaret Callaghan hid her heartache behind dark sunglasses and the Starbuck’s double-double mocha latte she carried like a shield.
~ In His Eyes

Bondage women3.) She wasn’t expecting a trip down memory lane when she sauntered into the dingy tavern, but the acrid stench and gruff hum of the Friday night crowd carried her back to one of the seedier establishments on Chicago’s south side nonetheless. ~ A Touch of Lilly

4.) She had definitely made the wrong decision. Less than twenty-four hours ago she was sure this weekend was just what she needed.
~ Invitation to Ecstasy

5.) “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust…” How could this have happened to someone so young? ~ Blind Her With Bliss

6.) It wasn’t much of a noise, just an inconsequential thump in the night that was enough to rouse him from his dreamless slumber. Still cradled in the gentle arms of sleep, his blood thick with sleeping medication, he wasn’t sure if he’d simply
imagined the sound. ~ Shadows of Fire

7.) He splashed three more fingers of thirty-year-old scotch into the crystal tumbler sitting on the mahogany desk, not bothering to add ice. He didn’t need some watered-down version of liquid courage.
~ Divine Deception

8.) She sauntered into the Whip and Bull Tavern, wanting only two things—a cold beer and a hot body. ~ Bonded Souls

Rafael_iStk10XSmall9.) Jesus. Even though he wasn’t particularly religious he prayed for Divine intervention. Not that he wanted any lightning strikes or halos of light illuminating the shadowed corner of the club where he’d hidden himself, but a little more help in the patience department would certainly go a long way at the moment. ~  Maid for Master

10.) She raced through the shadows, her claws digging deep in the damp forest floor. Lush ferns of summer slapped at her muzzle but didn’t slow her speed.
~ Bonded by Need

What do you think? Do you have a favorite? Do you think any of them missed the mark?

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Since writers are always looking for the hero that will grab a reader by the heart, I’m wondering what romance hero tugs at your heartstrings every time …

1. Cowboys are one of my favorite heroes. Just a few weeks ago one of those sexy men walked into my dreams and decided perhaps I should write a series set out west. Who doesn’t like a sexy man in a hat and chaps and a reeeeaally slow smile and eyes just for you?

2. And who can resist a man in (or out) of uniform? Like say … a fireman? My vampire firefighter, Reese Colton in SHADOWS OF FIRE is one of those sexy men you want showing up at your house, but not when he’s on duty … maybe just a social call?

Buff FiremanXSmall

3. Oh, yeah … why choose one hero when two can be so much naughtier! I’ve never written a book with twin heroes … but seriously … why not?

4. *sigh* That durn horse of mine is always running off and the neighbor is such a hero for bringing him back. I’m a lucky gal! (Actually, I call that good training!)

5. My favorite hero is that alpha male with soft gooey center only the heroine sees, like Cole Takoda in my SHIFTING BONDS series. This wolf shifter is both the police chief and the keeper of the heroines heart … what more could a woman want? Tattoos are just a nice perk.

6. And this guy is so bad … you know he’s going to be really goooood! That scars tells me he’s wounded and ready for some healing. He reminds me of Dallas Sawyer, the futuristic FBI agent in my sexy ménage A TOUCH OF LILLY
7. When I’m feeling down, I would love to have a musician to sing to me. Damon Corey in BLIND HER WITH BLISS is a concert pianist who pays the bills as a bad boy shock jock. *sigh* Yeah, that’s a lethal combination!
BL Couple
8. And when you’ve had enough of the city, a hero like Nicholas Gradin from DIVINE DECEPTION will take you for a ride on his motorcycle through the vineyards of New York to forget all your troubles.

9. Puh-lease, you didn’t think one of my badboy heroes wouldn’t be wearing a kilt? Have you ever visited my blog?
scottish kilt guys

10. I grew up on the coast of Maine. I love the beach. And a man bare foot and bare chested in just jeans walking at the beach … oh yeah, it makes my knees weak every time! Rainmaker, the FBI agent in my novel IN HIS EYES spends a lot of time hunting down a serial killer on the beach.

