vietnam-memorialI’ve never been to war. I watch it from the comfort of my kitchen usually while I’m cooking dinner from a well-stocked refrigerator.

I’ve never carried a gun. But my heart aches for those who carry one every day, knowing it could be the only thing that saves their life or that of a fellow soldier.

I’ve never said goodbye to someone I love, fearing I may never see them again. But I’ve watched flag-draped caskets arrive back on US soil, where mothers and fathers grieve the loss of a child.

I’ve never had to be separated from someone who is my whole world while they fight for a freedom I get to appreciate every day. But I’ve known brave families who get down on their knees every night and pray for the day they can hold their husband/daddy/wife/mommy in their arms again.

I’ve never held a dying friend in my arms who’s sacrificed everything for the love of their country, but I’ve held friends who have seen horrors I can’t imagine.

There are no soldiers in my family. No veterans to hug and thank for all they’ve given to this country. But my heart aches and my tears flow for all those who believe that being a soldier is a calling and protecting everything I hold dear is a job they’re proud to do.

Thank you. From the bottom of my heart … thank you to all the service men and women and their families. May God keep you safe and bring you home soon.

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