Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday. The object is simple. Post six sentences from one of my books or manuscripts. Just six. All summer long I’ve promised to find some of the hottest snippets in my stories. Since I’m working to re-write a previously published book and get it back out to my readers, I thought I’d share six sentences from my vampire firefighter suspense currently titled, Shadows of Fire:

She’d completely misunderstood, but Reese didn’t bother to explain. He spun her around, his lips coming down hard on hers, possessing Alex’s mouth. His tongue thrust between her parted lips, taking and taking until she melted against him and he knew he’d driven away all of her doubts. When he had her full attention he gently pulled away.

He waited for her eyes to flutter open and focus before he spoke. “This isn’t ‘no thank you’, it’s simply ‘oh shit, I wish there wasn’t somewhere else I needed to be’.”

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