11. And then there’s a hero like Jonathon Brierton in MAID FOR MASTER, the real estate magnate who will push you to limits you didn’t think you’d enjoy … 😉
Bondage women

12. What fun is a romance without a hero who makes himself comfortable while he’s waiting for his woman to come home?
a man's place is in the kitchen

Now get out the Windex and paper towels and clean off the monitor and your keyboard. I only offer the eye candy and prizes, you need to clean the drool up off your own chin! LOL!

So what type of romance hero is your can’t-resist-must-read-because-he-makes-your-knees-weak-and-your-heart-race-and-make-you-seek-out-your-man-must-buy-the-book hero? Curious writers want to know.

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You know, I’ve been thinking a lot about men lately. The heroes of my stories, that is! (Get your naughty minds back here on the blog, ladies. *vbg*) I mean, it’s hard enough finding a name that fits. No one wants a romance hero named Chester or Gerald or Ralph. And names like Raphael and Dominic have a certain ethnic ring to them. The name has to fit who the man is and what he does for a job.

NicholasXSmallAnd there’s the rub. It’s tough to find the profession that both fits my hero and my story and is still, well … hero-worthy. In DIVINE DECEPTION, Nicholas Gradin is a chemical engineer. It just seemed to be a natural offshoot of growing up on a vineyard and learning to mix wines. Of course the engineer in and of itself isn’t sexy, so I’ve got him riding a Harley. Yep, that’s a hero I can get behind! *snort*

In SHADOWS OF FIRE Reese Colton is not only a firefighter (How hot is that?), but a vampire as well. *sigh* I love him.

Then there are the professions that just scream I’m an alpha male!. You know those totally take charge men who square off with a feisty heroine and rock her world. Like Aiden the DEA agent in DECEIVE HER WITH DESIRE or my police chief, Cole Takoda in BONDED SOULS. Nothing says don’t worry ladies, I have your back (and your front and …) well, like a man who’s protecting others.Buff FiremanXSmall

So what about you? How do you feel about a romance hero’s profession? Can they make or break a romance story for you? Any certain professions that just make your knees go weak or have you throwing a book against the wall? Inquiring minds want to know.

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The hero or should I say heroeS in my newest release A TOUCH OF LILLY, are FBI agents looking to take down a nasty assassin who’s been killing off world leaders.


Ex-Chicago detective LILLY D’ANGELO has a secret she doesn’t share with anyone. A master of the one night stand, she’s given up ever finding a soul mate and thrown herself head first into her career. That is, until she captures the wrong alien. Kidnapped and sold into the sex slave trade, she’s shipped into deep space. Barely escaping with her life, Lilly now travels the galaxy working as a bounty hunter using her secret talents to bring down criminals and seeking revenge on the one male who ruined her life.

Agent DALLAS SAWYER works for deep space’s version of the FBI. After a disastrous mission that left several of his team members murdered, a president executed, and Dallas near death, he’s determined to take down the assassin targeting government officials. When a sexy human female gets between him and his goal, Dallas and his alien partner find themselves on the receiving end of a passionate night they won’t soon forget and a proposition that may very well blow up in their faces.

Because in deep space … true love can happen with just a touch.

“I know who Grebetz’s boss is,” Lilly said. Okay, so that might not be the truth. Lilly suspected she’d seen Venair Grebetz’s boss. The hologram of the Braugtot had certainly flustered the otherwise confident Znedu. But if this was a bargaining chip to keep her from QAL headquarters, then she’d go all in.

Dallas walked up to her. “What do you mean you know his boss? Have you been hunting him?”

“She’s lying,” Thaegan said. “The witch is trying to buy some time.”

“Shut up, Thaegan.” Dallas kept his dark eyes focused solely on her. Her stomach did a slow roll that had nothing to do with fear.

“Lilly, tell me exactly what you meant,” Dallas said.

“I haven’t exactly been hunting him.”

“How about if you elaborate.” Dallas dragged the words out slowly.

He reached for the dagger in her hand and she gladly handed it over to him. What Lilly needed was for Dallas to trust her. She no longer wanted to get away from this man, quite the contrary as a matter of fact. It had been so long since a human male had touched her with the passion Dallas had, and Lilly wanted more of that even if Dallas didn’t believe she had control over his desires.

