Welcome to this week’s Six Sentence Sunday. I enjoyed last week’s selection so much, I thought I’d post another from my erotic suspense romance Bonded Souls.

I thought I’d give you another snippet (click HERE to view last week’s) between the hero, Cole and his best friend, Aaron …

Aaron leaned forward and said, “maybe she’s here because she’s the one the elders have talked about.”

Cole laughed, thinking his best friend had definitely fallen into a deep pool of crazy. “What is it about the blue moon that gets everyone’s heads thinking of legends and folktales? I didn’t peg you for someone who believed in that sort of thing.”

“Jesus, Cole, I’m not one of the village idiots seeking the Holy Grail. You know I believe only half of what I read and even less of what I hear, but watching the way everyone’s sniffing around this woman has got me thinking…that’s all I’m saying.”

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