Welcome to our annual trick-or-treat contest. 13 “houses” to visit, LOTS of chances to win, including a grand prize of an engraved iPad ereader and a basket full of author goodies.

To begin playing, just pick an item from my goodie bag list below send me a note with your selection to Nina(AT)NinaPierce(DOT)com. Yep it’s that easy to enter from here. If you want to visit all the houses you can start over at Sam Cheever’s house and follow the links from one website to another.

**Please take some time to look around each site. Some of the authors will be providing fun tidbits and free stories for your reading pleasure! If an author looks like someone you’d like to read, consider signing up for her newsletter. Also, some of the authors are holding a special, in-house contest to increase your chances of winning! ***

On Halloween night at Midnight, EST each author will choose a winner from the emails sent to her and send the name to Sam Cheever. On November 1st, Sam will pick the winner of the grand prize basket from those 13 winners. The more houses you visit … the more chances you’ll have to win.

Engraved iPad ereader
E-books from various authors
Signed copies of print books from various authors
Enough promotional swag to fill your trick-or-treat bag

In addition to the grand prize basket, there will also be a bonus prize awarded to the winner of the Author Island drawing this year, which is an extra stop at the end of the street.

*** Only one trip down the street and you must be
least 18 years of age to play! ***

Good luck everybody and have fun!


Please choose one of the following destinations for your trick-or-treat pleasure:

1. XTC Resort, Key West (Maid for Master and Invitation to Ecstasy )
Claire’s bare feet tread steadily along the sandy path. Shafts of sunlight flickered in the cool shadows of the palm fronds. Lush leaves of thick underbrush tickled along her breasts and belly, raising goose flesh. Never had she been so aware of the sensations playing over her body. Even as the warm breath of the ocean breeze danced with her hair, caressing her sensitized skin like a lover’s touch, peaking her nipples and stroking her damp folds, Claire tried not to condemn herself for what she was about to do.

2. South Kenton, California (Shadows of Fire )
The pines opened to a small clearing. Morning fog hung heavy over the river running placidly behind their log cabin. Normal men would have found tranquility and sustenance fishing in its icy depths, but in the year they’d lived here, he and Josh had barely spent time on its banks. That’s why it surprised Reese when his eyes immediately fixated on the figure hunched on the boulder. He stared, not sure she wasn’t a mirage. He shoved the car in park and shut off the engine.

Alex had come to him.

3. Garden of Serenity (Healer’s Garden )
They rode through the fields bareback, climbing into the hills. The grassy fields gave way to palm trees and exotic vegetation Jahara had never seen. Emerald leaves fringed large flowers in all shades of the rainbow, their honeyed aroma filling the air in a sweet fog. Birds hidden among the foliage warbled and sang, permeating the jungle with their melodious tunes. It was a banquet for the senses and she closed her eyes, committing it all to memory.

4. Cutler, Maine (Blind Her With Bliss , Deceive Her With DesireCheat Her With Charm)
The musty scent of the earth mixed with the heady aroma of Julie’s perfume wrapped around his nose and made him lightheaded with anticipation. Her warm breath tickled his neck, leaving gooseflesh in its wake. She barely weighed anything, but the heat of her pressed against his back made the walk through the lush ferns very pleasant. Though he’d only been here once before, Damon had honed his sense of direction in the army and found the isolated waterfall someone at the radio station had told him about without having to retrace his steps. It had been winter the first time he’d come here on snowshoes, crisp and refreshing—solitary. This day, the lush foliage of summer and Julie’s company made the visit so much more inviting.

5. Lonesome Fork, Montana (Bonded Souls, Bonded by Need)
The morning had dawned bright and clear, the sun winking off the four inches of new snow like millions of diamonds, but she’d been too exhausted, unmotivated and sore to get out of her pajamas before lunch. Jayda suspected her achy thighs and butt had more to do with the two rides on the mechanical bull and not the romp with Cole in the backseat of his car. But a girl could fantasize.


Send your choice of one of the destinations to me in an email Nina(AT)NinaPierce(DOT)com The contest is open until midnight EST on Halloween. All participants emailing me will also be entered to win this additional prize:

Nina’s Personal Halloween Prize Pack
* Digital copy of my vampire novel “Shadows of Fire”
* $25 Amazon Gift Card

So I’m dressing up as Cleopatra and going to parties in my thrown (okay … an electric wheelchair, but hey, it works). Do you have your costume ready to go?

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