“I’ll tell you only if I still get the bounty for Grebetz,” she said bravely. Even male companionship wouldn’t keep her fed.

“I don’t think you’re in a position to make any kind of deal, Seraphelium,” Thaegan said.

Dallas turned abruptly to his partner. “Damn it, Thaegan, I’m warning you…”


And if you’re not hot enough already, how about a few more professional men to add to your fantasy list (you’re welcome *g*) …

cowboy and his gun

a man's place is in the kitchen



Welcome to another Six Sentence Sunday where I share six sentences from one of my books. In celebration of all things spooky, I’m going to share with you the opening lines of my paranormal books.

This week’s snippet is from my shifter short novel, BONDED SOULS, a paranormal suspense story.

Jayda Kynslan sauntered into the Whip and Bull Tavern, wanting only two things—a cold beer and a hot body. The first, she hoped would ease the heavy ache in her chest. The second would be part of a good-looking man who would replace the images of the jackass who’d broken her heart. This whole road trip to the high mountains of Montana had been a knee-jerk reaction to the asshole’s selfishness. Jayda shook her head, clearing away thoughts of the friggin’ pig of a manwhore. She didn’t want to go there tonight–this night was about getting a little buzz and a whole lot of sex.

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Welcome to another Six Sentence Sunday. The heat wave continues in southern New England and it seemed wrong not to find something equally hawt to go with the temps. This week’s six comes from my erotic suspense wolf shifter novel

Jayda didn’t want to worry about emotions, only about the sex and feeling passion searing hot through her veins and washing away the doubt.

Cole broke from their kiss, his hungry gaze raking her face. “This is wrong to want you so badly, but I can’t help myself. Tell me to stop now and I will.” His needy pants feathered heat across her lips. “I’ll die a slow, agonizing death but I will stop.”

Also available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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Welcome to this week’s Six Sentence Sunday. I enjoyed last week’s selection so much, I thought I’d post another from my erotic suspense romance Bonded Souls.

I thought I’d give you another snippet (click HERE to view last week’s) between the hero, Cole and his best friend, Aaron …

Aaron leaned forward and said, “maybe she’s here because she’s the one the elders have talked about.”

Cole laughed, thinking his best friend had definitely fallen into a deep pool of crazy. “What is it about the blue moon that gets everyone’s heads thinking of legends and folktales? I didn’t peg you for someone who believed in that sort of thing.”

“Jesus, Cole, I’m not one of the village idiots seeking the Holy Grail. You know I believe only half of what I read and even less of what I hear, but watching the way everyone’s sniffing around this woman has got me thinking…that’s all I’m saying.”

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Welcome to this week’s Six Sentence Sunday. This week’s selection comes from my erotic suspense romance Bonded Souls.

I love writing from a guy’s point of view. The following snippet takes place between the hero, Cole and his best friend, after Cole’s been betrayed by the heroine, Jayda.

“I guess I’m just a sucker for a sexy female claiming to know nothing about her shifter heritage,” Cole said.

“Tell me something I didn’t know.” Aaron settled in one of the utilitarian chairs across from Cole as the yellow lab laid her head on his thigh, her tail thumping happily against the side of Cole’s desk. “Don’t you find it a little odd that the leader of the cougar shifters showed up at the tavern only hours after Jayda sauntered into town?”

“I’ve been going over and over that all day and I can’t help thinking that she set me up. But for the life of me, I can’t figure out why.”

Also available at Amazon.

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I appreciate everyone stopping by, especially those of you that take time to leave comments.

Welcome again to Six Sentence Sunday where I share six sentences from one of my books. This week’s snippet is from my shifter short novel, BONDED SOULS, a paranormal suspense story.

Lust and need had simply been forged in the heat of adversity, leading Jayda to believe it was something more pulling her toward Cole. This feeling was about the sex making the blood pulse hot through her veins and the touch of another human being–not about intimate connections or mating bonds.

Cole pulled from her mouth, his gaze raking her face. “As the police chief it’s wrong to want a witness this badly, but I can’t help myself. Tell me to stop now and I will. I’ll die a slow, agonizing death … but I’ll stop.”

