… than an interview with Reese Colton, the hero of my firefighter novella, UNCONTROLLED BURN? This sexy vampire arrived on the page as a complete surprise (who knew somone this dark, sexy and irresistible hero could also be an immortal?)


Nina: Welcome to my corner of the internet, Reese. I know a lot of my readers have been looking forward to your visit.

Reese: Nice to be here. I’ve been wondering why it’s taken so long for you to invite me. *leans forward and whispers* You know all my secrets, you’ve delved into the deepest part of my psyche, don’t you think it’s time to share? *leans back with a satisfied smile*

Nina: *blushes* Yes, ah hem ,well, I didn’t realize how anxious you were to bring everything to light.

Reese: Oh, aren’t you the wordsmith? The whole vampire and daylight thing, I get it. Ha ha. Yes, fine, I’m an ancient vampire … it’s out there, big deal–

Nina: But Reese it is a big deal. It’s part of your sex appeal. And I should have asked if it’s too bright in here for you.

Reese: Your office is very comfortable and you know daylight isn’t a huge issue for me. I just can’t be out in it for long periods of time.

Danger workNina: Is that why you work the night shift at the fire station?

Reese: It certainly does simplify things. But being part of RISEN, we’ve found it easier to do our undercover work at night.

Nina: Tell everyone about RISEN. This whole military operation is one of the things I found fascinating. How did you get involved with them anyway?

Reese: RISEN stands for Rogue Investigative Seizure and Elimination Network the acronym is meant to be tongue and cheek, but what we do is deadly serious. You see, not all vampires live well with humans. You are rather delicate creatures *winks* Anyway, we find rogue vampires and bring them to justice–vampire justice. *shrugs* Not really a big deal.

Nina: Is that what brought you to the mountains of California? A rogue vampire?

Reese: We were called there by the man that saved my life over two centuries ago, Glenn Karr. He’s mentored a lot of young vampires. He and Alexandra Flanagan manufactured and ran the blood wine out of the basement of the local tavern they …

Nina: Still hard for you to talk about them isn’t it?

Reese: Yeah, I shouldn’t have mentioned Glenn and Alex. Memories of those fires still shake me up. *inhales deeply* Yeah, let’s not talk about them. Where was I?

Nina: Telling me what brought you to South Kenton.

Reese: Right. The fires. Burned vampires and then humans. We suspected it was a vampire all along. We just didn’t expect to find the answers we got. Really, I’m not a firefighter anymore. *flashes a trembling smile* I rebuilt the tavern and I’m running that. Don’t you want to talk about that?

Nina: Sure. Tell us about the blood wine you mentioned.

AlexandraXSmallReese: *smile broadens* Well, I took the formula that Glenn and Alex had nearly perfected and made a few modifications with the pig blood and the chemical balance. Now I produce enough to support all the vamps in the mountains and the tribunal has opened up two more wineries here on the west coast and we’re looking at expanding down south using my new formula.

Nina: Congratulations I can see how proud you are of doing that. Is there anything else you want to tell my readers?

Reese: I suppose I should mention I did bring the vampire in South Kenton to justice as much as I hated how it all ended. On a happier note, should I mention the hot romance in the book?

Nina: *blushes profusely* My readers are very aware I write sexy stories. I think they’d already guessed that passion definitely sparks between you and Alex.

Reese: *runs a knuckle down Nina’s cheek* You’re too cute. I guess you enjoyed writing that part about me. *leans in close to Nina’s ear* Though I would have enjoyed a few more.

Nina: *clears throat* Well, that’s all the time I have today, Reese. I don’t want to keep you from the tavern. Let me just remind my readers that this story is EXCLUSIVE in the INTO THE FLAMES boxed set available for PRE-ORDER at:

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