Welcome to another Six Sentence Sunday where I post six sentences from one of my books. And keeping with my promise to keep up the heat, I’m sharing something from the third book in my romantic suspense series, CHEAT HER WITH CHARM.

Peter swept Meghan into his arms, cradling her so her cheek pressed over his heart. He carried her past the bed they shared, where she satisfied every part of him. He set her down, kissing her tenderly, her mouth hungry and eager for him. There would be no bondage tonight—no spanking or sex toys—just sighs of pleasure and sweet caresses. As he pulled the T-shirt over her head and bent to kiss the luscious curve of her breast, he marveled at the many sexual personas of his fiancée; insatiable tigress, wanton sex-slave, and alluring angel. All his—whenever he wanted.

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