IMG_4077I do think it’s important every once in awhile to take stock of one’s life. To really look at what’s going on. Sometimes it’s to re-evaluate and make adjustments to the course of my life. But this week I just want to share some of the things I’m truly grateful for.

1. The hubster – He drives me insane. He makes me laugh. He leaves his laundry laying around. He understands my needs like no one else on earth. He’s me best friend and I love him with all my heart.

2. Beautiful Girl – She’s trying to figure out exactly where her life is going. But 09_30 SeptI have no doubt she’ll find her way in this world because she’s got a good head on her shoulders, she’s married an amazing man and now has the most adorable baby that we love to shower with grandparent hugs and kisses!

3. Baby Girl – I am SO proud of her! She fought her way out of the depths of addiction Baby Girland has set her sights on some new goals including going back to school to finish her RN degree. I know she’s strong enough to keep working to achieve them. She’s beautiful and smart and I have no doubt she’s going to work through it all. She’s also blessed us with a sweet grandson who is full of love and has a great imagination and pulls us into his silly worlds to play. Baby Girl has also found a wonderful man who is holding her heart and her son with a gentle hand.

4. Little Boy Blue – I’m not sure where this incredibly sensitive young man figured matt4out how to be such a gentle-man. He’s got a great job and now a fiance! How lucky are we that we’re adding another daughter to our growing family. *sigh* Yep, truly blessed.

5. My extended family – They’re wild and crazy. I don’t get to see them very often, but when we’re together it’s amazing. They’ve been amazingly supportive through the rough road of our lives over the past several years. There’s no way Mr. Nina and I could have made it through without them. I love them one and all.

6. Writing – With all the changes in the publishing world, more and more writers are putting out books one after another. I found that statistic very depressing that I couldn’t keep up … but you know what? Not everyone can say they’re a published author and I am very grateful I can add that to my resume! Writing has become a part of who I am. I know I’ll find my way back to it very soon.

7. My editor – Mwah! I love her! She’s so supportive. Faith from Demon for Details has come to terms with my “pepper shaker” method of comma usage and dangling modifiers (whatever the heck they are). Without her my books would be lacking. Thank you for your amazing patience Faith!

8. MRW – The Maine chapter of Romance Writers. They’re there to double my triumphs and share my disappointments. I don’t think they realize how much they do for me.

9. Writing Friends – I have so many friends I’ve never met in person, but who have become important to me. There are days when I’m not sure I can type another word, but they’re there to cheer me on.

casper_van_dien_0210. Walking – This is not to be overlooked. I’m moving slower these days, but I’m still moving and I’m grateful every day that I’m still on my feet.

11. Flash Drives – This little device has saved my butt more times than I can count. Not the least of which was having all my precious books held safely the day my computer crashed. Repeat after me … backing up is a writer’s best friend.

12. Military Families – I don’t care what your stand is on the wars we’re involved in, you can’t sit down at your Thanksgiving table without thinking of the brave men and women and their families who are sacrificing this holiday season. Thank you one and all.

13. Good Looking Men – Oh, come on … you knew I needed to include this one! *g* I love them on my covers. I love them decorating my blog.