I love creating new worlds. Granted, I do it every time I decide to sit down and write a story. But my newest sexy romantic suspense, A TOUCH OF LILLY takes place in deep space. This is a whole new world which meant I could let my imagination soar free! I thought I’d share a little bit about how I created this world and its inhabitants.

Space landscape

First of all, I’m a VERY visual writer. I need to see a scene before I can describe it. Usually I have it in my head, but sometimes it requires a walk around the internet. In one of the scenes the hero, Dallas is leading the heroine, Lilly into an alley. I wanted something dark and I wasn’t sure I could describe it well enough, so a quick image search and I found this picture to the left. This really set the tone for the entire feeling of the dark planet, Garalon Five (with its three moons and lack of sun).


Next, I needed to populate the setting. And since we’re in deep space I wanted to give the reader a real sense of aliens. Of course being a die-hard Trekky my mind went to all kinds of scenes from the series. Supplement that with Star Wars and Total Recall and my mind was just bursting with ideas. I kept the different aliens to only 5 or 6 life forms so I could describe each one in detail. I didn’t want so many as to confuse me or the readers, but enough to make it different from earth.

I actually scoured the Internet for pictures of aliens and then morphed and melded them together to create my characters. (Due to copyright laws, I can’t include the pictures I used for my character sketches. But suffice it to say every one of my aliens comes complete with a photo for visual cues while I’m writing.) The Ickbatas play a significant role in this story. They have a soft snout, jade eyes, smell like leather, and have two penises (it is an erotic story after all *g*), My notes actually read … head of Jar Jar Binks, body of Jaba the Hutt.

Prisoner_XSmallThen there is the two headed Xerick with its beady eyes, eight holes for hearing and royal blue skin. I’ve also got a couple of villains including a Znedu who is tall and skinny with large eyes and hoofed feet for walking in the desert and a Braugtot (which can take the shape of any inhabitant, but has a unique facial tattoo much like a fingerprint).

Though I really enjoyed finding new types of characters, none of them play prominently in the romance part of this novel. Only the very human looking Ka’al, Theagan, with his mahogany skin, long dark braid, golden eyes and nose ridges gets up and close and personal with the heroine ;~)

My muse had a wonderful time creating this galaxy and its inhabitants. But don’t misunderstand, A TOUCH OF LILLY is at its heart a romance with a couple of very hawt heroes falling in love with a kick-ass heroine.

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