You can never have too many sexy men posted on a blog … especially when they’re wearing kilts. Enjoy ladies. 😉

1. The origin of the kilt is hotly debated … somewhere around the 16 or 1700’s depending on who you believe. But there’s no doubt woman are celebrating its introduction to the world!


2. Depending on the occasion, the kilt is normally worn with accessories such as:

sporran (a type of pouch- Gaelic for “Purse”)
sgian dubh (a small sheathed knife worn in the top of the sock)
Ghillie Brogues
Kilt pin
Kilt socks

And sometimes … I’m happy without accessories.

3. Of course the material is a heavy wool tartan or sett. The patterns associate the wearer with a particular family or clan.

4. Which then begs the question … “Is anything worn under the kilt?” Traditional Scotsmen reply “No, madam. I can assure you it’s all in perfect condition”

5. A kilt can be pleated with either box or knife pleats. A knife pleat is a simple fold, while the box pleat is bulkier, consisting of two knife pleats back-to-back. Anyone notice the pleats in the picture below?

6. A properly fit kilt falls midway along the knee cap and should be tight enough not to twist at the wearers waist.

7. Many celebrities wear kilts.

8. Since it is tradition for the Scotish military to be true to their heritage, this picture gives new meaning to “going regimental”.

9. Wool kilts can be warm. Sometimes it is necessary to stop for a cold drink.

10. And just more proof that kilt wearers like to adhere to tradition …

I hope you have lots to be thankful for in this holiday season. Me? I’m happy real men wear kilts!