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I love Earth Day. The first time I heard about it was in the mid-90’s. I travelled to Washington DC with my kids and they happened to have a whole celebration taking place on the mall. It was a lot of fun and very cool. I had always been an advocate of the earth, but that day really brought it home for me.

So what are some things you can do to protect the earth?

1. Think Green
Sometimes being eco-friendly is just thinking about something before you do it. Like refilling a mug at your local Starbucks instead of using a Styrofoam cup. Or packing your lunch in plastic washable containers rather than ziploc bags. I mean really … a picnic in a field with this guy sounds about right doesn’t it?

2. Conserve Water
Run your dishwasher and washing machine only when you have a full load. And of course you can take smarter showers by using low flow shower-heads. Better yet … shower with a friend.

3. Conserve Fuel
A car that gets 20 miles to the gallon emits 50 tons of carbon dioxide over it’s life time. Double the gas mileage and cut down the amount of air pollution. Cutting your mileage by combining errands helps cut back on the consumption of fossil fuel and for more conservation. At some point hybrid vehicles will be more affordable for all of us. Until then … wrap your arms around someone and share a ride!

4. Save the trees
Use rags instead of papertowels for cleaning. Don’t print out every memo or email at work. When possible print on both sides of paper. Be sure to recycle used paper. And to save more trees of course you should buy digital books! All the benefits of a print book without any of the waste of paper! Sometimes being a tree-hugger can be a sensual experience!

5. Throw Away Less Trash
And of course there’s the simplicity of recyling glass, cans, plastics and paper. Most towns have curbside recycling which makes the whole separating trash relatively painless.

And of course the best way to celebrate Earth Day is to go out and enjoy nature …

So there you have it, my tips for earth day! Hope you enjoyed the photo illustrations. I know some people are visual learners. (Sorry, I can’t help you tactile learners! 😉 )

If you leave me a comment and tell me which suggestion you liked the best or what little thing you do to protect Mother Earth. For every comment left on this post between now and SUNDAY, APRIL 22 at 4 pm EDT, I will donate $1 to the World Wildlife Foundation (up to $50). I’ll also choose one commenter to receive a print copy of Healer’s Garden (**NOTE: Shipping to US and Canada only. An international winner will receive a digital copy of Healer’s Garden and a $10 gift card from Amazon.)

77 Responses to Earth Day’s Hopping …

  • Great inspirations to get us motivated to save the earth! LOL

  • If those pictures don’t offer enough inspiration, nothing will.

  • Dang I love how you motivate people Nina. LOL

  • Love all those tips you gave and the pics are great motivators!

  • Who knew being environmentally responsible could be so stimulating! LOL I will difinitely have to put these into daily practice ;D

  • LOL. Now that is my idea of going green! ^_^ Makes me want to hug a tree right now. Especially if that cutie is in it…

  • I really liked the visuals! So now I’m all ready to go on a picnic and enjoy nature! Thank you for getting me motivated!

  • Oh what valuable lessons you preach! LOL They’re enough to convert anyone Green! We already recycle our plastics and paper, but recently my family has ditched our storing plastic in glass.

    • Stephanie – The one thing I wish I had the energy to do is compost. I haven’t done that yet. But then again, we live in an apartment complex and I have a garbage disposal for the first time … loooove it!

  • Great tips and visuals! I recycle newspapers, glass,plastic, bottles, and cardboard and I conserve water when I wash clothes and dishes. Happy Earth Day!

    • Cheryl – I saw a woman on television who actually caught the shower water she ran until it got hot in a bucket. Then she’d use that water in her garden. Now, that’s water conservation! I can’t even imagine.

      Thanks for stopping over and taking time to comment.

  • You have got me motivated…Esp on the save water..Me and my family try to do everything we can to help out. How can you not? This is our future and we don’t need one that is full of more pollution.

    • Savannah – I often wonder what I would do without water. So many parts of the world don’t have it. I really hope we do all the right things and we never have to know.

  • wow you got Ed Bagley beat!

  • I’m sorry, were there words to go with tose pictures? After I saw the wonderful, wonderful naked man with tattoos, everything else sort of blurred out of focus.

    SO after going back and looking at the actual words, my biggest thing is recycling. So much stuff can be recycled now. In fact, Since December of 2010 me and my family have recycled over 2000 ibs of material. Quite proud of that actually!


    • Rae – LOL! Oh, they’re visual, so just go with however they made you feel. 😉

      Wow! That’s awesome with the recycling! I’d like to get down to one bag of trash a week. We’re very close, but I don’t think anything close to you and your family. Congrats! That certainly takes a little effort.

  • I try to always use my reuseable bags, donate reuseable items to charity like goodwill or thrift stores. Just because I’m done with them doesn’t mean others can’t use them. Re-duce, Re-use, Re-cycle

    • Tina – The clothing thing is the hardest. There seems to be a glut of clothing in the US. Sometimes you can’t even give it away. But like you, I do try.

  • We always chip in on clean the beach day here. Its fun..we work all day then play on the beach after we are done…its a win win and it teaches my children the wrongs of litering.


  • I do my best to do something in each of your categories, tho I haven’t had as much fun as your pictures suggest could be had.

  • I already do most of your suggestions. Enjoyed the visuals. 🙂

  • Yadira – Between water bottles and Styrofoam cups, I don’t think people realize how much trash we’re creating. I think more coffee shops should should make it easier to reuse a cup.