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Today is the release of my FREE read from Ellora’s Cave, MATING BONDS. This short story is part of the Shifting Bonds series and gives readers who haven’t had a chance to meet Cole, Zane and Jayda a little taste of their relationship.

Here’s the BLURB:
Danger threatens at every turn in Lonesome Forks. Just for one night, Jayda, Zane and Cole want to put the politics of warring shifters aside and enjoy the carnal pleasures of their mated triad.

Tempted into shifting and lured into the Montana forest by pride leader Zane Brodan, polymorphic shifter Jayda Kynslan can’t resist her cougar mate’s seduction. And when wolf leader Cole Takoda joins the fun, what’s a gal to do but give herself over to her animal urges and enjoy the lustful temptations offered by both her mates.

And a short Excerpt:
Zane kept himself between the police chief and Jayda. “You always sneak up on people, Takoda?”

“No sneaking required. I drove the police truck most of the way up the fire road. Walked the last hundred yards, breaking sticks and shuffling leaves.” He shrugged. “But I guess you weren’t listening for crickets or…wolves, were you, Brodan? Not a good way to protect your woman.”

Zane relaxed and sat back down on the ledge. “We figured all the wolves were tied up. Wasn’t there a council meeting tonight?”

“We figured you’d be tied up for another couple of hours.” Jayda stood and brushed the moss and leaves from her bottom and thighs. In the blue wash of the moon, she knew the police chief could see every inch of her curvaceous body.

“Well, there is…er…was a meeting,” Cole stammered. “But they kept going round and round about the same things.” Cole cocked his head, no doubt studying her as she finger combed loose debris out of her long hair. “I was tired of arguing and sent everyone home.”

She stepped around Zane, walking slowly toward Cole. “Well, we’re glad you found us.” Oh, how she loved teasing her wolf mate. It had been just over a year since he’d shown her the animals living inside her. Who would have known she was a polymorphic shifter with the ability to be human, cougar and wolf? Now she had two men showing her all the things her body should have learned decades ago.

“Still, you two should be a little more cautious. I have no doubt some of the pack is riled up and looking for trouble.”

“Well, Zane’s woman can protect herself against the big, bad wolves,” she said as she stood in front of Cole, her breasts brushing the soft fabric of his uniform. “I was pretty sure she proved that tonight.” Jayda leaned in, pressing a chaste kiss on his bottom lip.

But as she expected, he would have none of the softness she offered.
If you enjoy this short read you can discover how it all began with BONDED SOULS

It’s been a crazy couple of months in the Pierce household. One of those times when life flips itself on its ear and you’re left wondering how you’re going to balance everything. Mr. Nina was laid off quite unepectedly from his job at the end of August. It seemed even hospitals aren’t immune to this economy. But I believe there’s a reason for everything. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not wearing rose-colored glasses, but I am an optimist at heart.

Anyway, it’s been a crazy ride, but after 20 some-odd years at his former position Mr. Nina had acquired some mad skills. It didn’t take long before the networks found out he was a free agent and interviews came fairly quickly. Yay him! ANYWAY … long and the short … we are now moving our lives from the willy-wags of Northern Maine to the coast of Rhode Island so he can begin work in a much larger hospital. Lots of change. Lots of work. Lots of adventure ahead of us. It’ll be interesting to see how productive I can be in the midst of all this change. But I’m really excited (and scared and overwhelmed and … well, you get the idea).

I also wanted to share with you a wonderful review I received this week for “BONDED SOULS”, the prequel in my “Shifting Bonds” series from Ellora’s Cave from Alternative Read.

Here’s a little of what WitchGiggles had to say…

What did I like the most about this? The female was a full-figured woman instead of a stick who was proud of herself…Now on to the story itself- Girl, guy, hot monkey sex, murder, plots and twists- sound strange? Well, the way Ms. Pierce puts it together makes it definitely a read to enjoy with a cup of hot cocoa in front of a fire, possibly sharing certain parts with that significant other (just to keep them informed,of course). With style, humor and wit, she’s created one that kept my interest to the end.

