paper pilesI know this phenomenon isn’t unique to me. Well, at least I’m hoping it isn’t. I’m talking about the paper lying around my house in small mounds (which seem to breed in the night while I’m sleeping! I see that smile … you know exactly what I’m talking about).

I have a stack of paper from the new medical insurance. (That I tucked into an empty cupboard to get it out of the way.) Another stack that’s accumulating as I pull together information on the new boxed set I’m involved in.  And of course there’s all the information about the houses Mr. Nina and I are looking at as we try to figure out our next move and I’m adding that to the growing mound of paperwork I need to go through. There’s the receipts that will be used during tax time when we figure our “moving expenses”.  Switching over retirement accounts and all the new registration and license information for the cars and did I mention bills … yeah, well those are in this insanely high pile on the sideboard.

And debit card receipts? I try to stay on top of them. Storing them until I get  the monthly statement and then discarding the ones I don’t need. But Mr. Nina is now gone all week and so when he returns, he dumps the whole crumpled heap in a basket on my desk. UGH!

I’ve stopped printing up interesting blogs because when I DO file them, I forget I’ve got a great blog printed out on plotting or character development and then go searching the web and print out another. Not knowing I’ve got a great one until I open that file and  …. yeeeeah, find the other three I printed out last month. I’ve taken now to saving the links in my “favorites”. Riiiiight, like I’m ever going to mine through all of that information and use it. Bleh!

Of course I’ve got files for my kids who are always asking me information about old college bills or old insurance information.

IMG_0872My writing desk is cluttered with snippets of notes jotted down on sticky notes and tacked to my monitor and the edges of the shelves. Tucked between my computer tower and the wall is a notebook filled with notes on sales trends and advertising campaigns. I’ve got contracts for audio books and new car insurance and insurance cancellation forms littering the rest of my space that’s supposed to be for writing.

And no, I haven’t gotten into the reams of paper I have stacked that involve my medical crap. *sigh* Let’s just say the mountains of New Hampshire  aren’t the only rolling hills surrounding me.

I try to be organized … ’cause I’m pretty anal that way. But really, the mail box (actually the TWO mailing addresses we currently have) come chock full of stuff that needs to be dealt with every day. I’m a stickler for recycling what I can what with all the flyers and such. But the bills? And yeah … please don’t say it. I could go electronic and pay my bills online. But I just don’t want to break down and do that. Of course Mr. Nina harps on it all the time. Why don’t I go electronic? Save myself the hassle of dealing with all the paper? I’m not sure. I think in the grand scheme of things, the bills are a minor part of the paperwork I’m buried in.

Every once in awhile (like this week as I get all the stuff together for the firefighter boxed set) I decide enough is enough and I clean out the clutter. But really what ends up happening is I manage to do nothing more than shuffle the stacks. Because goodness knows I can’t get rid of the notes from the online class I took a about various forms of poison … you never know which villain will be needing that information.

Come on … reassure me I’m not the only one in this predicament.