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I’m so glad you could make it. At the time of this post the northeast United States is being hit with the trifecta of winter elements: a blizzard with 12-18 inches of snow and record high tides that may cause flooding (thanks to the new moon) are expected where I live, and record low temperatures. It seems like the perfect time to share one of the chilling scenes from my newest release IN HIS EYES, a romantic thriller that just may give you a few more chills! The scene below will give you an idea of how creepy the villain really is!

450 X 600It’s always wonderful to be noticed … or is it?

To those around her, Maggie Callaghan appears to have the perfect life…a handsome husband, three beautiful children, and her own business. But beneath her thin veneer lies a dark past and self-doubts. When evidence of her husband’s infidelity surfaces, Maggie leases a cottage on the Maine coast and prepares for her inevitable divorce. But a serial killer is on the hunt—and he’s marked Maggie as his next victim. Now her beachside retreat is the focus of an undercover FBI investigation targeting the murderer who’s left a trail of bodies across two states. As lies and secrets are revealed, Maggie realizes her life depends on knowing who’s protecting her—and who’s got her in his sights.

Like most nights, he sat in the alabaster sand, sifting grains slowly from hand to hand as if measuring time. Watching.

Always watching.

People rarely saw him, unless he chose for it to be so. And the woman meandering along the water’s edge was no exception. She had no idea he was admiring her. Appraising her. Measuring her.

With the tide so low, he’d been able to study the exotic creature whose hair rode the wind like black silk. She dragged her feet in the shallow surf, her eyes cast down as if the ebb and flow of the ocean could soothe away her troubles. The dip of her chin and the graceful arch of her neck spoke of a heavy burden.

She walked without a companion. Alone was good.

Lord, she was beautiful.

The sadness that curved her body in on itself made her that much more irresistible. He imagined he could hear the sweet strains of her loneliness carried on the evening breeze.

He didn’t know he was searching. Didn’t realize the moment had come again.

It had been a long time since he’d found someone who obviously hungered for the kind of solace only he could offer. He replayed the scene over and over again, long after she’d left the beach, long after the day had surrendered to the night. How serendipitous for her to be here on his beach.

He sat, quietly measuring time in handfuls of sand, thinking about the grace of her walk, the gentle swell of her hips and breasts, the lovely mane of hair—and he knew.

You are the one. I’ve been waiting for you.

In the solitude of the new moon, he sat for a long time committing to memory every detail of their encounter and formulating a plan to make the woman his own. Satisfied, he strolled back to his cottage—his heart and soul as dark as the murky shadows swallowing him.

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Okay, so with all the cold and snow and wind I’m thinking I’d like to get away this weekend with a good book to one of my favorite warm-weather destinations … The Virgin Islands. I was lucky enough to spend 10 days in the sand and surf doing research while I was in college. It was amazing and beautiful.

If money were no issue, where would go … and it’s okay if you enjoy winter (brrrrr) and you’d like to go somewhere cold … and what book would you take with you? Curious minds want to know.
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97 Responses to Did the Temperature Drop?

  • I would head to California to get warm

  • Cayman Islands beaches. I don’t really care which one. It is 6* here but feels like -4* here in Indiana. I am so done with the snow this year. 🙂

  • I would go to the beach, Myrtle or Hawaii… I just want to be somewhere warm as we look at the snow climbing outside.

    daringzoey at yahoo.com

    • Oh, Melissa, both of those sound wonderful. Toes in the warm sand, the sun hot on my skin and a margarita in my hand … I am sooooo there!!

  • Hawaii for sure, as we are experiencing frigid weather today.

    Love your cover, Nina.

    • Thanks for the compliment on the cover, Selena. And Hawaii sounds wonderful. Mr. Nina and I traveled there many years ago and we just loved everything about it. I would love to get up every morning and not worry about putting layers of clothes on.

  • I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii… I live in MN so I think of that often 🙂 In His Eyes looks like a fabulous thriller. I’ve added to my list to read.

    • Cindy – Brrrr … I feel for you living in MN. Very cold indeed. If you can ever swing it, Hawaii is amazing. I feel fortunate that Mr. Nina’s job sent us so many places. We have wonderful memories of the week we sent there.

      If you do read IN HIS EYES, I’d love to know how you enjoy it.

  • I like the cold, and i’d probably just find a cabin in the woods somewhere…but, if forced, I would go to the Keys, southern Florida. The Islands. 😀

    Love the cover of the book, Nina.

    • Bethanne – I have family who love winter. Too many clothes for me. 😉 Key West is definitely a place I’d love to go back to. My mom, sister and I went sailing and snorkeling there. Beautiful.

      And thanks for the compliment on the cover. I LOVE my cover artist.

