Garden of Serenity
Genres: Novels, Print Books
ISBN: 9781626228795

What would you do if the one thing you thought you’d never need becomes the very thing you can’t live without?
ebook ISBN: 9781626228795
print ISBN: 978-1502373656
Publisher: Seaside Publications
3rd Edition September 2014

A woman blinded by life… The human population of the 23rd century is dying. As an honored Healer and the Chief Administrator to the largest hospital in the capital city, JAHARA KHATERI has successfully avoided her obligation to mate with a male and fulfill the archaic laws of procreation. But with her 30th birthday fast approaching—time has run out.

A man working for change… BRENIMYN is a gifted breeding instructor at the Garden of Serenity. Enslaved by the government and forced to submit to all females who request his services, he’s searching for the one woman strong enough to lead a revolution. When Brenimyn is paired with Jahara, he wonders if his instant reaction to her is a desperate attempt to fulfill his destiny or if he’s truly found his soul mate.

Two people willing to die for their love… When Brenimyn shows Jahara the ways of the ancients, she can no longer deny that theirs is a world gone horribly wrong. As the bond between their hearts grows stronger, Jahara realizes she wants nothing more than to stand at Brenimyn’s side and lead the people of the Garden into a fight for monumental change. But the government finds their loving relationship a threat to their hierarchy and they will stop at nothing to keep these two rebels fro

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Strong characters, their struggles with ethics, justice, and morality, coupled with excellent dialogue and attention to detail,
make this book a fantastic fantasy read!
~ Night Owl Reviews 4.5 STARS and REVIEWER’S TOP PICK

All in all, the sex is steamy, the romance touching, and the story entertaining. ~ Pagan & Pen 4 STARS





“Collin, would you—” The words stuck in her throat. It wasn’t her receptionist sitting behind the desk waiting to serve her the midday meal. It was Brenimyn’s dimpled grin and piercing eyes that greeted her as she rounded the corner.

“Collin is taking the afternoon off,” the man said, flashing an arrogant smile. “If it would please you, I’ve brought you some food.” Brenimyn didn’t remove his muscular legs from the corner of the desk spread with the makings of a picnic.

“You shouldn’t be here.”

“Why is that, Jahara? Do you not enjoy my company?” He crossed his arms over his bare chest, tendons and muscles flexing with the movement. “I thought what happened between us last evening was quite satisfactory for everyone involved. Maybe you’d like to spend your noon break doing something more pleasurable?” He lifted a hand and the heat of his touch tingled down her cheek. Perhaps it was simply the embarrassment over what he intimated.

“No, I…and you.” Jahara rubbed at her face, not knowing what kind of trick he was playing on her. These same sensations happened every time he was around.

He laughed. “You have nothing to fear from me, woman. I thought I proved that last night.” He winked. “Please sit. I’ve brought you food. We can discuss other recreational activities later.” A force pushed on her shoulders and her feet wobbled as she stumbled forward. She was losing her mind.

“Why have you come here? I’m sure you don’t need a well-check.”

“Can’t a breeder offer services to a woman? After all, that is the purpose of the Garden of Serenity.”

The warmth of a hand caressed her breast, but she ignored the memory of his touch.

“But you belong to Kylie,” she said. “Which means my copulation schedule is not your concern. I’ll contact Ishawny and schedule another session in a day or two. Breeding is breeding.” It was only momentary, but she was sure Brenimyn flinched at her words. Just as well, she had no intention of getting involved with a single breeder. She’d already decided having multiple partners would no doubt keep Merenith from being jealous. “I mean, it just doesn’t matter who impregnates me. I have no doubt Ishawny’s regular partner is just as skilled.”

“The problem is, Ishawny’s services are no longer available.” He cleared his throat. “But more importantly, I wish to become your breeder.”

“What if I want another? Having multiple partners has a sort of anonymity about the paternity. It just doesn’t matter who sires my offspring.” She wanted to believe that, but at the moment with this man’s gaze prickling along her skin, she knew it was a lie.

Brenimyn rose with great care. His gaze stopped searching her face and locked on her eyes. “I don’t believe that, Jahara. There’s something between us.” He stepped toward her.

Fingers trailed down her arm.

“You felt it when you touched me at the demonstration.” He swung the chair standing between them out of his path. “I saw the awareness in your eyes. The same look that sparks in them now.”
Hands threaded in her hair.

“You wanted me last night almost as much as I wanted you.” He stood an arm’s length away, but the air around her pulsed.

Lips pressed tenderly to hers.

“You feel me now even though I am not near.”

“What in the name of Hades is going on, Brenimyn? None of this is making sense.” She pulled her eyes from his and stepped back, instinctively swiping at her mouth. “I am neither a stupid woman nor a schoolgirl who needs to be coddled.”

“You’re acting like both right at the moment.” He returned to the desk and leaned his hip on the edge, nonchalantly swinging his foot.
Energy and confusion coursed through her, making her pace.

“Think, Jahara. How could this be? How can I touch you, but never move?”

Knuckles skimmed her cheek. “Stop it!” She rubbed the sensation away. “It’s something they put in the food that makes women hallucinate and helps make the copulating bearable until conception has occurred. There’s got to be a logical explanation for what I’m experiencing.”

He crossed his arms over his chest, humor twinkling in his eyes. “Are you finished speculating? Because I can tell you the facts if you’re interested, or I can just wait here while you try to attempt to put together a puzzle with missing pieces.” He lifted a shoulder. “Either way, I’m good.”


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