I’m so happy she enjoyed it. And I thought I’d just share an EXCERPT from Bonded Souls for you to enjoy …

Cole pushed away from his desk and stood to stare out the window at the empty parking lot. It had taken a couple of hours after Hansley had spirited Jayda away last night to convince his neighbors that Armageddon was not coming to Lonesome Fork. It seemed shifters wanted revenge for the murder of their pack mate and humans were simply running scared. Add whispers of unholy creatures and the gathering outside the police station had nearly become a lynch mob. It had taken all his sweet-talking to calm them down and convince everyone that justice was best served by allowing the courts to decide the woman’s fate. Though he wasn’t entirely sure he believed that himself.

“Come in,” Cole shouted at the soft knock on his door. Lady lifted her head.

Aaron stepped tentatively into his office. “Do I need to wave a white flag?”

“Eat shit.”

Lady stood, stretched and trotted over to the detective. “Who do we have here?”

“Jayda’s dog Lady. Jayda had the gall to ask me to look after her before she left with Hansley. Not sure why she didn’t just swing over to the cabin and pick the dog up herself. Whatever. I’m a sucker for a cute female.”

“Tell me something I didn’t know.” Aaron settled in one of the utilitarian chairs across from Cole. Lady laid her head on his thigh, her tail thumping happily against the side of Cole’s desk. Aaron absently scratched the dog’s ears. “Don’t you find it a little odd that Hansley showed up at the Bull only hours after Jayda sauntered into town?”

Cole leaned against the wall and stared at Aaron sitting casually with his foot bouncing on his knee. “I’ve been going over and over that all day. I can’t help thinking that she set me up. But for the life of me, I can’t figure out why. There’s something I’m missing here.”

“You sure she didn’t know about shifters? She could be one hell of an actress.”

“I wouldn’t know. I was going to shift to prove it to her, but the station radioed to say things were getting out of hand here so I didn’t take the time. Everything just sort of fell apart when I arrived.” His head fell against the wall and Cole closed his eyes, trying to sort through everything he knew. “She could be playing me for a fool.”

“You look like shit, Cole. Go home and get some rest.”

After two nights without sleep, exhaustion permeated deep into Cole’s bones. “I wouldn’t be able to sleep even if I did.”

“Look, Jayda went with Hansley.” Aaron dropped his foot, settling his forearms on his thighs. “Nothing you can do about that. She’s obviously made her choice. Chances are she’d made her choice before last night and you were just some kind of pawn.”

“But it doesn’t make sense, Aaron. Why tip their hand two nights before the blue moon?”

“Like you said, there’s something they needed from you. Maybe the kid put a glitch in their plans. Maybe Jayda went rogue last night. Who knows?”

“The pack’s going to be looking for some answers tonight. What the hell am I going to tell them?”

“The truth.”

“What, that the legend is true and we lost? Or that some polymorphic shifter led their leader by his dick before screwing him and his pack over?” Cole’s fist landed solidly against the wall and made Lady whimper. Aaron crooned softly and scratched behind her ears. “How the hell could I have fallen for that whole ‘Oh, I’m an orphan…feel bad for me…I don’t know who I am’ bullshit?” Cole said in a high-pitched imitation of a whiny female.

“Stop beating yourself up, Cole. She had us all fooled. Shit, I was the one drooling over her at the Whip and Bull.”

“Yes, but you figured who she was from the get-go.” Cole let out a derisive laugh. “I was blinded by hormones. Obviously, Hansley’s been planning this for a while. She all but fell into his arms last night when he swooped in to rescue her from the clutches of the evil wolf shifters.”

“So, what do you think he has planned now?”

“Besides giving her a congratulatory fuck?”

Aaron arched a brow.

“Honestly, I haven’t figured that out. As a polymorphic shifter, Jayda has the power to dominate both wolves and cougars. Even if she’s acting as if she doesn’t have a clue. We both know whoever she claims as mate will have the power to rule with her.”

Aaron leaned his elbows on his thighs. “You didn’t claim her?”

“I was working on the assumption that she was telling the truth and didn’t even know what a shifter was. It wasn’t my place.”

“But you told me you thought she was your—”

“I know what the hell I told you!” Cole shouted as he pushed away from the wall and began pacing. “Apparently I haven’t a fucking clue about life mates and shit.”