Shame on you … get your mind out of the gutter. I’m actually talking about something lots of authors wonder. Does the size of the STORY matter? (Didn’t see that coming from a romance author now did you?)

I’ve written all lengths of stories. From a short novella to a several full length novels and many in between. Now, if you’re looking for my opinion on the matter (which of course I’m going to offer since this is my blog) I think size makes a huge difference in a story.

But here’s ny caveat–but it depends on the genre.

I really enjoy reading erotic romance. But when push comes to shove or pull comes to … yeah, I won’t go there … anyway, I read for the other parts of the story. Like the paranormal or suspense thread. Yes, of course I want the heroine to save the hero and for them to fall into bed and hopelessly in love, but sometimes, if an erotic story goes on too long … I skip the nookie. LOL! Should I be admitting that? It’s not that I don’t dog-ear the pages for perusal later, it’s just that I’m really enthralled with how these two are going to get out of trouble or bring down the villain or make it to their happy-ever-after. So when it comes to erotic romance I prefer the short and sweaty … er, sweet. 😉

Now, in the paranormal realm, especially where the author has created a whole new world for me to explore. I enjoy a much longer novel. I want time to delve into the details and find myself in some fantasy world either on the other side of the veil or in deep space. I don’t mind pages and pages of the hero and heroine running from the villain while trying to save the world. It intriques me. I’m one of those rare readers now-a-days who enjoys long, descriptive prose. If it’s done well, I can’t put the book down.

But I’m reading a book that has everyone in my family gushing. I’m not even sure which genre to lump it into. But it’s just sort of meandering here and there and I know it’s going to go somewhere, but at the moment I finding it really hard to stay focused. It’s a very long book compared to most I read. Part of me thinks there’s an awful lot of extraneous information. But I continue to push through because my family assures me that not only will I LOVE it, but I’ll be clamoring for the rest in the series. I hope that’s the case because at the moment I’m about to jump ship and pick up something else.

So here’s my question for you … does size matter? Do you enjoy stories of a certain length or do you have “well maybes” or “buts” when you think about the books you like reading. You know me, I’m always curious.

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