  • Very nice tips. I like #1.

  • I love all the pictures. Not to mention…I am great at conserving water. I will shower with him anyday!!
    We are a family of reusers mostly. We use canvas bags, plastic ones too. We can our own food so that we don’t have the trash.
    Lots of stuff.
    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

    • Mel – I certainly wouldn’t mind having him scrub my back. 😉 And it sounds like you and your family are doing all the right things. Thanks so much for sharing.

  • I loved the suggestion to go out and enjoy nature, but the rest of suggestions were very good also!

  • I like the shower with a friend tip, that could be interesting. My family tries to be as green as possible. We recycle newspapers, plastics, aluminum and anything else that we can.

    seriousreader at live dot com

    • Linda – I wish my town recycled a few more types of plastic, but since they only do #1 and #2, I try to buy products in that type of plastic only. Paper and cardboard are easy enough, they’re really good about collecting that. Thanks so much for stopping over.

  • Great post! Loved the visuals. Definitely giving me ideas. *wink* Thank you for the awesome hop and giveaway! 😉

  • I would most definitely save that tree…and the man in it lol.

    Happy Earth Day!


  • We do try to use less non-reusable things and I do use the back of stuff I’ve printed off. In a family of 3 adults, 2 teens, and one little girl I never have a wash load that isn’t full but they are front loaders that use a bit less water and we do wash in cold only to save a bit of energy there. And if I could ever when the lottery I would ditch the 12 yo minivan with terrible millage for something smaller and much more economical. Other than Sunday morning we never need so many seats at once.

    • Katy – I hear you on the car situation. I have an electric wheelchair we transport and so our van doesn’t get very good mileage. Still, there are times when it’s just Mr. Nina and me going for a drive. It would be nice to have a hybrid. But alas, until they come out with an affordable one, that won’t be the case.

  • Many thanks for the tips! and the eye candy! Our supermarket encourages us to bring our own shopping bag and give us points for that which we can use to redeem gifts after a certain amount is reached. I think it is a great idea. Happy Earth Day!

    • Tamsyn – Oh, that’s an awesome incentive. More grocery stores should do something like that. Thanks so much for stopping over.

  • Thank you for the post; you gave some great advice.

    Happy Earth Day to All.

  • Already doing your suggestions, but the visuals you provided have definitely recharged my resolve to do better. My ddaughter and 2 year old grandson, Colin, have moved back home and Colin is a very big help on recycling day. He loves to put the recyles into the bins and help me carry them to the curb. Training the next generation for a better tomorrow!

    Happy Earth Day!

  • Great ideas, Nina! We do most of them…except my hubby takes a bath/shower TWICE a day and he lets the hot water run the whole time. My daughter and I haven’t been able to break him of the habit and I’ve been working on it for over 20years…sigh! Hard to pick the best one as I think they all are equally important!

    books4me67 at ymail dot com

    • Books4me – I must admit, I’m not one to turn the shower off while I’m in there either. It’s one of my guilty pleasures … all that hot water sluicing off me! (But I only shower every other day so I don’t feel quite as guilty.

  • We have been going green for over ten years now. Even before our city brought recycling bins for us I saved my stuff and drove to the center. Use rain barrels too. The cost is around 55.00 for one but over time you will save that in your water bill too. A penny saved is a penny earned.

    • Tee – I had neighbors who used rain barrels as well to water their garden. They saved all kinds of money. We washed our cars every other week, probably could have used rainwater for that, but didn’t really want to rinse by hand.

  • Nina, as always, your posts are inspiring…and…uplifting. 😀 And sexy!

    Love the post. 😀

  • Recycle a lot but could probably do more to conserve water.

  • My favorite is conserving water. Courtesy of that photo, I’ll never think of saving water the same way ever again.

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  • Very “inspiring” post. I think we all need to get in touch with nature…

  • Love the post and especially the pics! I could definitely enjoy conserving water with that guy 🙂
    Some of the things I do to try to help the planet is trying to reuse/recycle/repurpose whenever possible, using reusable water bottles and shopping bags, florescent type bulbs, and so on.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

    • June – Oh, I like the idea of using reusable water bottles. We don’t have any at this point. I haven’t found any good ones that don’t get funky smelling after awhile.

      Oh, and I forgot to mention the lightbulbs. Thanks for mentioning them. We use them too.

  • Well, Nina…I LIKE thinking green and enjoying nature and I KNOW conserving fuel is a really good idea…if only I had a broader view of the subject… 😉 Happy Earth Day!

    barbbattaglia @ yahoo.com

  • I feel inspired to “go out and enjoy nature” lol. If your local municipality has ever issued a boil water order, it is an eye-opener as to how often we take clean safe water for granted.

    • Mary – I haven’t been through that, but I’ve heard of many communities who have had to boil water. It’s all very scary. I wonder if we’re not careful, if we’ll all have to go through that.

  • I do a lot to save the earth. I turn off the water when I’m brushing my teeth, reuse paper and plastic products, and recycle. Happy Earth Day all!

    • Laura – Oh, that’s another great water conservation tip … turning off water while you brush your teeth. My brother-in-law always told his kids they were drowning fishes by running water … I love that. Thanks for stopping by.

  • I’m a stickler about recycling. I reuse plastic ziplock bags, aluminum foil. We have to do what we can to protect our world.

    Teresa K.

  • Love the eye candy.

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