supportI’ve been thinking a lot about my support systems of late. Both personal and writing. Mostly because Mr. Nina is spending his weeks 2 hours north of me and I’m alone so much of the time. All I can say is … thank goodness for the Internet!!

I was once asked what the most difficult part of my writing journey has been and by far it had to be the period time when I was alone before I found other writers to share my celebrations and disappointments. My family has been a steadfast cornerstone of my career, believing in me even when I stumbled. I love them for that, but they don’t really understand the kick-in-the-gut feeling of getting a rejection, tumbling sales or the inability to find your writing mojo. Only another writer totally comprehends how difficult this stay-at-home-I’m-having-an-amazing-time-making-things-up-and-killing-bad-guys writing career can be.

Fortunately, with the explosion of social media, my world has expanded well beyond the walls of my home. The internet age has made it possible to find friends from far away places. My local writing chapter (which I still consider Maine Romance Writers even though I live in NH) has members in New York, Nebraska, New Mexico and Mississippi. I “talk” with them every day without exception.

Through the years I’ve been part of publisher’s communities, RWA writers community, and now my Facebook friends. I’ve got people I’ve never met whom I consider friends because we laugh, we cry, and we celebrate and we rs lurk and where they’re from. (Note to self… get one of those cool maps that pin locations.)

Yesterday, a man I have never met, known to me only as Fallen Scorpio, living half way around the world in Australia was in a terrible accident. I know only that he is a divorced dad of two girls who has a military background and now works in the civilian population doing… something. (Obviously dangerous as he was seriously injured on the job.) A mate got on the internet and blogged about the accident and the support is amazing. I cried for this man and his family and pray for his recovery. I don’t know him. Will probably never meet him. But have enjoyed his blog and the interesting view he has on the world. He’s become a friend I visit a couple times a week. And my heart goes out to him at this time.

I can’t tell you how much it means to me that there are so many people out there cheering me on. More find my little corner of the web every week and for that I am truly grateful. Going this road would be difficult alone.

If you’re new to this publishing business, the one piece of advice I offer you is… find support. RWA, your local chapter of RWA, other writers. Anyone who will hold you up when times are rough and do the snoopy dance (no matter how silly they look) when something good happens.

So, who are the cheerleaders in your life?

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