Okay, I’m not talking personally … Mr. Nina would simply not be happy if I had that conversation in public 😉 … I’m talking in your reading material.

Okay, don’t laugh. I know I’m an erotic romance author. I know my characters have a whole LOT of sex, but when you pick up an erotic romance book the first word sort of cues you in as to how often the characters will be “doing it”. But what if you’re not reading an erotic romance? What if you’ve picked up the latest contemporary romantic suspense? Then how do you feel about it?

I’ve noticed in the last few books I’ve read that the hero and heroine, once they allowed themselves to do the horizontal mamba once … they just kept going at it. In between fighting the villain and discovering the mystery of who was trying to kill the heroine, they kept falling into bed. I actually found myself flipping pages to get back to the story. I just didn’t think the sex scenes added to the story. And these weren’t just a little kissing and grabbing and then fading to black, it was the whole shabang.

But ya know … hollywood is doing the same thing. There seems to be so much more titillation on television and in the movies. The actors must just have their body doubles on-call for every movie. Nakedness and sex seem to be expected in every blockbuster. So I’m just wondering if authors are writing the story as they feel it needs to be written or are publishers asking for more sensuality? Have readers come to expect more sex in their romances? Short of reading YA or Inspirational, should readers be ready for the sexier scenes in their romance stories?

How do you feel about it? As a writer are you happy about this apparent trend? As a reader how are you reacting to stories with more loving? Because you know me, I’m curious about stuff like this.

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  • Great post Nina. I like sex in a book just like anyone else but sometimes too much is too much. I actually like the tension, build up and the anticipation between the characters. Call me crazy but that’s what I like.

    That said, I’m a huge Harlequin reader and last year I actually had a DNF (did not finish) from the Blaze line. It was a very sexy story (nothing wrong with that) but when the hero starting using mind control and true BDSM on the heroine, I closed the book. It was definitely erotic and not something that expected from the Blaze line. I want my sensual reads to be just that…sensual. Yes, the bedroom door can be wide open and descriptive but not graphic.

    Again, great post.


    • Marika – That’s how I’m feeling about it. If you pick up an erotic story then yes, let’s have at it. But if it’s not, then seriously? just cool your jets on the explicit scenes. Thanks so much for stopping by.

  • I’ve noticed I’ve been skimming the sex scenes more and more; I’ll read the 1st one, but would rather focus on the plot rather than how often they go at it, unless another element is added: Position, toy, or setting. And I notice I’ve been doing the same in my own stories. Once the couple is intimate, I don’t feel it necessary to describe ALL the couplings.

    • Molly – I love a good hot scene in my romances, but too many and it just becomes overkill and monotonous. That doesn’t mean I don’t pick up a really steamy erotic romance now and again when I’m in the mood, but in general I’d like the story to be about the story and not the characters’ intimate interludes.

  • I seem to be skimming sex scenes lately too. I think books are starting to have too much sex in them. I’m sick of writing them in my own books! 🙂

    • Amber – LOL! It’s funny that “they” say readers are looking for steamier reads, but every reader I talk to say it’s a little over the top. Thanks for stopping by.

  • For me, the appropriate amount of sex in a novel depends on whether or not the story calls for it. The hero and heroine of my romantic suspense series have a very healthy sexual relationship, but some of the books don’t have much sex in them at all — others, quite a bit. It depends on the storyline.

    I just did a blog that deals with what reader ask writers not to do (an Amazon thread) and one of my favorite quotes is: “Please don’t forget to include a plot. The days when I read romance novels for sex are pretty much over. A storyline would be nice.” That about says it all.

  • I never thought I’d say this, but I get tired of reading so much sex in stories. I don’t mind a good, sweet story once in a while. Someone here mnetioned not being able to finish a Blaze. Same thing happened to me. There were so many love scenes with bits of story squeezed between the sex. I put it down. I want a good, emotional story. And the love scenes have to match the story and characters. I enjoy not always writing a love scene. I have a sweet, sexy novella out now with most of the sex behind closed doors. It was so freeing to write that book. I get tired of reading and writing about sex. I know that’s blasphemy for a romance writer. I want the love story, first and foremost.

    This is a really good blog. Thanks, Nina.

    • Cara – Well said. I have to be emotionally ready for the sex. If I’m not invested then it’s just gratuitous. And yeah, sometimes it’s nice to write a story where the sex is behind closed doors. There is something definitely liberating about that.

      Thanks, I’m glad you enjoy my blog.

  • I seriously like a story in my sex. I keep saying, context is everything. Sex without context is meaningless. Give me a story first and add the sex where there should be sex. I savor a good plot.

  • I think the sex scene can be okay, if and this is a big if, the story continues in and around the sex scene.

    A lot of the time in these type of stories the story seems to stop, when the couple finally get to have sex, then its sex, sex, sex, sex. And then by the way the end.


    The ending is just sort of half ass. Oh, by the way we got the bad guy so now we can keep having sex.


  • Erotic romance has definitely gone mainstream and turned up the heat on romantic fiction across the board.


  • In real life no way..LOL..But I do agree that sometimes books have sex and no real story..It is like nothing else exists..

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