And today I’ll share with you 13 reasons I think chocolate is better than sex.

1. There’s no such thing as bad chocolate.

2. A bag of M&M’s brings you multiple pleasure… every time.

3. I never had to pretend a cheap piece of chocolate was “the best I ever had”.

4. No busy day, foul mood, menstrual cramps or headache ever kept me from eating chocolate.

5. A hersey’s miniature never tried to pass itself off as a full-sized candy bar.

6. I’ve never woken up in the morning with a strange box of chocolates in my bed.

7. You can share another woman’s chocolate without feeling guilty.

8. I never had to wait until the kids were in bed to enjoy chocolate.

9. I’ve never pretended chocolate satisfied my craving just to spare someone’s feelings.

10. A box of chocolates lasts a really long time.

11. Let’s face it… you can have chocolate anywhere. Even your grandma’s house.

12. I’ve never been embarrassed that someone overheard me enjoying a piece of chocolate.

13. I’ve never had an awkward moment of silence after eating a Dove bar wondering if it was a good decision.

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