Welcome to another Six Sentence Sunday. I know summer doesn’t officially start for a few weeks, but I thought for the next 12 Sundays I’d offer some of the hottest six sentences from my erotic romance books. This week is from my sci-fi erotic suspense A Touch of Lilly

Dallas cupped his hand around her sex, both surprised and pleased her thighs were slick with her desire. Pressing the tip of his finger against her clit, he swallowed her moan of pleasure and gave it right back to her when she ground against the assault. Sliding his other hand along the lacy edge of her thong, he slipped it beneath the material and traced a slow path down her satin labia.

She broke from their kiss, her lips swollen from his assault, her breath coming in hard pants. “Enough is enough. I’m hot, I’m wet, I’m ready and it’s you I want.”

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