Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday. For the next three months I’m going to try to keep your summer sizzling with some steamier sentences from my books. This week I’m pulling something from my sexy dystopian story, Healer’s Garden. (Which is being offered at a MEGA discount. Just sayin…)

In her haze of mounting desire, Jahara forced her eyes to open. Brenimyn knelt on the bed next to her, his mouth curving into a smile as his teeth nipped at her bottom lip, urging her to open again for him. His hot gaze raked over her face and she wanted to drown in the icy depths of his eyes. “Relax, Jahara. We offer only pleasure, all of which will bring you wondrous ecstasy. Trust me.”

*sigh* I LOVE Bren. This book is also available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

As always, I love to hear from you. Thank you to everyone who takes time to leave a comment. And you can click HERE to check out other authors participating in Six Sentence Sunday this week!

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