Mr. Nina often asks me if there’s an owner’s manual for me. LOL! I wish. Not that he’d ever read it, I mean come on, he’s a guy. But still, there are some things I tell him, that he still doesn’t quite understand. In no particular order, here’s a list of things women wish men would understand:
couple with MusicLarge
1. Unless there are bones, blood or sex involved never interrupt a woman’s first cup of coffee (or tea)… her bath.. or the last chapter of her book.

2. A hamper is a thing… not an area of the bedroom.

chatting_iStk_Lge3. Men think about sex… woman talk about sex. (With their girlfriends, sisters and the lady standing next to them shopping for feminine products at the grocery store… nothing is secret.) Yes, you should blush when you see her friends–they know everything. (And unfortunately, we do NOT exaggerate.)

4. The ladies’ room is a sacred place, not a frightening place. Women flock there to discuss their dates (see #3), get facials, mini massages, and to commiserate about their lives. What did you think we did in there… pee?

5. A little romance never killed a man.

6. Women check out men’s butts… we just don’t televise that fact.

dishes7. Nothing will turn a woman on faster than a man elbow deep in dish water, running the vacuum cleaner or the words “I brought home take out”.

8. Contrary to popular belief, the word “foreplay” does not begin with the number of minutes it should last.

9. Picking up your tighty whities the morning after was cute for about four days… thirty years later it’s just another annoying habit.

10. In and near are two different prepositions. (See #2)

11. When we ask if we look fat… we really want to know if you still find us beautiful.

12. A pregnant woman is always right.

DrivingMedium13. Woman actually do know how to drive and your instructions from the passenger seat really aren’t helping.

So there’s mine. Ladies, please feel free to add to the list, I know I only scratched the surface. Gents, please feel free to defend yourselves… I dare you. 😉

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