Welcome to another week of Six Sentence Sunday. After several weeks off moving from Rhode Island to Maine, I’m trying to get my feet back on the ground again.

Last month was a wonderful month for my sexy romantic suspense story, “Blind Her With Bliss“! I thought I’d do a little happy dance and give you another six from the first book in “The Tilling Passions” series.

It was a wonder the man pouring his soul out through the piano keys didn’t simply collapse; an empty husk of a body, sacrificing everything to give life to the passionate strains of music filling the auditorium. Surely nothing so poignant could come from anywhere other than the heart. As melancholy notes penned by some dead composer plucked at her heartstrings, Julie could feel Damon’s sorrow filling her and resonating through every molecule of air.

As the emotional melody pulled her along its river of notes, she thought of her family. As much as they aggravated her, they also anchored her—gave her a sense of belonging. Damon had no one.

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