  • We use to live in Ohio, where they are getting hit hard today. I hated snow so we moved south and we live next to the beach in Florida. So I don’t need to go anywhere. Love it here.

    • Oh, Diana, that sounds perfect. I think it was God’s warped sense of humor that I was born in the cold Northeast! Thanks for stopping by.

  • As a northern Californian, I’ve never had a white Christmas…I’ve always been curious about Montreal or Quebec City!


    • Trix – I’ve been to both and they’re beautiful. If you’ve never had a white Christmas, it would be nice to visit them during their winter carnivals. Just dress warm. 😉

  • If money were no object, I would be in Hawaii. Instead I’m in the lower mainland of BC Canada freezing my tail off. LOL.
    rmwyer at shaw dot ca

  • If I was to pick a place to be it would be Hawaii on a beach. Or on a beach in South Florida! In stead I’m here in Michigan!
    And Baby it is cold outside!

  • Happy New Year – well its Jan 3rd and last night here in TX – it was in the 20’s – my duck pond has a good 1/4 of ice in it….but on a warmer note
    Thanks for the e-mail update – added In his Eyes to my TBR, as I have enjoyed so many of your previous books – they usually have good suspense to Hot sex ratio and a plot that holds my interest

    thinking warm thoughts for all in cold areas/countries

    • Oh, Texas isn’t usually that cold is it, Paris? In Maine 20F is pretty comfortable … as far as winter temps go anyway. 😉

      Just to let you know, IN HIS EYES is different from my previous books as it’s a romantic thriller … no hot scenes involved. It was such a wonderful challenge for me to write. I do hope you check it out, Paris!

  • Anyplace warm, I’m not fussy this week. Our high on Monday is supposed to be -15. The Governor closed the schools.

    • Oh, that sounds unpleasant, Lisa! I think it’s good when they close schools when it’s that cold. Kids shouldn’t be standing at the bus stop or going out for recess on days like that.

  • My best friend has a bungalow on Venice Beach in California, it would be lovely to head down with my kindle. She is also an avid reader and appreciates time away from careers and kids to jut lie on the beach read and visit…

  • anywhere warm would be great for me.

  • I’d want to go to Australia.

    • Australia is on my bucket list. My niece spent a college semester there and said it is absolutely amazing. And this is the perfect time of year to visit!

  • I’d go back to Spain, and just ONE book, can’t do it, I can’t pick just one!


    • Oh, Spain seems like it would be lovely. I’ve never been to Europe and I’d definitely like to get there one day.

      Hope you and your stack of books makes it back, Shannon!

  • since we had snow last night & it’s 17 degrees I’d like to transport myself to Aruba – warm & sunny would be wonderful! And I’d bring a stack of books – variety of genre!

  • Australia is on my bucket list
    I would have to take at least one print book them my IPad with all my others

    • Karen – Yeah, this would be the perfect time to visit Australia, though a friend of mine there was actually complaining it was too hot!

      And you gotta love those ereaders with the ability to carry a ton of books!

  • Hawaii with a copy of Seduction by Amanda Quick.

    • Oh, I LOVE Amanda Quick! I read all of her books in the library. Combine that with a beach in Hawaii and like you, I’d be in heaven! Thanks for stopping by.

  • I’d go to New Zealand. I’ve been watching some tv progs based there, and it looks like a stunning place to visit. Thanks for joining the blog hop.

    • NIcola – There have been a lot of movies made there recently and the landscape just looks amazing. I’m thinking an extended vacation to visit both Australia and New Zealand would work just perfectly. And of course it wouldn’t kill me to have to listen to their accents. 😉

  • I know I’m weird but I LOVE cold weather and I desperately want to visit Scotland!! 😉

  • Oh I would totally go somewhere tropical and warm… Coconut drinks and white sands… Yep that’s what I need right now


  • It’s so hard to pick just one place… I’m originally from Hawaii, and visit family often so I would choose Scotland… or Ireland simply because I love their accents! As for a book, I would take a tablet so I could have more than one. 🙂

    • Jeana – Most people today haven’t wanted to choose one book either … gotta love those ereaders! And can I be just a little jealous you’re originally from Hawaii. Mr. Nina and I visited many years ago and we just loved it. So beautiful. But I do completely understand the draw of those accents. Pretty darn sexy!

  • Tahiti; any Abbi Glines book

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  • I would go to Bora Bora and stay in a hut that is over the water!

    books4me67 at ymail dot com

  • wow tough question i like it cold but not this cold and i hate being hot but if i can be in the water not hot then thats alright so i guess id pick bora bora cause i hear the water is beautiful

    • Jennifer – I love the temp right around 70F all the time. Bora Bora sounds just about right because I’d love to look out over beautiful water.

