Of course I’m blogging today, it’s Valentine’s Day… the most romantic day of the year and what kind of a romance writer would I be if I didn’t acknowledge this day for lovers?

When I decided to start a writing career I could have chosen a different direction… children’s books, science books, text books… any number of genres were open to me as long as I had the drive to write about them.

But I chose romance. Why? Because I’m a sucker for love and the happy ending. I enjoy nothing more than getting swept away as the hero and heroine find their way through a sticky maze of conflict to end up in each others’ arms and find that fate meant all along for them to end up together. *sigh*

If there’s a murder or two in the middle and some danger, well count me in! I bow down to Sandra Brown, who, in my humble opinion holds the crown for incredibly sensual, dangerous reads. Though Suzanne Brockmann has also gotten my attention with her group of lusty Seals. Both these ladies are talented beyond belief. (And there are so many more that are on my keeper shelf Larissa Ione, Jessica Andersen and Anne McCaffrey to name a few more.)

Reading a good romance takes me back to my own journey of love–the rush of adrenaline seeing Mr. Nina walk into a room and the anticipation of his kisses–the gentle touch of his hand on the small of my back and the way he whispers my name–the smell of his cologne and the taste of him as his lips brush mine. Oh, you gotta love being swept away by all that.

Is our life all candles and romance? Umm… no. It’s messy and difficult and sometimes an uphill battle, but we persevere because beneath all that we love each other heart and soul. I’ve been truly blessed finding a once in a life time love.

Tonight there will be no dozen roses, no box of chocolates, no diamond jewelry… and no children. Just me and my man and a quiet night with chinese take out, some soft music and… love.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. I hope you get to spend it with the people that make you happiest.

And if you’re looking to pick up a romance or two several of my books are on sale this weekend. Be sure to check them out HERE.

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