IT’S HERE! IT’S HERE! When the concept of this firefighter box set stole into my brain back in May, this day seemed a loooong way off. But it’s finally the release day for UNCONTROLLED BURN, my firefighter novel found exclusively in the INTO THE FLAMES anthology.

I’ve picked 13 of my favorite passages from the novel. Please enjoy:

1.  The smile was reptilian, as if Satan himself had taken possession of this wayward soul.

2. Reese removed his sunglasses with such deliberate precision, Alex was sure they would slice the heavy tension in the air.

3. No one—-least of all an honorable vampire like Glenn or an innocent human like Hope—-needed to know what she’d been doing tonight.

4. Moving with the stealth of a shadow, Glenn followed the scent of blood into the woods behind the barn. His fangs lengthened and even after all the years of living off the wine, Glenn felt the beast clamoring to share the carnage.

5. Hunger and need swam in the coffee depths of his eyes, reaching in to touch her soul.

6. This person had morphed into a heinous murderer–a murderer with no conscience and a moral compass that pointed straight to hell.


7. Hopped up on the adrenaline rush, he’d been unable to keep the beast under control. As they’d f***ed like horny teenagers in the backseat of his Buick, his fangs had lengthened, his body screaming to be satiated by her blood.

8.  The answer had to be here. Glenn only wished he knew the question.

9. Sobriety had been an infrequent guest in their marriage and every time the wagon arrived, she prayed he’d ride it into the proverbial sunset.

10. They fought fires as a team. They broke bread as a team. They hung by their balls as a team. Go team.

11. Flames lapped out of the broken windows on the side of the barn, reaching up to taste the siding and lick the sill of the roof. Sparks danced in merry wonder upon the black smoke billowing into the night and shadowing the fat disk of the moon watching from high above.

12.  The wipers slapped away the early morning drizzle and he was grateful for the heavy blanket of clouds obscuring the sun. Reese wanted the world to feel the damp and deep gloom clouding his spirit and permeating his muscles.

13.  The victory cry of an owl filled the stillness of the night, answered by the death scream of its prey. It was a haunting sound that called to the murderer’s heart. “Life taken to give life.” The creed rode on the gentle breeze.

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