Welcome to another Six Sentence Sunday where I post six sentences from one of my books. My sexy vampire romantic suspense, SHADOWS OF FIRE, is now available! Here’s a little taste of what happens when human friends have no idea you’re a vampire …

“She’s human,” the man said, slurring his words around teeth hanging unnaturally long from the man’s mouth.

Human, what kind of hallucination was this guy having?

“Hope’s a friend of mine,” replied Alex as all three of them moved in some bizarre synchronized ballet that kept the woman positioned between Hope’s shovel and the crazed lunatic. “She thought you were going to hurt me and since you didn’t mean to attack me, she’s just going to get back in her car and meet me at the tavern.”

“Only if you come with,” said Hope. No way in hell was she going to leave Alex alone to become the bi-line of tomorrow’s obituary section.

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