  • If money and time flowed freely, I’d love to travel to Australia. I would never be able to choose one book, so I’d take my Kindle. 🙂


  • I live in Missouri so we get all kinds of weather. You can go to bed and it can be hot and wake up the next morning and have ice cubes hanging off your ears. A nice sunny day and two minutes later a tornado running down the side of your house. Go figure.. If I could go anywhere I want to go to IRELAND and I would have to take my Kindle Fire for variety LOL…

    • Oh, the weather in Maine doesn’t change quite that quickly, but we definitely get our ups and downs. Hope you’re finding a way to stay warm in this latest freeze!

  • I love stories about running away to solitude only to find what you’ve been looking for all along. 🙂 Sounds like a winner, Nina! 🙂

  • I would love to go someplace warm right now….I live in Central New York and it is covered in snow and the temperature is single digits with some negative parts! brrrrr Hawaii sounds warm!

    susanmplatt AT Hotmail DOT com

    • The only nice thing about winter in NY is that it doesn’t last very long. I’m hoping this latest cold snap is short lived! Hawaii sounds like the ticket to warmth right about now!

  • Somewhere warm and secluded… Book I am not sure of an individual book (but I would load up my ereader and have several if possible…)


  • I’d go to Switzerland and bring a hot copy of REAL 😀

    • Switzerland seems like it would be a cold place with the snow always on the mountains, but a hot read and a warm drink by a fire sound like it would certainly warm things up!

  • If money was no option I would go to Ireland and Scotland. They are on my bucket list of places to go. Ive wanted to go to both places for as long as I can remember. As far as books to bring. I have no idea I have so many I love, (Id most likely bring my kindle with all of my books on it lol) but I would probably bring the Heku series with me. It was really the only series that made me cry when it ended. I wanted to read more.

    • I had to check out that series, Heather. I’d never heard of it. The first book is free so I downloaded it. And as far as destinations … seems Scotland and Ireland are topping the list of places to visit. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Nina, I’m in Missouri and Denise is right on about this state.

    I have been to nearly every place the others have mentioned except for Scotland and Bora Bora. I would to see Bora Bora, but I think I would like to go back to Jamaica. One icy February, we spent ten days in Jamaica, and it was wonderful.

    • I’m sure you have wonderful memories of your visit to Jamaica … it’s always fun to go back to some place where wonderful things happened. 😀

  • I’ve always wanted to go to a Greek island. the book i’d take with me would be “The Vampire and the Virgin” by Kerrelyn Sparks.

    • Tina – I have had a couple of friends who visited Greece and said it was absolutely stunning. And any Sparks novel is always a good choice!

  • Right now I’d love to spend a month or two in Australia. Summer Down Under. 🙂 And I’d load as many ebooks as I could get onto my computer, especially all of Shelly Lauarenston’s.

    • Beth – An acquaintance on FB mentioned they were having a heat wave in Australia and though no extreme is comfortable, I definitely prefer the heat to the cold! A couple of months down under sounds really good right about now.

  • One day I would like to see Hawaii… as for reading, I would have a nice variety of genres on my reader to have for whatever mood strikes me! 😀

  • I would love to go to Scotland or Ireland as my choice for a dream vacation. I don’t care if it is cold there.

    • Samantha – I’ve heard only wonderful things about Ireland and Scotland. With all of us wishing we could visit I wonder where people from Ireland and Scotland would like to go for their dream vacation. 😉

  • I would head down to Florida. I’ve had enough snow and below zero days!

    • We are warming up tomorrow just in time to melt everything, bring a little rain and then freeze it all with sub-zero temps once again. This weather is crazy. And like you, I’m ready to pack up and head to some place warmer!

  • I would love to visit Hawaii with the warm days and the beautiful sandy beaches. One book? Can’t take just one. I like to read to much.

  • i love to run away at the beach.

  • I would visit Ireland again or maybe go on another cruise to the carribean, bringing along anything by j.m. madden

  • I would love to go on a cruise. I’m partial to warm weather cruises but hubby wants to do an Alaskan cruise. Does my Kindle count as “one” book??? I go no where without it! LOL!

  • Enjoyed the excerpt will be buying the book

  • I’m not much of a beach gal, but I do love the beautiful southwest – Arizona, in particular. That’s where I would love to be on this cold & snowy day! And, I’m with Susan W… I’d have to take my e-reader with me so I could have lots of books to choose from. Anything romance related – the steamier the better. 🙂

  • Texas is my place of choice. I love the San Antonio area. Hoping to live there one day.
    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

  • Oh, Nina, I was so glad to see you on the hop again! Congratulations on the new book. I’ll be picking it up for sure.

    • Thanks, Shelley, it’s nice to be here. Life’s been kind of crazy for me this year. But all the work this fall with this book has certainly paid off. I do hope you check it out.

  • Thank you for the giveaway!7

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