Okay, it’s release day for Magic Mike …

And yeah, I totally want to go see this with some girlfriends. It looks like there are some awesome dance moves in this movie. *vbg* (And for some reason Mr. Nina doesn’t want to see this one … go figure! 😉 ) But it looks like I’m going to have to wait a day or two. In the meantime, I thought I’d post a little something for my female readers. An informal poll if you may.

This post actually stemmed from a conversation I had with my brother-in-law.
Me: I really like those jeans on you.
Him: *very puzzled* You think so? They have no shape. They just sort of hang on
me. You know like Don’s jeans.
Me: I remember Don’s jeans, I liked them too.
Him: I thought they were ugly. I’d rather have something that showed off my butt.

This conversation totally cracked me up. It never occurred to me that my BIL (who’s not a young guy) even thought about how his butt looked in his jeans. I guess that’s because I’m not a butt woman. There was a time in college when my roommate was appalled I didn’t look at guys’ butts. Well of course the geeky scientist in me stepped forward and decided to do a little research.

Everywhere I went I checked out guy’s butts. Swaddled in denim. Covered in gym shorts. Framed in painter pants. (Yep, showing my age there.) And I don’t remember if I thought any looked better than another. But I do remember after doing this for a couple of weeks, I was walking to the dining hall feeling like I had become obsessed with butts! I broke the habit right then and there. Because the truth is … butts don’t do it for me.

You know what makes me drool? Forearms and hands. Yep, strong, wide palms progressing to muscled forearms. *sigh* My thoughts definitely go to what those hands can do for me. (Like take out the trash or washing dishes … where were you going with that? Sheesh. *vbg*) Now if my gaze travels up that forearm, tripping over a sculpted biceps and further still to a well defined chest … well then I’m a total goner! I chalk it all up to a misspent youth hanging out at the beach. Lots of young shirtless men to enjoy. And they didn’t manscape back then. Everything was at it was intended to be. (But that’s a blog for another day.)

So what about you? When you’re watching the opposite sex … what takes your breath away? You know me, I’m curious like that. Oh, and are you planning on seeing Magic Mike? … For the dancing of course!

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